Top 20 Sources Of Calcium


How do you define a Nutritional Diet? Well, a diet provides me with energy, excitement, and satisfaction. A diet which I like the most, and it is healthy too. Also, a diet that will fill my stomach and heart both. I call it a nutritional diet. Different people will have different definitions of a Nutritional Diet. However, it depends on an individual and his body’s needs. Our body highlights its need. Dry skin, brittle nails, and coarse hair are some symbols of a lack of Calcium in the body. Henceforth, we are going to discuss the Top 20 Sources of Calcium.

1.Dairy Products

Even a four-year-old knows that he is drinking lots of milk for Calcium. Hence, we bring dairy products first in the top 20 sources of Calcium. A hundred grams of any dairy product has around eighty to eighty-two mg of Calcium. You can take milk, cheese, butter, buttermilk, yogurt, and curd for this amount of Calcium.

Dairy Products

2.Soy Milk

Soybean is a rich source of Calcium. Its milk increases the Calcium components in it twice. To obtain Soy Milk, you have to soak and blend Soybean with an ample amount of water. One hundred grams of Soy Milk has around twenty-five mg of Calcium. You can make Shakes, Pancakes, and Curd from Soy Milk.

Soy Milk


Do you like Almonds? I love them. Talking further, almonds and almond milk are good sources of Calcium. A hundred grams of Almonds can give you two-fifty mg of Calcium. This quantity is higher than many other supplements. Hence, we have almonds in the top 20 sources of Calcium.



Seafood Lovers will enhance this point. Fish are rich in Calcium too. Precisely, they are the tastiest source of Calcium for some people. Fishes like Sardines, Salmon, and Perch are good at fulfilling our Calcium requirements. Atlantic Salmon gives twenty to twenty-five mg of Calcium in a hundred grams of cooked.



Many people in the world don’t like Oranges. If you have hypocalcemia, Orange is your answer. It is easy to consume, tasty, and available. A single Orange has around sixty mg of Calcium. Henceforth, start drinking orange juice instead of soft drinks.


6.Green Leafy Vegetables

You may not like Spinach. But you have to find a way to make it taste good. Spinach and other similar green leafy vegetables have a lot of Calcium hiding in them. One bunch of Spinach has around three hundred mg of Calcium. That’s a Big number encountered till now. Hence, start consuming spinach fries from today.

Green Leafy Vegetables


If you are searching for a fruit apart from Orange that provides Calcium, you can go for Figs. Figs might not be readily available. But you can consume them by adding them to your cocktails. However, while eating Figs for Calcium, take the raw ones. Dried figs have only ten mg of Calcium. In contrast, raw Figs have fifteen to eighteen mg of Calcium.



Seaweed is a good option for Side-dish or Garnishing. You will see it in almost every Asian meal as a side dish. Basically, Wakame has a supply of Calcium. It is available around the Asian Markets. A hundred grams of raw Wakame has one hundred and fifty mg of Calcium.



You must have seen people on TV adding egg whites to their hair. They prepare a hair mask out of the same. Well, that’s the power of Calcium in egg whites. A hundred grams of pure egg white has around seven to eight mg of Calcium. Now you know why doctors suggest consuming an egg daily.



We all know peanuts are a good source of protein. Similarly, they are rich in Calcium too. Peanuts, Walnuts, Chia seeds, Flex seeds, and Sesame seeds are good sources of Calcium. Consuming them all in a cup will provide you with around a hundred mg of Calcium. Try taking at least one nut every day.



Cereals are always rich sources of plenty of nutrients. However, their consumption has declined over the period. Ragi is a house of many nutrients. A hundred grams of Ragi has three hundred and fifty mg of Calcium. Once again, a big number.



Drumsticks are famous throughout India. Many South Indian dishes have drumsticks as their main ingredients. They are even present in many western Dishes. A hundred grams of drumstick have around six hundred mg of Calcium. Hence, we have a drumstick in the top 20 sources of Calcium.



Can you believe this tiny piece of spice can give you twenty grams of Calcium? Yes, you heard that right. One tablespoon of Cumin has around twenty mg of Calcium. It is easy to use Cumin. Plus, my favorite is Cumin rice AKA Jeera Rice.


14.Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds are another small yet effective source of Calcium. Basically, we use mustard seeds in almost every dish. We can never fry them in the oil and try eating them. They are tasty. A hundred grams of Mustard seeds give around one hundred and twenty mg of Calcium. Hence, you can eat a Dhokla with Mustard seeds on them.

Mustard Seeds


Here we bring another fruit rich in Calcium. Tangerine has good taste and is available in many places. Furthermore, a hundred grams of Tangerines gives thirty to forty mg of Calcium. You can eat Tangerine all by itself or in fruit salads.



Cowpea is a famous pulse in India. Also, many other countries consume it on a large scale. Boiled Cowpeas are very nutritious. A hundred grams of Cowpeas will give you one hundred and twenty mg of Calcium. Boil and eat them. Also, you can add them to curries, rice, etc.



Clams come in seafood. Along with Sardines and Salmon, add some Clams to your seafood plate. If you have Hypocalcaemia, including Clams in your everyday diet is an option. Plus, they are a good source of Calcium and other nutrients too. Plus, they are good at the taste.


18.Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are next on the list of the top 20 sources of Calcium. You can make sweet potatoes Sabzi, eat it as fries, or through other recipes. They are available and affordable. A hundred grams of sweet potatoes have around thirty mg of Calcium.

Sweet Potatoes


Broccoli might make you vomit at first sight. However, this is not true for everyone. Fitness trainers, dietitians, and nutritionists love and know the importance of Broccoli in their diets. Basically, Broccoli provides fifty mg of Calcium per hundred grams.


20.Bok Choy

Bok Choy is a Chinese type of Cabbage. It is present in Kimchi. Also, many other Chinese dishes have Bok Choy in them. Furthermore, a hundred grams of Bok Choy gives you one hundred and fifty grams of Calcium. Here, we end the article on the top 20 sources of Calcium.

Bok Choy