Top 20 Local Foods Of Chattisgarh


Chattisgarh has always been hidden “KHAZANA” for everyone, wither it’s about raw material or food “THE KHANA KHAZANA”. So, wasting no time lets discover the “THE KHANA KHAZANA” of Chattisgarh.

1. Boree Bassi

The most popular, cheap and tasty dish is boree bassi. And trust me, readers, it has got the most amazing recipe. Just some drinking water in a big bowl or any utensil as per your convince (plate doesn’t work it has to have deepness kind of thing) put some cooked rice (mostly the left over rice is used) into it. Salt as per taste and never forget onions cut in 4 parts with the pickle.

“Personal experience: It tastes YUMM!!!”

bore bassi

2. Farra

A dish made up of rice flour, cooked in steam and then shallow fried. This dish has to be served with complementary chutney or even sauce can work. Well some where you can call it a chattisgarhi French fries kinda thing!! The light smoky flavor will make you fall in love with it!


3. Rice Flour Roti (Moti Roti)

Again a rice flour dish! It’s a kind of chapatti which is thicker than the actual thickness of the normal wheat flour chapatti. Hands shape it, cooked in pan and served with chilly and coriander chutney. It is also considered an official dish of evening time.

Rice Poori, Channa

4. Chausella

A rice flour dish. It has a complicated cooking method. Making a dough by putting the flour in warm water and adding salt to it and stirring it till it becomes hard and then cooling it down turning it into a dough and cooking in the same way as done for pudi. Even being fatty food, it is the love of all chattisgaharian.


5. Angakar

A type of chapatti in which mixture of rice, wheat, and gram flour is cooked by rapping it around a leaf (banana leaf or any) and then covering the leaf all over through burning KANDA. Interesting right!! And then you can have it with any chutney.


6. Hatphodva

Batter of rice poured in round shape earthen pan, cooked in steam. The light flavor and smell of the earthen pan turn out to be the best part of the dish. It can also be called the chattisgaharia IDLI served with any chutney or even milk as it comes with both the flavors separately, sweet and salty.


7. Arsa

A sweet dish made up of rice popularly made on HOLI. You can also call it MEETHE PURI as it is cooked in a same way as pudi after making dough of grinded water soaked rice and Jiggery. Sounds complicated right!!


8. Dehori

It is somewhere same as ARSA. Sweet in taste, Pudi shaped. But with a change, in this, the water soaked rice is grinded then marinated in curd for an hour and converted to normal dough. This is then given the shape of VADDAS and fried, then dipped into Jiggery syrup. Complication level increased!!!


9. Papchi

Heard of KHAJA, PAPCHI is the same the only difference is it’s made of wheat flour. Sweet in taste and twisted in shape.


10. Thateri

Generally made on the occasion of TEEJ. An evening snack, salty in taste, crunchy from out and soft from inside, made of BASEN.


11. Khurmi

Same as THATERI it’s also made on TEEJ. A sweet snack (kind of cookey) made up of wheat flour, jiggery and ghee. The crunch of peanuts at few places is my personal favorite!!


12. Dubki

One of the curry dish made by soaked and grinned UDDAD DAL turned into small balls and put to boiling curry.


13. Mixed Cury

This mixture contains DRUMSTICKS, JHURGA, and POTATO. Turned into a delicious curry. Well it’s common but always a favorite.

mixed curry

14. Chilla

Also a chattisgarhi DOSA made up of rice flour. An official dish of morning or evening served with different types of chutney. With no filling inside.


15. Vadda Bobra

A traditional dish made on the occasion of PITRMOKSH AMAVASYA to please the soul of dead (dead family member), according to the old rituals. VADDA is made of UDDAD DAAL and BOBRA is made of rice, wheat flour and jiggery.

vada bobra

16. Mulli Bhaji (Raddish Leaves)

Apart from all dish chattisgarh is also known for variety of bhajis. Mulli bhaji is one of them made by mixing CHANNA DAAL, MULLI BHAJI and MULI (Radish).

mulli baji

17. Lala Bhaji (Amaranthas Leaves)

Same as all the bhajis, it is also cooked with CHANNA DAAL. Red in color, it has a great health value like all the bhajis.


18. Puffed Rice Laddu

Cheap and easily available laddus, made up of jaggery mixed with puffed rice. Extremely delicious!! You can easily find it sold in any local vendors or shopkeepers.


19. Bijori

A type of PAPPAD made up of UDDAD DAAL mixed with TILL in same way as pappad is made. It is used as a complementary food item during any meal, but work as the TASTE BUDS ENHANCER!


20. Khoila

Going deep to the village roots, it’s a dried and stored food items like BEANS, ZIMIKANDCAN, KUTKI, EGGPLANT, etc. When there is a food shortage it turns out to be life savior; it is boiled in hot water and then cooked.