Top 20 Ice Cream Sandwiches You Need To Try In Veer Nariman Road Mumbai

top 20 ice cream sandwiches you need to try in veer nariman road mumbai

From being home to many great celebrities to serving as a good beach spot for the summer vacation, Mumbai is the heart-core place for enjoyment. But apart from this, one thing that stands out about Mumbai is its food culture. The street food of this dream city is known to be the most delicious food of all time. Along with the famous Vada Pav, bhelpuri, panipuri, multiple desserts are also served. Let’s talk about the delicious ice cream sandwiches made in the shelter of K Rustom. K Rustom is a well-known ice cream parlor in South Mumbai. The shop serves numerous kinds of ice cream sandwiches. K Rustom never fails to put a winsome smile, and that is precisely why it is favored the most by the people.

1. Vanilla Ice Cream 

Vanilla, diminutive of the Spanish word, is one of the most favored ice creams. When settled between two waffles can create a remarkable taste that can stay on the tastebuds for a long time. The divine flavor of this ice cream is what attracts most customers to the parlor shop.

1 Vanilla Ice Cream

2. Pineapple Ice Cream

Pineapple gives out a very tropical taste. There are very few people who fancy this particular taste. But K Rustom made sure to take this matter into their hands and has left people wanting more. This pineapple ice cream sandwich is a must-try as it costs not more than Rs. 30.

2 Pineapple Ice Cream

3. Raspberry Ice Cream 

This new Ice cream sandwich is as tempting to the tastebuds as alluring to the eyes. The delicious taste itself keeps people on their toes and leaves them asking for more. A single ice cream sandwich of this costs no more than Rs.30. Do give this sandwich a try if you love berries.

3 Raspberry Ice cream

4. Peppermint Ice Cream 

Peppermint Ice cream tastes minty and sweet at the same time. The waffles add a crunchiness to the whole thing, creating an exquisite flavor. These delicious creations keep the people coming to the ice cream parlor repeatedly and hold the parlor always crowded. Head here for we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. 

4 Peppermint Ice cream

5. Nescafe Ice cream 

Now, coffee is preferred by so many people that it becomes difficult to count. Most people start their day with a mug of strong coffee. Keeping up with the modern tradition, K Rustom understood the assignment. This unique Nescafe Ice cream sandwich will keep your mind vitalized; your body refreshed on these hot summer days.

5 Nescafe Ice cream

6. Guava Ice Cream 

This pink Guava Ice cream sandwich is very creamy and mouthwatering. It is an Indian dessert made from condensed milk & guavas, with K Rustom adding their secret ingredients and waffles to it. This ice cream sandwich is indeed alluring to the eyes as well. It is a perfect combination for guava lovers.

6 Guava Ice Cream

7. Mango Delight Ice Cream 

Mango is the most loved fruit of all. And its ice cream does wonder. K Rustom has created an excellent combination for its customers by using its secret ingredients. It’s smooth, fluffy, and utterly delicious. Along with this, it’s pocket-friendly which makes it a perfect choice.

7 Mango Delight Ice Cream

8. Rose Ripple Ice Cream

This rose-ripple ice cream sandwich gives a smooth and soft rose-flavored taste. Made specially from the fresh rose petals, the rose-pink color of the ice cream sandwich is pleasing to the eyes. The creativity of K Rustom parlor keeps its customer happy and satisfied. Try this if you haven’t already.

8 Rose Ripple Ice Cream

9. Coffee Crunch Ice Cream

Coffee and ice cream have already proven to be a good mix. The bittersweet smell of coffee, the sweetness of choco chips, and the crunchiness of waffles deliver a tempting taste to the tastebuds. K Rustom creates delightful flavors, and this is one of them.

9 Coffee Crunch Ice Cream

10. Coco Mint Ice Cream

This ice cream sandwich combines mint ice cream filled with small choco chips wedged between two waffles. Coco Mint Ice Cream is a unique creation, leaving the customers of K Rustom happy and tempting. The parlor has an abundance of flavors, and this is one of them.

10 Coco Mint Ice Cream

11.  Kharbuza Ice Cream

Kharbuza, or muskmelon, is one of the most famous summer fruit. It is highly favored and desired because of its sweet taste and cold potency. The ice cream sandwich offers the same as well. It’s creamy, soft, and sweet, along with its alluring smell. Try this ice cream sandwiched in the summers to feel refreshed.

11 Kharbuza Ice Cream

12. Apricot Ice Cream

Apricot is a bright orange fruit that carries a tangy-sweet taste and a soft texture. Known by the name Khubani in India, these fruits are well mixed with many ingredients like heavy cream, honey, etc. creating a mouthwatering ice cream flavor. K Rustom presents this ice cream in their style, stealing some more hearts.

12 Apricot Ice Cream

13. Strawberry Ice Cream

Now strawberry ice cream is favored and loved by so many kids. The reason lies in the sweet taste and the attractive color of the ice cream. It is also one of K Rustom parlor’s most sold ice cream sandwiches. Give this flavor a try if you’re also a strawberry lover.

13 Strawberry Ice Cream

14.  Green Mango Ice Cream

Green Mango, also known as Kacha aam in India, is mainly used for making pickles or amchur. Its sour taste makes you scrunch up your nose but, when mixed with whipping cream and other ingredients, creates a bittersweet taste on your tastebuds. K Rustom creates a bunch of flavors, and this is one of them.

14 Green Mango Ice Cream

15. Cherry Ice Cream

Cherry serves a tempting taste when used in ice cream, other than being decorated on top of the cake. When sweet cherries get mixed with heavy cream, milk, etc. creates a flavor that is creamy and luscious. K Rustom added its style and made a magnificent ice cream sandwich.

15 Cherry Ice Cream

16. Vanilla With Chocolate Sauce 

Vanilla topped with chocolate sauce is always a sight to sore eyes. This combination, when nestled between two wafers, creates a tempting taste. Many customers come back to the K Rustom parlor for this fantastic flavor and form a happy smile when satisfied. Try this flavor if you’re a lover of vanilla.

16 Vanilla with chocolate sauce

17. Papaya Ice Cream

Papaya, also known as papita in India, is a tropical fruit known for its taste, similar to a muskmelon. Papaya is not very sweet but is eaten nonetheless for its health benefits. On the other hand, Papaya ice cream serves a creamy and sweet taste. This ice cream sandwich is a new creation of K Rustom.

17 Papaya Ice Cream

18.  Coconut Crunch Ice Cream

Coconut is commonly known as Nariyal in India. It is famous for its health benefits and is widely used in beverages. But if you haven’t tried coconut ice cream, then this is your chance to give it a try. K Rustom offers this ice cream sandwich filled with coconut flakes and chocolate chips.

18 Coconut Crunch Ice Cream

19. Bitter Chocolate Ice Cream

You must have tried dark chocolate. Can’t get enough of it? Here’s the perfect combination of ice cream and dark chocolate. This bitter chocolate Ice cream is must-try and pocket-friendly so that no one misses out on the delicious flavors of the ice cream.  

19 Bitter Chocolate Ice Cream

20. Litchi Ice Cream

Litchi is an evergreen fruit known for its freshness. A litchi ice cream offers a sweet but healthy taste. The waffles add a crunchiness to the sweet taste, forming a winsome smile on customers’ faces. K Rustom provides a variety of flavors to its customers, and they never disappoint. K Rustom is one of the oldest ice cream parlors. They come out with new flavors every year, and they never disappoint. If you’re around the southern part of Mumbai, visit this infamous parlor and try these fantastic flavors.

20 Litchi Ice Cream