Top 20 Indian Cuisines in Singapore


Food is one of the gods given gifts of pleasure for our taste buds. I basically don’t eat to live but I just love to eat. This article is about the famous Indian cuisines served at one of my best loved place which is Singapore. Singapore is an evergreen clean city with delicious food all over right from Muslim, Chinese, western, north Indian, Indian food, etc. There is always a speciality and liking for Indian food by everyone in Singapore due to its spicy hot and tasty nature. Food should always be burp worthy according to me so, here’s the list of 20 most mouthwatering Indian cuisines sold in Singapore.

1. Nasi Biryani

Nasi biryani is one of the most famous biryani types in Singapore. It is an Indian Muslim cuisine. It is made up of saffron rice and any kind of meat either mutton or chicken. Finally, a crunchy feeling will be provided by the fried onions and the ikan bilis which is also called as dried shrimp. My god the taste is still there in my mouth as I think of it.

nasi biriyanj

2. Fish Head Curry

When it comes to best Indian cuisines in Singapore, the first thing that should pop up in your mind is the Fish head curry. The most famous restaurant for this is the Muthu’s curry restaurant. It is just a simple recipe which includes the use of fish head, okra, eggplant, tomatoes and some traditional spices to make the curry which will add the exact hot and spicy flavor to the dish.

fish rojak’

3. Indian Rojak

This is typically a salad which can only be found in Singapore and not in India. It is known as an Indian dish since the gravy which is poured on top of this dish is made up of the Indian spices and chilly sauce paste made with nuts. This salad consists of potatoes, eggplant, potatoes, tofu, etc. It can be made easily at hope as I make this monthly once since it’s that tasty and healthy.

indian rojak

4. Murtabak

This is a common dish sold in India too. In India, it is called as “kothu parotta”. It is just parotta which has minced meat which may be mutton, chicken or pork stuffed into it along with Indian spices and onions. One full murtabak is more than enough to make your stomach feel bloated.


5. Indian Mee goreng

It is a mixture of both Chinese and Indian style of cooking. It consists of Chinese yellow mee, Chinese cabbage, potatoes, green peas, minced meat and Indian spices to spice up the food. This entire dish is made with the Indian touch and not the Chinese style of cooking.

indian mee mong

6. Laksa mee

This cuisine is a type of dish which will bring your taste buds to heaven. It is also called as noodles in curry gravy. The gravy is the normal Indian curry gravy made with coconut milk. Then, yellow Chinese noodles are added in it along with vermicelli noodles which will enhance the flavor of the dish. The final taste of the entire dish is mind blowing as it contains a spicy, coconut and sweet taste.

Laksa mee

7. Roti John

I do know that the name sounds funny, but it is a westernized Indian food hence it has got this name. It is simply just the toasting of French bread with eggs and minced meat of any kind such as mutton, chicken, etc. marinated in Indian spices to build the flavor to the dish. It tastes perfect with tomato ketchup.

roti john

8. Roti Parota

It is one of the most famous Indian dishes in Singapore. It is mostly eaten at the breakfast and it is generally served with hot and spicy Indian curry or with just butter and sugar.  It is made of normal dough which is beaten and molded into that rugged circular shape to bring out the crunchy and layered texture.

rotti parotta

9. Mulligatawny

This is a very famous soup sold in Mumbai. It is also a well-known morning soup in Singapore which has a rich, thick and creamy textured taste. It’s also called as the pepper soup. Thus, the main ingredient is pepper as we know it from the name itself. It is very good to have this soup especially when you have a cold or sore throat.


10. Fish biryani

This is type of biryani which is eminent among Singaporeans. It is the same biryani paste made for the other biryani types and the meat used here is fish. It has a rich flavor added to the dish due to the addition of fish.

fish biriyani

11. Masala Dosai

It is a stomach filling morning breakfast which is made of dosai stuffed with masala. The masala is made of potatoes, green peas, onions and many other items. The main ingredient is the Indian spice which adds flavor to the dish.

masala dosa’

12. Poori Chana

This is another delightful morning breakfast which is served with chana gravy. Chana is nothing but white peas that is made into a masala paste to be served with poori. No matter what there is always room for at least 2 pooris even if you’re very full. That’s the specialty of poori with chana.

poori chana

13. Aloo Parantha

This is a famous Punjabi dish which can be had for any meal. It is nothing, but chapatti stuffed with masala made with potatoes. It is very appetizing, and it can be eaten just like that too. It is best tasted when it is served with yogurt.

aloo parantha

14. Paneer Wrap

This is a north Indian dish which is mostly preferred to be eaten at dinner if you’re dieting as this is very appetizing and it will make your stomach feel full. It is nothing but fulka stuffed with paneer masala.

paneer wrap

15. Afghani Chicken

It is a type of tandoori chicken which is blunter taste and has a smoked flavor. The highlighting specialty of this dish is the use of the cheese which is stuffed into the chicken and grilled along with the chicken. When the chicken is torn the cheese will ooze its way out and give a exhilarating taste. It is a burp worthy dish for sure.

Afghani Chicken

16. Tandoori Chicken

It is a very famous north Indian dish in Singapore as well as in India. It is the grilling of the marinated chicken in a hot clave oven which makes the chicken so juicy and have a smoked taste. It is also a little spicy and it is served with mint chutney which boosts the flavors of the chicken.


17. Naan and Panneer Butter Masala

This is a famed North Indian dish which consists of a type of Indian bread served with a type of gravy masala which is made of paneer. This is mostly eaten for dinner.

paneer butter

18. Hyderabad Dum Biryani

This is a special dish which was originated in Hyderabad. It uses the normal biryani paste with any kind of meat added to it. The only difference is that the rice is cooked in a layered manner where rice is kept in one layer and the masala is kept on the second layer and this goes on in an alternative manner. This will give more taste to the biryani when the layers are mixed.

hyderabadi dum biriyani

19. Appam

It is a Kerala style dish which is mostly taken for breakfast. This dish is commonly seen in India. It is a type of dosai which is served along with coconut milk or any mutton gravy which enhances the taste of the dish.


20. Putu Mayam

It is commonly known as Idiyappam in India. It is a breakfast dish. It is a very fun looking dish which is made of rice flour. It goes well along with just sugar or with any spicy gravy.



This article has made me very hungry and I do miss Singapore food a lot. Never critic the food you have daily as they are so many people out there in the world without any everyday so, whatever you eat be thankful and love your food always. I hope this article was very informative to you all.

– Anjana Sathiyaseelan