Top 20 Ice Cream Parlors In Mount Road, Chennai

Top 20 Ice Cream Parlors In Mount Road Chennai
Top 20 Ice Cream Parlors In Mount Road Chennai

1. Coffee House 

Coffee House is a restaurant in Mount Road, Chennai, that has ice cream items on its menu. You can go to this place from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. If you have dined out in this Coffee house for meals, then got a hunger to taste some desserts. Then, you can grab a variety of ice creams from here. They have Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, butterscotch, mango, and black current ice creams. Apart from this, regular flavors if you want to have some special dessert, then you can grab the Jigarthanda, Royal Falooda, Arabian Delight (These are their specialty ice creams). They also sell Milkshake and juice items.

Coffee House

2. Kwality Walls Frozen Dessert And Ice Cream Shop

This is another ice cream parlor in Mount Road, Chennai. Their operational hours are 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. You can visit here between operating hours. They have a variety of ice cream flavors. You can try your favourite or try something new ice cream. They sell dry fruit rabrikulfi, Aamras, Trixy cup, Cadbury Crackle Tub, Tender coconut cup, Sun Kissed Creme Caramel, and a lot more ice cream items, flavors in the family pack are available. Their new ice creams are Cornetto Chokissimo, Trixy cup, and others.

Kwality Walls Frozen Dessert And Ice Cream Shop

3. Amirtha Ice Cream Parlor

This Ice cream parlor in Mount road, Chennai, is pretty easy to locate as you can easily find the TVS showroom opposite this ice cream parlor. It is operated since 2013, and also it has been successful in selling a range of Ice- creams. It has a variety of flavours, from the Regular Flavors to the Special Flavours. Some of the ice cream varieties are Real Fruit Ice-creams, Sorbet ice cream, Kulfi, Cassatta, Special falooda. Sundae, Ice-cream Cakes, Fruit Cream, Italian Gelato, Shakes, and some Special Shakes are available.

Amirtha Ice Cream Parlor

4. Chit Chat Ice Cream Parlor

This Ice cream parlor in Mount Road is quite a pretty place to have dining for ice cream. You can dine out there or take away the parcels. You will get a different range of ice cream. Not only ice creams, but you can also get dessert items and also fast food items too. Their functional hour is 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Chit Chat Ice Cream Parlor

5. Rajdhani Punjabi Dhaba

It is also located in Anna Salai (Mount Road), Chennai. This is a Dhaba that serves varieties of food. From the main course, side dishes, soups, starters and indeed desserts too. It serves delightful foods, especially their dessert. Although, only a few items are available in dessert and ice cream flavors. But, you can enjoy the lovely ice creams like BadamPistaKulfi, Rasmalai, RabriRasmalai by having seatings in this Dhaba.

Rajdhani Punjabi Dhaba

6. Cream Stone

Most people from the natives and other places visit this place most times. The hot weather in Chennai creates a craving for having excellent ice creams at all times. Especially during night times, people crave having ice creams. Almost the ice cream parlor has been closed before 11 p.m. But the best part about this Cream stone opens up to 1. 30 a.m. They serve French Vanilla, Rich chocolate, Belgium dark chocolate, Carmel nuts, and many other ice creams scoops. There must try scoops are Nutty crunch, Shocking current. Now, you can get this wide range of ice creams at night time too.

Cream Stone

7. Old Mercara – Organic Peanut Butter And Ice Cream

You can visit this Old Mercara ice cream parlour in Mount Road, Chennai, between 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Most of the visitors loved the range and the quality of ice cream flavors offered by them. They serve instant coffee, Gelettos, Combo, Family packs, Bonbons and especially the combo of the months, which has mixed scoops of ice creams. The recommended ice creams are Belgium chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate ice creams, Dark chocolate sorbet, French vanilla, and others.

Old Mercara Organic Peanut Butter And Ice Cream

8. Baskin Robbin

This Ice cream parlor named (Baskin Robbin) is very famous among every generation. Not only children but people of all ages like the quality provided by them. They have a range of ice creams. Not only do they offer a range of familiar flavors, but they also offer new flavors of Ice creams like Mississippi mud, Gold medal ribbon ice cream, Dutch chocolate ice creams. They also have different offers covering different festivals and seasons. Like for this Winter, they offer (Winter wonderland ) in that they have “My mom is an alien ice cream”, which is unique, right?. Like with the creative names, it attracts a most significant number of loyal customers.

