Top 20 Indian Pickles


Pickles are fruits or vegetables which have been cured using salt, spices, sugar etc, depending on the choice of a person’s taste buds. It can differ from region to region or houses to houses. Nevertheless, it is the condiment we all consume.


Mango Pickle

This definitely has to be on the top list. One of the most popular Pickles which can be found in every household and can be found in almost every city. Mango pickle is one which is widely enjoyed and loved by all. And as the name says it all, it is made from unripe Mango which is cured using oil, salt, vinegar and choices of spice. It can be sweetened using sugar or can be kept sour.


Amla Pickle

Amla Pickle is made from gooseberry. Made in similar manner to all other pickles, this side dish packs a lovely sweet and sour taste with the flavour of the amla itself. It is also believed to be healthy which aids in digestion of food. So the next time you have a problem with digestion, go get some amla pickles and enjoy it.


Radish Pickle

The Radish is a lovely root vegetable that is crunchy, slightly bitter with a strong taste. It can be eaten fresh or cooked or the occasional, made into a pickle. The pickled radish is absolutely a favourite for the likes of me as the strong taste completely wears off and what you’re left with is the crunchy, tangy, spicy vegetable that can be consumed straight out of the jar.


Drumstick Pickle

For anybody that likes drumstick, this pickle is a made match for your taste. The best way to eat it? Take a piece of the drumstick and suck out all the soft wonderful flesh infused with all the flavours of your favourite spice.


Lemon/lime Pickle

The tangy fruit is wonderful as it is because of its wonderful fresh smell and flavour. When made into a pickle, it still retains that lemony/limey freshness to it. The Zest rather than the pulp is what makes this pickle stand out. A good pickle for any dish.


Lotus Stem

The Lotus flower is the national flower of India. The pickle made from the stem of the Lotus plant is nothing short of good. The best aspect of this pickle is the crunchiness it retains and the amount of flavour it can absorb. The lotus stem is used in mixed pickle however the solo pickle has a better crunch to it.


Green Chilli Pickle

A little hot but not too much. Green chilli pickle is the right pickle for anybody who wants a little ‘Tikka’ on their palate. Preserving the taste of green chillies with a tangy and spicy hit, this pickle is a winner.


Karela Pickle

The bitter green vegetable is what many of us dread to eat. High in minerals and filled with good vitamins, Karela/Bitter Gourd may perhaps be one of the most health benefitting vegetable to be made into pickle. True to its nature, the Karela pickle remains green in colour and packs a bit of bitterness but with the right pickling method and use of spice, the mean green turns into a wonderful side dish which can be enjoyed with every meal.


Mixed Pickle

Ever been in a situation where you do not know which pickle you want? The answer is get a mixed pickle, filled with crunchy vegetables like carrots, lotus stem, beans etc. Mixed pickle is a multi-choice pickle in a jar.


Red Chilli Pickle

Made from red chillies, this pickle is surprisingly sweet as sugar is added to it, making it unexpectedly good. Never thought red chillies would be sweet but this pickle changes your opinion. Bets made with Red chilli peppers which is less hotter and have more flesh. However, there are the hot red chilli pickles but the sweeter one is more preferred.


Carrot Pickle

A great dish that retains the crunchy texture of the carrot and goes well with anything. It can be eaten straight out of the jar or can be stored for coming months. Simple to prepare and good to eat.


Garlic Pickle

One of the most used vegetables for its flavour, garlic made into pickle is amazing too. A garlic a day is good for you, a garlic pickle a day is great to the taste buds.


Cucumber Pickle

The cucumber pickle is quite famous around the world and not so much in India. However, it is picking up its pace here in our country with all the different variations of making it with the use of different spices. It looks beautiful and taste amazing, just give it a try.


Onion Pickle

Onion is a versatile vegetable that can be fried, stewed, baked, eaten raw etc. Another way is to pickle it. Although not as popular as the other pickles, it is still widely eaten. Another type of pickling onions is to add salt and drain the moisture out of it making the onions pink in colour. Then adding a little lime juice or vinegar. This version can be found widely in Dhabas and Restaurants.


Gobi And Carrot Pickle

Taking two crunchy vegetables and pickling it, this is an ingenious way to celebrate this two veggies and making it into your favourite side dish.


Beetroot Pickle

Another pickle that is not as well known as the other pickle varieties. If sweet and sour pickle is the type of pickle you prefer, beetroot pickle is a good choice to give a try. And besides the taste, it also has a wonderful colour and look to it.


Capsicum Pickle

Capsicum is also called Shimla Mirch in parts of India. There are many ways to make a capsicum pickle, some are made by slicing the capsicum into small pieces but the real way to enjoy this pickle is to make it whole. The capsicum is de-seeded and stuffed with spices or other vegetables and then left to cure and be pickled. The stuffed version of this pickle is what you should give a try.



Cabbage Pickle

When the word cabbage pickle is mentioned, most of us may jump to Kimchi, a popular south Korean pickle cabbage, a dish popular in and around Asia. However with the ever changing world and the cuisine going multinational, we can now have our version of Kimchi, the Indian way. All it requires is a little bit of some Indian spices and the famous mustard oil to give it that extra kick.


Okra Pickle

A slightly sour pickle made from okra also called Bhindi. It’s not a common pickle but with a proper and careful process of making it, the Okra pickle is sure to tickle your taste buds.


Meat Pickle

This pickle is certainly for the meat lovers. It is no surprise when we say India is a country with a large vegetarian based diet population. And thus the pickle so far on the list has been vegetables or fruits. And now the best for the last, we have meat pickle. A truly delightful treat for anyone that craves meat. The meat pickle can be made from any type of Meat, Chicken, Mutton, Pork, etc. The meat is pre-cooked and then mixed with assorted spices that best complements and enhances the taste of that particular meat. And when all is done, it is left for pickling. All that is left to complete this cycle is to take a big spoon and lay your plate with bits of meat pickle.