Top 20 Iconic Restaurants Must Be Visited In Bangalore


The following article contains data about the specified topic which may not be in priority wise order but falls under the category of top 20( restaurants in this case). The classic foods of these restaurants are mentioned but not limited to those dishes; everybody has a unique sense of taste.

1.Veena Stores

Lots of gossip goes around Veena stores irrespective of its size. It is said that it acts as a  substitute to the absence of Brahmin’s café in the south. It is located on the Malleshwaram stretch towards majestic on Margosa Road. Although parking facility is not available at this location, the mouth-watering dishes will surely lure a person easily towards it. The main dishes to be tried are the popular South Indian dishes like idli, vada, coffee, Puliogare, Kesari bath and Upma. Quality is really good and service is quick. In conclusion, what makes this place special is the crowd and food!



If you have lived in Bangalore and have not been here, you are surely missing something. One must try CTR for its simplicity, authenticity and old world charm. It is a small corner store located on Margosa Road, 7th Cross, Malleshwaram. The ambiance is totally vintage, floors are of checkerboard pattern, wooden furniture and a grandfather clock hanging up on the wall. It is true that the menu is small, but how often does a person find interest in all the mouth-watering dishes on the menu. The ultimate benne masala dosa is the one that makes it even more interesting; nobody is fit enough to describe the delightful and heavenly taste of these golden dishes of heaven.


3.Vidyarthi Bhavan

Another heritage restaurant is Vidyarthi Bhavan, which has been delighting patrons for decades. Vidyarthi Bhavan literally means “Students Place” for eating in Basavanagudi or Gandhi Bazaar. The ambiance is very old-world. Wooden benches set against tables like in schools, creaking ceiling fans, photos of all the celebrities adorn the walls along with the caricatures of poets.The service is slow owing to the string of people already lined up awaiting their turn to get a table. The best and must try dish is the Dosa with its texture that will keep haunting your mind.


4.Janatha Hotel

This restaurant is yet another dimension that will take the stress away with its heart-warming cup of coffee worth every penny. The place has been there for quite a long time, with tables spread out in rows along with self-service. The place is not known for its ambiance, but for the food that will surely change your mind. Located in 8th Cross, Malleshwaram, it is the busiest shopping district in North Bangalore. The mouth-watering dishes to have are the Masala Dosa, Vada Sambar, Mangalore Bajji, Coffee and all these dishes’ taste would make you only crave for more.


5.Mavalli Tiffin Rooms(MTR)

If you haven’t heard this before, then you have never been to Bangalore. A legendary brand and the dishes that are served from the kitchen of MTR have a mind of its own. Located in Lalbagh Road, Mavalli, Near Basavanagudi, Bangalore, it is quite synonymous with authentic, home style Karnataka food that is available. Rava idli and masala dosa are must try at this place. The food is something that you cannot find fault in any of the MTR outlets. Also, the nostalgic feel of this MTR Lalbagh outlet is something that cannot be explained, it can only be experienced.


6.Iyer mess

Another ‘old is gold’ classic South Indian restaurant. This Iconic Mess follows authentic Tamil Iyer cuisine. Located in Siddappa Hotel, Richmond Road, it is an ideal place for one to have lunch, although it might get really crowded due to the lack of parking space. The best things to have are the South Indian Meals, Dosas, and Vadas. This place has dishes out crispy and piping hot food on plantain leaves, true to its word.


7.Brahmin’s coffee bar

Brahmin’s café is one of the renowned places to visit for mouth-watering breakfast. This place is a Legendary Idli counter in Bangalore. This place has the shortest menu anyone has ever seen. Located on Ranga Rao Road, near Shankar Math, Shankarpuram, Basavanagudi Area, this restaurant hosts a crowd of visitors and has tingled the sense of taste since generations. They only serve Idli, Vada, Khara bath, Kesari Bath and coffee. However, the quality and taste of the food make up for this. It is a rare place in Bangalore where the chutney is so stupendous that it could be charged as a separate item on the menu.


8.Halli Mane

One of the iconic eateries to be visited if anyone was ever present in Bangalore, if this isn’t done, then it’s a big shame. If ever mom denies the delicious home food, then this place is a substitute for it. Located on 3rd Cross, Off Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, this place will make you crave for South Indian dishesThis place’s food is a paradise of South Indian festivities, served in the traditional banana leaf style; it is a heaven for anyone who wants to grab something deliciously old-fashioned.


9.Hyderabadi biryani house

There are a large number of restaurants that serve Andhra food in Bangalore. This place hosts one of the iconic tastes for the Andhra style cuisine lovers. This one is iconic among many of the restaurants which serve Andhra style food in Bangalore.  Located at 98, Skylark Palazzo, Total Mall, Old Airport Road, it has a clean ambiance, although not very posh. The menu has all tasty dishes that will make you crave for the Andhra style dining, especially when it comes to the spicy and delicious Biryani. It is a must visit place for Biryani lovers.


