Top 20 Pizza Restaurants In Patan, Gujarat

Top 20 Pizza Restaurants In Patan Gujarat
Top 20 Pizza Restaurants In Patan Gujarat

Pizza is a favorite Italian dish among the majority of Indians. From the time it was introduced in India, it has impacted everyone’s hearts on a large scale with its taste. There are many varieties of pizza, like veggie pizza, plain cheese pizza, extra cheese pizza, paneer pizza, and many more. Almost every city in the country has many outlets solely devoted to the service of pizza. One such city is Patan in Gujarat. The city is filled with many restaurants that offer excellent pizza, but we have selected the top 20 best pizza shops among them and present them to you in the list below.

1.Champ’s Pizza

It is a calm, warm place perfect for enjoying meals with friends. They have various varieties in pizza-like tandoori paneer pizza, Margherita pizza, Mexican pizza, Veg pizza. Also, they serve Roman pasta that is delicious in taste.

Location: Patan, Gujarat

Champs Pizza

2.Hotel CarreFour

This restaurant provides the best tasting pizzas that are prepared in a hygienic manner. They also prepare pizza of authentic taste that is loaded with cheese and veggies. The double cheese pizza is fantastic in taste and is a burst of cheese in one’s mouth.

Location: Rani Ki Vav Bypass, Patan-Chanasma Highway Road, Patan

Hotel CarreFour

3.Spicy Fast-food

This is one of those places that serve pizza with lots of topping and cheese. The pizza not only looks good in appearance but also tastes fantastic. They have an option for special birthday pizza also available. Other pizzas provided are mozzarella pizza, paneer pizza, vegetable pizza, and many more.

Location: VTC, Patan

Spicy Fast food

4.Chula Hut

It is a simple restaurant famous for serving a unique style of pizza called pizza dosa. The dosa pizza offered here is delicious and tempting. The size of the pizza is also quite good, and the price is also reasonable. You can visit this place any time after 6:30 AM.

Location: Vishnunagar, Patan

Chula Hut

5.Blue Moon Dosa Delight

It is a dosa restaurant serving fancy food items and variations in it. The best among them are pizza dosa as they are freshly prepared and loaded with lots of cheese and veggies. The price of all the food items is also reasonable.

Location: Vishnunagar, Patan

Blue Moon Dosa Delight

6.Food Court

This is a food court serving various fast-food items and the main course meals. The pizza served here is there best preparation among the starters. The pizza loaded with extra cheese and the topping of your choice is a must-try.

Location: Patan, Gujarat


7.La Pinoz Pizza Café

It is a nice place to enjoy pizza with friends. The pizza is nicely topped with vegetables and other toppings and loaded with a cheese. The cheesy seven pizza served here is tasty and cheesy. You can make payments through google pay and cash.

Location: Ground Floor, Diyana Squire, Rajmahel Road, Patan

La Pinoz Pizza Cafe

8.Papa Louie’s Pizza

The cool eatery making pizzas with a variety of toppings are an ideal place to visit for your pasta cravings. They also serve pasta, salads, finger foods, and desserts. The garlic bread with cheese pizza and paneer pizza are tasty and satisfying in taste.

Location: OM Avenue, Chansma Road, Patam

Papa Louies Pizza

9.369 Saint Pizza

This place serves variations in pizza like Margherita pizza, Vegetable pizza, paneer pizza, and many more items. The Margherita pizza is very cheesy and fantastic in taste. This place opens at 11 AM in the morning.

Location: Three Road, First floor Devi Estate, TB Road, Patan

369 Saint Pizza

10.The Pizza Café

It is a small café serving good portions of pizza at a reasonable price. They offer three different types of videos and two types of garlic bread along with 14 different types of flavored salads. This place provides meals after 11 AM.

Location: TirupatiTwp, Patan

The Pizza Cafe 1

11.Pomo’s Pizza

It is a straightforward pizza restaurant serving veggie pizzas, plus salads, and other snacks. The cheese burst pizza and puff pizza are tasty and of fine quality. The chocolate chip ice cream is very tasty and worth tasting.

Location: Madhav Twins, College Road, Patan

Pomos Pizza

12.Real Paprika

This pizzeria not only offers delicious pizzas but also other starters and salads. The unlimited pizza, makahani gravy pizza, cheese pizza, garlic bread are very delicious and loaded with cheese. The brown ice cream is tasty and has good options for sweet.

Location: Kesar Green Commercial Complex, Chanasma Highway, Patan

Real Paprika

13.Foodzone Restaurant

It is a casual restaurant offering traditional paneer dishes, snacks, and desserts. The Italian pizza served at this place is large enough and fantastic in taste.

Location: Panchvati Complex, Chansma Highway, Patan

Foodzone Restaurant

14.Food Mohalla

This restaurant serves different variations of pizza like disco pizza, burger pizza, paneer tikka pizza, garlic bread pizza. The disco pizza served here is unique and tasty. It is a highly recommended place to visit and enjoy your favorite pizza.

Location: Madhav Twins, Opposite Chintamani Flats, Patan

Food Mohalla


It is a fast-food restaurant offering burgers, pizza, fries, sandwiches in a small and simple outlet. The Mexican chipotle pizza and Italiano pizza are delicious servings here. Apart from pizza, a dish called Chinese punch is a must-try.

Location: Subhadra nagar, Patan


16.Locals Junction Café

They serve various snacks from Chinese and Italian cuisine. The barbeque tikka pizza served here is tasty and filled with toppings and cheese. The cold coffee served here is delicious and worth tasting.

Location: Unjha-Patan Highway, Hansapur, Patan

Locals Junction Cafe

17.ManmohanBhaji-Pav Centre

No, this place not only serves delicious pav bhaji, but also serves other wide range of snacks from Italian, Chinese, and Indian snacks. The pizza is one of them and is delicious in taste and soft.

Location: Tirupati Plaza, Bhagwatinagar, Patan

ManmohanBhaji Pav Centre

18.Cheese And Chips

This place serves varieties in pizza like Margherita pizza, Italiano pizza, Mexicano pizza, paneer paprika pizza, and many more. They also offer pasta, Maggie, franky rolls, kathi rolls. The combos are also available at a reasonable price.

Location: Diyana Square, Near Palika Bazaar, Patan

Cheese and Chips

19.Maggi vala Fast Food

This place offers fast-food items that are lip-smacking in taste. The pizza served here are available in a variety of toppings and looks tasty, and taste even more delicious. This place opens at 9 AM.

Location: Madhav Twins, Subhadranagar, Patan

maggivala fast food

20.Jai Bhavani Vadapav

This place serves various snacks items like vadapav, French fries, pizza, and many other snacks. The Italian pizza and Jb special pizza is very tasty and burst of flavours and cheese in the mouth.

Location: Madhav Twins, College Road Raj Mahal Road, Patan

Jai BhavaniVadapav