Top 20 Iconic Chinese Restaurants In Tangra, Kolkata

Top 20 Iconic Chinese Restaurants In Tangra, Kolkata

Chinese cuisine has long been an integral part of Kolkata’s culinary landscape, and Tangra, often referred to as the “Chinatown of Kolkata”, is at the epicentre of this culinary love affair. The history of Chinese cuisine in Kolkata can be traced back to the late 18th century when Chinese immigrants settled in the bustling city and over the years, these pioneers have left a distinguishable mark on Kolkata’s foodscape, resulting in the emergence of numerous iconic Chinese restaurants in Tangra. We have compiled the Top 20 restaurants in Tangra below.

1.Beijing Restaurant

This is the most iconic restaurant in Tangra and is famously known for Ms. Liu’s recipes, like Thai Chicken or chicken in black bean sauce. The menu here is thoughtfully curated for both Indian and Chinese palates. The ambience here is cosy with interiors that resonate with that of a traditional Chinese restaurant.

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2.Kim Ling

Another widely known restaurant in Tangra serves some of the most delicious Chinese dishes. Their menu offers a variety of chicken, egg and fish items and a wide selection of crabs including crab claws, crab meat and more. Their spring rolls are some of the best in the city according to many. The restaurant’s dedication to preserving the essence of Chinese cuisine while catering to the evolving tastes of its customers is what sets it apart.

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3.Bigg Boss Restaurant

It is one of the most popular restaurants in Tangra run by a Chinese family and has gained a reputation for its ‘Tangra style Chinese’ which combines Indian and Chinese flavours to deliver some of the most delicious dishes such as their Manchurian prawns and Fried Vegetable Wantons. Their Hakka and Cantonese noodles are also equally tasty and served in good portions.

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4.China Gardens

China Gardens is a great place to visit or order from if you want to taste some good and authentic Chinese food at a pocket-friendly rate. They also have a variety of fish items on their menu, both for snacks and main courses. Their portion sizes are also pretty good.

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5.Hakka Village Chinese Restaurant

A well-known restaurant, Hakka Village is the perfect spot to grab a quick bite as the prices here are reasonable as per the standard of food. You can pair your dinner with beverages that will surely complement the Chinese dishes.

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6.Kim Fa Restaurant

This is another classic joint in Tangra, located near the Chinese Kali temple, and is known for serving Chinese food that has succeeded in keeping alive the traditional flavours. Its Indianised Chinese palate is what it is known for the most, as well as for its brown chow.

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7.Ah Leung

There are only a few restaurants in Kolkata’s Chinatown that serve Chinese food made according to actual Cantonese recipes. Ah, Leung is a self-serving eatery renowned for its ‘Wonton noodles’ made in pork, their recipe for chilli chicken is also quite distinct and is a must-have.

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8.Golden Empire

Golden Empire is a well-known family restaurant that offers a delightful blend of authentic Chinese cuisine, a charming ambience and impeccable service. The place boasts a lot of special events, supported by their in-house DJ. The food here is also exceptional, especially their ‘pecking fish’.

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9.Hot Wok Village

This restaurant has been a long favourite among locals and visitors alike, offering freshly cooked sweet corn soup, fried prawns chicken legs and other delectable Chinese dishes. The restaurant also has a homely feeling to it making it the go-to spot to grab a quick bite.

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10.Kim Pou Restaurant

Kim Pou, previously known as Kim Li, is a famous restaurant in the area. Its menu features a varying number of pork dishes, with noodles that are thicker and tastier than usual. Their dry chilli chicken is also delicious and a must-have.

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11.Golden Joy Restaurant

Another standard place in the area that usually remains packed during the festive season. This is a perfect joint to visit during an outing with your family or friends due to its spacious seating arrangements and sizeable portions of food. Their seafood, various preparations of noodles and other Indian-Chinese flavours on their menu are what make this place worth visiting.

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12.Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant

In a neighbourhood teeming with Chinese restaurants, Golden Phoenix stands out for its dedication to quality and a menu that continually delights your taste buds. Except for the usual Chinese delicacies which you get at affordable rates, the restaurant is known for its location as it is easily accessible via any transportation, making it an ideal spot for a hangout session.

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If you are a lover of Indian-Chinese cuisine, this is the place to be. The food here is packed with flavour and spices ideal for most Indians. The starters they serve are some of the best in the city, particularly their crispy wontons.

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14.Mainland China

One of the most famous restaurant chains in India. If you are in Kolkata you will probably be recommended to visit this restaurant. Mainland China is renowned for its Chinese cuisine and offers a wide range of dishes to choose from. Some of the top items on the menu of their outlet situated near Tangra, are Kung pao chicken, Dim Sum, Chili Garlic prawns and Chicken Fried rice.

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15.Lee Eating House

Another grub-hub for Chinese food lovers, Lee Eating House is an old and small eatery well-known for its authentic Chinese cuisine. The food you get here is great for the price and serves the most delicious golden fried prawns and chilli chicken in town. The interiors of this place are similar to an old Chinese restaurant, adding to its ambience.

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16.China Pearl

A lesser-known restaurant in Tangra, China Pearl is situated just beside Bigg Boss and is another place that you can visit to grab some Chinese food. The restaurant has a very basic menu but the food does not disappoint.

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17.Dynasty Restaurant

Dynasty is another small eatery, serving authentic Chinese for a long time at an affordable rate. Every dish here is standard, especially the Mei Foon noodles which are cooked to perfection. The place fills up quickly, but other than that it is a must-visit.

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18.Cin Shing

Another lesser-known restaurant that serves great food in sizeable portions. The rates of the food items are not that much but the snacks they serve are delicious especially the Mandarin chilly baby corn and the Honey pepper prawn.

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19.Kim Li Loi Restaurant

This restaurant is known for its delicious food and efficient service. The menu here consists of a ton of items but their prawn cocktail and mixed fried rice with chili chicken are a must-try. There is also a bar at the place where anyone can buy and enjoy a drink or two.

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20.Sun Shine

A popular hangout spot for college students, this particular joint is pocket-friendly and serves ‘Tangra style Chinese’ which customers love. Some of their bestselling dishes include Chicken soup, Garlic Chicken and Chicken Wonton.

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