20 Best Restaurants In Guwahati To Grab A Pocket-Friendly Meal

20 Best Restaurants In Guwahati To Grab A Pocket-Friendly Meal

Guwahati, the city with heavenly beauty and incomparable charm, situated in the heart of Assam is a place famous for its temples and the mighty Brahmaputra flowing through its heart. It is the capital city of Assam and also the most commercially developed one; offering every type of arena anybody searches for. Asking of food, it is a hub for foodies looking for Chinese and most importantly the delicious Pork-Nama. Presenting 20 pocket friendly restaurants of Guwahati famous for relieving the curious foodie:

1. 11th Avenue Bristo–Uzan Bazaar

The decorum of the cafe is just enough to attract the mass food critic who could mark everything; starting from their sitting spaces to the walls and food. Starting from their Shakes and Mocktails to their Munchies, Pizzas and Burgers, they have everything that a millennial would ask for. Plus, their morning breakfasts are a delight, to be noted. Price for two would start from 400 INR.


2. The Zouq: Resto Cafe– Dispur

When waiting at this café one would glance at their beautiful wall hangings. Known for their famous Kebabs, this café has tons of young crowds for hangouts and great food. The dessert: Firini would never calm you mind as it would desire for more. Price for two: 500 INR.


3. Jiffy’s – Ganeshguri

Their burgers and fries are a talk of the city. In the center of Guwahati city, this fancy restaurant serves the best of Burgers, Pizzas and Fries, the Shakes and the Special Rice Bowl menu. This place is a must visit for every foodie, and it never fails to light up every foodie’s heart; from pocket to stomach. Price for two: 500INR


4. Three guys- Zoo Tiniali

Once while visiting this restaurant some guy has exclaimed, “What an art!” It turned out; it actually is, from food to the ambiance, it was art. The lip-smacking delicious food would leave one with the taste when in nostalgia. The Momos are a must try. Price for two: 500INR

3 guys

5. Rolls Mania- Paltan Bazaar

Rolls Mania is a blessing to all Guwahatians. Their amazing menu of the varieties of rolls would first leave you confused and then when you chose, would surprise you with the heavenly taste of the best Rolls in town. Why not just roll with it? Price for two: 150 INR


6. Foodie Lovers – Paltan Bazaar

This small restaurant in Paltan Bazaar serves Chinese, Mughlai and North Indian food.  Their Biryani is the most chosen menu, and their Chilly Chicken is a must try. Price for two: 200 INR


7. Dig Boyz- Bharalumukh 

This small restaurant in Bharalumukh is known as the alternate KFC. Well, first of all, kudos to their attempt in making a replica of the KFC chicken dish and second, their prices. Price for two: 200-300 INR.

Dig Boyz- Bharalumukh

8. Bade miyan- Fancy Bazaar

Situated in Fancy Bazaar, this outlet (a little cheating here) is a delight, and the Kebabs and Biryani are what every shopper halt to and dry their mouthwatering desires for their menu. Price for two: 200-300 INR.bade-miyan

9. B&G’s – Ganeshguri

Situated in Sundarpur area of Ganeshguri, this restaurant serves the best of chicken delights. The roasted chicken is a dish to look for. Foodie gangs have named it their private hub already. Price for two: 200-300 INR


10. Paakghar – Chandmari

Situated near the Silpukhuri bus stop, this place is often undermined. One should try out their best of Biryani-Pulao and the recipe, one might assure, is best for a pocket friendly price. Mostly visited by student, this place invites all to have a plate of their dedicated cooking. Price for two: 250 INR.

Paakghar – Chandmari

11. Strawberry fields- Chandmari

One of the best hangouts in Chandmari, this place attracts crowds because of their ambience and very delicious Burgers. The beverage menu is also worthy of a tryouts and overall it is a very overwhelming place to satisfy a foodie with their prices. Price for two: 400 INR.

Strawberry fields- Chandmari

12. Pork ETC- Zoo Tiniali

The name says it all; a place for the mighty Pork lover, well apparently every Assamese foodie guy would dig for this awesome place. Apart from the main menu, this place also serves chicken, as a substitute probably. This place assures the best delights in the busiest area of Zoo Tiniali. Price for two: 250INR.

Pork ETC- Zoo Tiniali

13. Quick pick- Uzan Bazaar

This restaurant chain has many outlets in the city but the best pick would be the one in Uzan Bazaar. It’s the most visited one and is famous for their combo-meals and Chinese noodle recipe. Apart from the famous menu, the Pork and Chicken Momos are a must try. Price for two: 300 INR.


14. JB’s – Uzan Bazaar

This restaurant chain; considered the Haldiram’s of Assam, serves vegetarian menu and have people line up for their chaats. The Chole-Bhature, Pizza, Masala Dosa are among the famous picks; and apparently the Raj-Kachori wins the race. Price for two: 300 INR.

JB’s – Uzan Bazaar

15. Mozart Café –Chandmari

The Café is an impressive drum for their ambiance and rates. Serving the best of Chocolate Pastries and Tea in town, also famous for their Fried Rice Combo at just Rs.110, attracts wildest of the foodie crowd. The delights are heavenly for the broken heart. Price for two: 250-300 INR.


16. Dumpling Restaurant- Beltola

As the name suggest of the restaurant, it serves Chinese and Japanese food touched with Indian Masalanama. The menu serves Momos (Dumplings), Fried Rice, Noodles, Biryani, etc. But eventually it’s all about the Pork Momos that makes hype in the city. A must visit for the dumpling cravers. Price for two: 300 INR.

The Foodbox- Zoo Tiniali

17. The Foodbox- Zoo Tiniali

This place is famous for their Chinese food and serves the best of Noodles and Thukpa. It avails takeaways and also does late-night deliveries and therefore is the most affordable place for Chinese food lovers. Price for two: 300 INR


18. The Grill- Six Mile

This underrated outlet in six-mile serves the best of burgers with a twist of their own, the Tikki and Masalas are their own secret recipe. Best for a quick grab, it is a savior for every hungry foodie with a light pocket. This place proves that best things come in small packages. Price for two: 150 INR.

The Grill- Six Mile

19. SR’s Café De Woodland’s – Paltan Bazaar

Famous for their South-Indian food in the North Eastern states, the other side of the menu is quietly reciprocated. The hospitality of this place is what every foodie accounts for. Best in best prices, this place is a must visit. Price for two: 350 INR.

SR’s Café De Woodland’s – Paltan Bazaar

20. Bamboo Garden- Uzan Bazaar

This restaurant is famous for their Chinese Indian menu. The Chinese menu includes Noodles and Fried Rice served in pots, and it is a delight in such low price. This place, again offers the best non-veg menu in an affordable rate. The Pork-Chicken-Egg Fried Rice is a must try. Price for two: 300 INR.

Bamboo Garden- Uzan Bazaar