10.Shivaji military hotel

Another Biryani lovers’ paradise, the Shivaji military hotel, hosts one of the best Biryanis in Bangalore, usually super-crowded and sought after. If you were in Bangalore, chances are you might have heard about this Biryani Paradise. Located at 780, 1st C Main, 45th Cross, in 8th Block, at Jayanagar, Bangalore, it has only one branch. The place is very neat and tidy for a military hotel. The service is quick and the menu is limited to a few items. The Biryani and the soups are the most sought after dishes and is known for its good amount of meat in it, quite a rare thing to find in Bangalore.


11.Udupi Krishna Bhavan

Another example to determine in not judging a book by its cover is the Udupi Krishna Bhavan. This place’s ambiance is old-fashioned and the service is also pretty quick, despite the overwhelming crowd. Located at 123, Opposite Syndicate Bank, Balepet, Majestic, Bangalore, this place is like a retro style café. Although parking is an issue, the taste of the food will compensate the temper gained. The Sagu masala dosa is their signature dish. The other dishes are traditionally South Indian like the Idli, Vada and the badam halwa which are few of the best ones.


12.Chetty’s Corner

This place is South Indian and known for fast food, something not very rare to find but difficult to find an authentic one. Their hallmark is their unique fast food taste. Located at 2, Serpentine Road, Kumara Park West, Seshadripuram, Bangalore, although the restaurant is small, the food’s taste will make you feel the same pleasure as taking a stroll in the garden. The dish most sought after over here is the Twistato. Other fast food items like the Nippat, Nippat chat, etc. Food ordered from this place will give the real taste of the South Indian street food and will make a person to crave for it again.


13.Sri Sai Ram chats

This place is another “must visit” which might be small but will get the taste buds tingling if eaten even once over here. It is worth for frequently visiting and hosts chaats as its main dish. This restaurant will overwhelm a person with the taste of the food that it is ready to serve. Located at 83, 2nd Temple Street, in 15th Cross, nearby Kadu Malleshwara Temple, Malleshwaram, it has a variety of chats to offer. The chats available here are worth it and will compensate the lack of parking space and other reasons for it to be underestimated.


14.Davangere Benne Masala

This is a small one-room destination where dosas are created on huge earthen tawas, using firewood. Located along the road leading to Pushpanjali theater on 8th Main Road, Basaveshwara nagar, it is a must grab to know the real South Indian delicacy. This is the best Davanagere Benne masala dosa joint. The palya or crushed potato mix in it is of a smaller amount, but, the dosas come vividly dunked in ghee and spicy chutney. Other South Indian delicacies are also worth a try.


15.New Krishna Bhavan

Yet another amazing place known for the dishes like the masala dosa, Vada and Sambar. This is a must try in Malleshwaram. It is just like an old authentic place with very friendly staff. Located near Sampige Theatre, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore, it has a fabulous service system. Their signature dish is the Green masala idli. Other dishes to have are Green masala idli, Onion uttapam, Jowar dosa and their newly introduced item, “The Madurai garam idli”. They also have wonderful coffee served to their customers.


16.Rogue Elephant café

This cafe is not known for the food, but, for its ambiance. Surrounded by jackfruit and mango trees, apart from the pleasant coconut trees, this is a lovely place to relax after a tiring week. Located near Basava Ambara, Opposite to Krishna Rao Park, Basavanagudi, one must visit to experience Bangalore like how Bangaloreans really do along with lots of greenery. The food is traditionally South Indian, but, the real reason to visit this place would not be just for the sake of food but for discovering “real” Bangalore.


17.Koshy’s Bar and Restaurant

Although the name may not be so family oriented, but, the taste of the food and the ambiance will make you eliminate that point. It is one of the classy restaurants that show the urban Bangalore with a classy touch. Located at 39, St. Marks Road, Bangalore, it is mainly known for its old-world ambiance. It is a favorite hangout place for the artists of Bangalore. Few tables are equipped with senior citizens sipping coffee. The food has a unique taste along with delightful bakery items on the menu. It is mainly recommended to make memories.


18.The only place

As the name itself suggests, the restaurant hosts a slightly pricey menu but will take you into a dream world with its pleasant taste. It is surely worth a visit to know the modern part of Bangalore, especially with their wonderful service system. Located at 13, Museum Road, Church Street, Bangalore, it has valet parking and gives an American diner experience. If it’s steaks and burgers that are sought after, then it’s “The Only Place” to go. The best items to try are the stakes, burgers and spaghetti with meatballs. In other words, it can be called the “Steakhouse” of Bangalore.



If you are a lover of Arabian cuisine and a fan of Bangalore, then this is the right place. They have outlets in different locations in the city, but it’s the Frazer Town one that’s inevitably the best. Located at 27, Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore, the place is usually crowded with customers who want to savor all the dishes. The Arabian and Lebanese cuisines are the most sought after kind in this restaurant. It is known for its chicken kebabs and shawarmas also, but, if you are a seafood fan, then this place is a dream come true.



Hardly a Bangalorean can live up to the term that he/she has not visited this legendary place. This place is a paradise of classic rock and dark interiors with creative posters on the wall. Located at 34, Resthouse Road, Brigade Road, Bangalore, it has a pleasant ambiance and is a “must visit” place. The food is a special attraction, and a good amount of youngsters have a great time here. However, the main attraction is the classic rock music. The place is also said to be “pocket- friendly.”