Top 20 Indian Eateries In Augsburg, Germany

Top 20 Indian Eateries in Augsburg Germany
Top 20 Indian Eateries in Augsburg Germany

Augsburg is a city in Germany, which lies around 50km west of Bavarian capital Munich. It is an urban district and home to the institutions. It is considered to be the third-largest city in the country after Munich and Nuremberg. It has a total population of 300,000 inhabitants, including 885,000 of the metropolitan area. It is one of those cities of Germany where you can find an innumerable number of Indian restaurants on every street possible. Though, amid, in so many restaurants providing Indian food, only a few can do justice to the Indian flavours. Not taking much time, let us look at the list of 20 best restaurants serving Indian food in Augsburg.

1.Curry Junction

This outlet provides you with everything ranging from Indian curries, tandoori items, and Indian bread. Shahipaneer and Bhindi masala are excellent preparations among Indian vegetables and curries. The mango sabzi served at this place is highly recommended.

Location: Pfarrle, Augsburg, Germany

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2.Ganesha Ausgburg

It is believed to be one of the authentic restaurants for Indian delicacies. They have a special Vegetable thali consisting of chana masala, aloo gobhi, sushi paneer, and other vegetarian curries. The spices added to their food are moderate.

Location: Prinzregenten Street 1, Augsburg, Germany

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They serve curries prepared in North Indian style and are also specialized in tandoori items. Their lunch menu is pretty famous in the locality and is usually crowded in the afternoon. You must not miss the chai from this place.

Location: Hunoldsgraben, Augsburg, Germany

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4.Ashoka House

It is a characterful Indian restaurant with traditional Indian recipes ranging from bread to desserts. The paneer recipes are delectable and worth tasting with soft naan served here. The mango vegetable and gulab jamun are also recommended to taste.

Location: Barfuss Street 5, Augsburg, Germany

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5King Masala

It is a Modern Indian restaurant in Augsburg, serving delicious breakfast options, especially the chole bhature, tasty and delicious. The special shoutout goes too perfectly cooked daal shorba, which tastes excellent with butter naan.

Location: Jakober Street 55, Augsburg, Germany

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6.Noon Mirch

The tandoori items served at this place are highly recommended as they are famous for them. The kokos lassi is terrific and is suitable to have in breakfast. Daal tadka and saag are also fantastic in taste. All the recipes have that special Indian touch for them.

Location: Augsburger Street 39, Augsburg, Germany

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7.Namaste India

It is an authentic Indian restaurant also providing pizza delivery with some exciting variations. The special vegetarian pizza is a must-try variety served here. Chana masala is correctly cooked with perfect spices added to it.

Location: Rosle Street 17, Augsburg, Germany

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8.Royal Mahal

They have various Indian recipes available along with special thali that includes raita, dal, vegetables, naan, rice, salad, and all of them are lip-smacking in taste. It is one of those places on which you can rely for Indian food.

Location; Augsburger Street 29, Augsburg, Germany

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It is a cosy dining area offering delectable Indian recipes served by friendly staff. You can ask for almost any Indian dish you like, and they will get you that. The taste of veggies and curries served at this place is palpable.

Location: Prinzregenten Street 1, Augsburg, Germany

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10.Bombay Palace

The quality of rice recipes you will find at this place is unmatchable. They are nicely cooked and tastes delicious along with any curry of your choice. The mango preparations are excellent and available in varieties like mango cream and mango lassi. You can also have kulcha from this place.

Location: Stefan Street 4, Friedberg, Ausgsberg, Germany

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11.Safran Restaurant

It is one such place where you can enjoy hot and crispy pakoras along with a warm cup of refreshing tea. Other than that, you will also have lots of Indian options to choose for your favourite lunch meal. It is a perfect site in Augsburg to enjoy Indian food at a reasonable price.

Location: Schaezler Street 10, Augsburg, Germany

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12.Desi Zaika

This restaurant offers biryani, naan, Indian curries, and paneer recipes prepared in a traditional Indian way having delicious the flavours in them. The kulchas served here are soft, and goes well with every curry. The mango lassi is extraordinary in taste.

Location: Steub Street 1, Aichach, Augsburg, Germany

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You will find various local people enjoying flavours of Indian food at this restaurant. Ask anyone and they will always appreciate the quality of mango lassi offered here. Dal makhani and rice are ideally suited to have together from this place.

Location: Schrannenpl 1, Schwabmunchen, Augsburg, Germany

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14.Indisch Curry Masala

Pakoras, onion rings, samosa, masala papad, all these snacks offered here are delicious. Not only snacks but also the various Indian curries like baingan bharta, masala bhindi, and palakpaneer are impressive. The paneer stuffed kulcha is something you should not miss out on this site.

Location: Lindauer Street 29, Grossaitingen, Augsburg

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15Ganpati Herrsching

The service of this place is impressive and quick, serving lots of Indian curries, basmati rice, naan, and tandoori recipes. And at last, having some Jamun for the dessert is a good idea.

Location: Zum Landungssteg 1, Herrsching, Augsburg, Germany

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16.Punjab House

The creamy and smooth texture mango cream and kulfi offered at this place is worth craving for. They also have various soups available like dal soup, vegetable soup, tomato soup. Among Indian curries, the navratan korma is excellent in taste.

Location: Alpen Street 2, Neusass, Augsburg, Germany

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17K 41

It is a friendly café serving a selection of vegan, slow-cooked Indian and Thai-style recipes that would win your heart. Their menu is filled with various delicious Indian recipes. Rice and dal are food full of flavours and nutrients.

Location: Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 41, Augsburg, Germany

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18.Restaurant Jass Noor

It is probably, one of the rarest restaurants serving authentic Indian-style Biryani in Augsburg. Once you taste it from this place, you would not go to any other site for Biryani. It is a highly recommended to visit with the family to try out their offerings.

Location: Bergheimer Street 35, Augsburg, Germany

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19.Restaurant Safran

You will have a great time at this place, enjoying the lovely meal of your choice at this place. Just make sure you do not miss tasting gulabjamun and lassi from this place. Apart from that, do try their basmati rice and kadhaipaneer.

Location: Markt Place 16, Gunzburg, Germany

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20.Royal India

Aloo paratha and mango lassi is an ideal breakfast to have at this place that will keep you full and happy. Also, Punjabi kofta prepared here is creamy and delicious that can be enjoyed with tasty butter naan.

Location: Kalch Street 6, Memmingen, Germany

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