Baskin Robbin

9. Baker’s Unit Of Coffee House

This is also located in Mount Road, Chennai. You can quickly find it as well. People who visit for a vocation or visit in their off days to this movie theatre for having some entertainment can quickly get cravings if they locate this ice cream parlor near this theatre as it is located a nearby, close distance from Devi Theatre. Between 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., this shop is functional on all days.

Bakers Unit Of Coffee House

10. Kulfi Plus Bombay Kapoor Kulfi

As we discussed above, the Bakers unit coffee house is located close to Devi Theatre, this Kulfi plus Bombay Kapoor kulfi is also located backside of Devi theatre in mount road so, it is easy for the customers to locate it. This parlor is famous for its delightful kulfi’s. They serve Matkakulfi, regular kulfi, strawberry kulfi, badaamkulfi, and a lot more kulfi.

Kulfi Plus Bombay Kapoor Kulfi

11. Sri Bholenath Ice Cream

Although this is a shop ice cream shop, you can get the delicious Rajasthan kulfi from here. You can take the Rajasthani flavor ice cream taste by staying in Chennai. But, you need to go to this shop to take the delicious taste.

Sri Bholenath Ice Cream

12. Natural Ice Cream Parlor

This Ice cream parlor in Mount Road, Chennai, is also known as NIC in short form. They serve a variety of flavored ice cream in cups, and also they offer softy. Children mostly tend to love softy ice cream. If you want to have softy ice cream, then you can visit this NIC parlor.

Natural Ice Cream Parlor

13. Hawana Juice And Ice Creams

People staying in the hot weather of Chennai mostly crave fresh juices to get refreshment. Suppose you are in mount road and desire freshly made juice or ice creams, then you can go to this Hawana juice and ice cream shop to get fresh juice and ice creams. The boon to visit this shop is, You can get fresh juices or ice creams, you can get seating facility, and last but not least you will get fresh juices at affordable or pocket-friendly prices.

Hawana Juice And Ice Creams

14. Dool Ice Cream And RK Milk Manufacture

It is also located in Annaswami Lane (Ellis Road), Mount Road, Chennai. Apart from the usual ice creams like Cone ice creams, butterscotch ice creams, you can get natural milk ice cream from here. You can go to this shop from approx. 9. 30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. This shop is off on Sundays.

Dool Ice Cream And RK Milk Manufacture

15. Boomerang Ice Cream Shop

This ice cream shop is located opposite D1 Police station in Splenzer plaza (2nd floor) mount road.

Boomerang Ice Cream Shop

16. Real Fruit

This is also an ice cream parlor located in the food court of splenzer plaza, mount road. You can visit this parlor between 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. You can take a parcel or have dinner there.

1Real Fruit


Gelato Italiano

This is one of the famous places to have dining for ice cream. Like Ibaco, this is also a very favourite shop of many. They serve Strawberry, black current, Swiss chocolate Madagascar Fine Chocolate, and more. Their specialty ice cream and kulfi are popcorn ice cream, Royal Gelato Kulfi. It also launches festive offers. Like Diwali, they have Diwali offer ice cream.

Gelato Italiano

18. Arun Ice cream

Arun ice cream is a trendy brand all over the country. They serve varieties of ice cream from the cons, bar ice cream, cassata ice cake, to a family pack ice creams. You can have dine-out there and enjoy the range of ice creams.

Arun Ice cream

19. Milky Way

It is another ice cream parlor you will witness near mount road, Chennai. You can take parcels or dine there. Apart from selling ice creams, they also offer desserts and chaat items. Their specialty ice creams are GulabJamun ice cream, Sitaphal ice cream, Lichee delight ice cream, Caribbean sundae, and a lot more.

Milky Way

20. Movenpick Ice Cream Boutique

This Ice cream boutique is located near (mount road), Chennai. You can visit this boutique between 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. This boutique is also very famous for serving varieties of ice creams. Also, they serve quality ice creams, but the prices are high. They serve single scoops, pancakes with ice creams, waffles, and other snack items like sandwiches.

Movenpick Ice Cream Boutique