Top 20 Ice Cream Shops In Kozhikode


Kozhikode is a District in Kerala. Kozhikode is famous for the Food Varieties they Serve. There are many Delicious Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Dishes they serve. There are also Many Options for Desserts like Ice cream in Kozhikode. The top 20 Ice Cream Shops In Kozhikode are.

1. Sangeeth Cool Bar

Sangeeth Cool Bar is one of the Oldest and Most famous Cool bar in Kozhikode city. They serve delicious ice creams which are made there. The Most popular ice cream on their menu is their Falooda ice cream. Their Ice creams have a different taste. The Correct location of Sangeeth Coolbar is near Kozhikode Railway Station, Kozhikode.

2. Memorice

Memorice is another Excellent choice for Ice cream lovers. They only serve Ice candy varieties, which they have in Many Flavours. They have Flavours like Tender Coconut, Choco chip, Fig Fruit, Mango, Pineapple, Orange, grape, etc. The Prize Range of Ice creams starts from Rs 10. The Correct location of Memorice is near Kozhikode Beach Hospital, Kozhikode Beach, Kozhikode

3. Falooda Nation

Falooda nation is an excellent destination for Falooda lovers. They serve a different delicious variety of Faloodas in a great ambiance. There are many branches of Falooda Nation in Kerala. In Kozhikode, the Correct location of Falooda Nation is near St. Joseph’s Boys School, Kozhikode Beach, Kozhikode.

4. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is an International Ice cream brand, and one of its branches is in Kozhikode. Their Ice creams are so delicious and taste different. The Correct location of Baskin Robbins in Kozhikode is at Kozhikode beach, Near Lion’s park, Kozhikode.

5. Naturals Ice Cream

Naturals ice cream is most prevalent in their Natural Flavoured Ice creams. They serve different Flavours of Ice creams. The Correct Location of Naturals Ice cream is at Mavoor Road, Near ICICI Bank, Kottooli, Kozhikode.

6. Jango’s Club Ice

Jango’s Club Ice is also an Ice cream parlor that serves only Ice candy varieties of many flavors like Tender coconut, Choco chip, Strawberry, Guava, Gems, Semiya,  etc. They have many units in Kerala. One branch in Kozhikode is at Kozhikode Beach, Near Lion’s park, and the other branch is at Idiyangara, Francis Road, Kozhikode.

7. Hollywood Ice Cream

Hollywood Ice Cream is an Ice Cream Parlour which is Located Opposite Lion’s Park, Kozhikode Beach, Kozhikode. They have been serving Ice Cream for many years in a great ambience. There are many Varieties of Ice creams on their menu.

8. Palooda Ice Cream And Pastries

Palooda is an Excellent spot for Ice cream lovers. They Serve delicious ice creams with different flavors. They also serve various types of Ice creams like Shawarma Ice cream, Puttu Ice cream, etc. The Correct Location of Palooda Ice cream and Pastries is at Koyilandy, Kozhikode.

9. Zam Zam Restaurant

Zam Zam Restaurant is a famous Restaurant in Kozhikode City. They Serve different varieties of Ice Cream with Delicious dishes. The Way of presentation of their ice creams is so good. They also serve Faloodas. The Correct location of this Restaurant is Near Tagore Centenary Hall, Moonnalingal Road, Kozhikode.

10. Nice Cream

Nice Cream is another good choice for Ice Cream lovers. They Serve Delicious flavors of ice creams in a great ambience. The Correct location of Nice Cream is Near Rahmath Hotel, Palayam, Puthiyara Road, Kozhikode. There is also another branch of Nice Cream in V. M Basheer Road, Palayam Kozhikode.

11. Minus Degree

Minus Degree is an Ice cream Parlour that Serves different varieties of Ice creams in a great ambience. They have different flavors like Kiwi, Sitaphal, Anjeer, Black currant, Pan Masala, American Dry fruit, etc. The Correct location of the Minus Degree is near Kozhikode Medical College, Kozhikode.

12. Milma Shoppee

Mila Shoppee is a unit Started by the Diary company, Milma, to sell different products made with milk. They Serve Delicious Ice cream with different flavors. Their Ice cream is delicious. The Correct location of Milma Shoppee is at East Nadakkave, Bilathikkulam, Kozhikode. Milma Shoppee has many Units in Kerala.

13. Thancos Naturals

Thancos Naturals is an Excellent Ice Cream Parlour.  They serve ice cream scoops with various flavors in a great ambience . Thancos Naturals have many units in India. The Correct Location of the Unit in Kozhikode is at Kuttichira, Near Kozhikode Beach Road, Kozhikode.

14. Falooda Factory

Falooda Factory is a good choice for Falooda lovers. They serve different varieties of Falooda Ice creams. The Correct location of Falooda Factory is Opposite Lion’s park, Kozhikode Beach, Kozhikode.

15. Fruit Ice

Fruit ice is another good choice for Ice cream Candy lovers. They Provide many different flavors of Ice cream sticks starting from Rs 5. The Correct location of Fruit ice is near Kozhikode Corporation Office, Kozhikode Beach, Kozhikode.

16. Fruitao Ice

Fruitao ice is another better option for Ice cream Candies. They also serve different flavors of Ice Cream sticks. We can enjoy their Ice Cream in a superb ambience because this shop is near Kothi Beach, Near Muhammad Ali Ground, Kozhikode.

17. Frapino Milkshakes And Ice Cream

Frapino Ice cream is an Excellent Choice to try out Italian Ice creams. They serve self-made ice Cream,  which is delicious and Italian. The Correct Location of Frapino is at NH 66, Near Hi lite Mall, Kozhikode.

18. Frozen Pops

Frozen Pops is another Ice Cream parlor that serving Ice Cream sticks of different flavors. They have unique flavors on their menu like Ras Malai, Cheesy Biscoff, Toffee, Peanut Butter, etc. The Correct Location of Frozen Pops is near Moonalingal junction, Moonalingal, Kozhikode.

19. Passion Fruit Cooling

Passion Fruit Cooling is another Ice Cream Parlour serving Faloodas and Ice cream. They have a unique thing on their menu, Tender Palada Falooda,  a must-try item. The Correct location of this Ice Cream Parlour is near Marzook Women’s College, Pushpa Junction, Kozhikode.

20. Ice Den Ice Cream Parlor

Ice Den Ice cream Parlor is a good choice for Ice cream lovers. They serve a delicious variety of Ice creams in a great ambience. The Correct location of Ice Den Ice Cream Parlour is  Opposite Lion’s park, Kozhikode Beach, Kozhikode.