Top 20 Japanese Restaurants In Bangalore

Top 20 Japanese Restaurants In Bangalore

With its bustling urban landscape of high-tech enterprises, educational institutions, and a thriving culinary and artistic scene, Bangalore skillfully combines technology with tradition. Japanese food strikes a delicate balance between flavors, textures, and appearance, producing dishes that are both aesthetically pleasing and mouthwateringly tasty. Everything is a taste and texture explosion in your mouth, from sushi bars to Tempura dishes to Bento Boxes and Traditional Tea.Here are the top 20 Japanese restaurants in Bangalore :


As you settle in, the friendly staff welcomes you and welcomes you with a traditional greeting, showing the restaurant’s dedication to authenticity. The menu demonstrates the restaurant’s commitment to providing traditional Japanese meals with an emphasis on quality and freshness.From Yakitori and Sashimi to Daikon Salad and Miso Soup, you’re left with a feeling of culinary appreciation and fulfillment.

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Shiro honors the variety of Asian culinary traditions by fusing Thai, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Japanese cuisine in a delicious way. A subtle mix of Asian influences can be seen in the restaurant’s interior design. Each cuisine’s traditional components are tastefully included into the design.Tom Kha, Kani Kama, Soba Fries, Sambal Chicken, Kan Pung Saewoo, and Shiitake Edamame are some of the top sellers.

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Whether you enjoy sushi or Korean BBQ, this restaurant is a must-go for foodies who want to sample the best of both worlds. The blending of civilizations is symbolized through decorative panels that feature Korean hanbok designs and Japanese cherry blossom motifs on the walls. The top sellers are Gochugaru Soft Shell Crab, Oshino Maki, Bulgogi Kimbap, Teok Kochi, and Panko Tofu Tempura.

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4.Lucky Chan

A delightful sushi and dim sum restaurant, Lucky Chan puts a distinctive spin on classic Asian flavors. The room is decorated with exquisite silk lanterns and intricately carved wooden screens. As you walk in, the aroma of the freshly steamed food permeates the room. Bamboo baskets are used to serve the food.Som Tam, Bok Choy and Wasabi Tartare, Truffle Xiao Dim Sum, and Siu Mai Gyoza are some of the top sellers.

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The interior design includes paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling and bamboo elements. You create your own unique sushi roll with the assistance of the talented sushi chef, transforming the meal into an exciting culinary journey. The drink menu offers everything from classic green tea to cool fruit-infused drinks to improve the eating experience. Their Soju Wine is the highlight of the restaurant.

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With dishes like sushi, ramen, and traditional Japanese desserts, this restaurant combines the best of Japan with a modern touch. Tatami mats and walls covered in manga posters create a Japanese-inspired environment. There are ramen noodle-making classes and workshops for rolling sushi at certain hours.Dorayaki, Wok Goreng, Hibachi Fried Rice, Yuzu Rock Ramen, Tuna Katsu Roll, and Pai Huang Gua are some of the top sellers.

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7.Gourmet Theatre

It is a restaurant where the best examples of Japanese food are served. Incorporating minimalist aesthetics and contemporary Japanese design features successfully conveys class. It has a Teppanyaki grill where cooks cook various ingredients right in front of you. Enjoy the exquisite Kaiseki meal, which features a series of painstakingly prepared dishes such Chengdu Karaage, Lotus Stem Tempura, Laksa Soup, Kway Tow, and Bean Paste Mochi.

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8.Nasi And Mee

A well-known Singaporean-Malaysian restaurant chain called Nasi and Mee also offers Japanese food. Diners are taken on a culinary adventure that takes them to the energetic streets of SouthEast Asia. Rustic furniture, vibrant artwork, and traditional textiles are all featured in the decor. The chain uses traditional recipes and top-notch ingredients in an effort to maintain authenticity. The menu features a variety of meals, including savory noodles, fragrant rice, and aromatic curries.

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9.Daily Sushi

This restaurant is committed to provide a genuine and all-encompassing sushi experience, from the environment to the presentation of the food. There are bamboo screens, wooden accents, and subdued lighting. The sushi bar, where talented sushi chefs practice their trade, is the restaurant’s focal point. On the bar, there is a lovely display of fresh seafood that sparkles, and sake and other Japanese craft beers can be ordered to bring out the flavors of the sushi.

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10.Fatty Bao

In Bangalore, there is a well-known Asian gastro pub and restaurant called Fatty Bao. The eatery is renowned for its inventive and sophisticated approach to Asian cuisine, which combines traditional flavors with current cooking methods. Fatty Bao’s menu features a wide variety of Pan-Asian cuisines that are inspired by numerous nations, including Japan, China, Thailand, and Korea.

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The atmosphere at 1Q1 is trendy and upmarket and combines Shanghai’s traditional charm with cutting-edge design elements. You may enjoy a blend of flavors inspired by the various civilizations of Asia here, from the opulent ambiance to the varied menu options. Additionally, it organizes events and live music performances. It also has a wide selection of cocktails in addition to traditional nigiri and inventive sushi rolls.

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The setting contains quirky artwork and furnishings with a blend of industrial chic and vivid touches. This restaurant provides a unique experience that mixes the complex flavors of Japanese food with the atmosphere of a classy bar. Discover a range of robata-grilled small plates and izakaya-inspired foods that go well with the bar’s decor.

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Clean lines, wooden accents, cherry blossom motifs, and shoji screens lend an air of genuineness to the space. The restaurant’s dining area combines contemporary table settings with traditional tatami seating. The dining experience is complemented by relaxing background music. Horenso Goma, Kohitsuji, Aspara Uramaki, Nasu Akamiso, and Buta Kakuni are just a few of the delicacies on the menu.

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Teppan presents a wonderful fusion of tastes, methods, and customs.Kinoko offers private teppanyaki grill rooms or sushi bar seating for small parties or special events. The grill station, where talented cooks demonstrate the craft of Japanese teppanyaki cooking, serves as the focal point of the eatery. A theatrical and interactive dining experience is created by the sizzling of meats, fish, and vegetables on large iron griddle pans. The sushi bar, where skilled sushi chefs produce elaborate rolls, is located next to the grill station.

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For those who value the complexity of Japanese cuisine and culture, Yataii is a comfort. It pays homage to the craftsmanship and tradition of Japan whether you’re savoring the menu’s specialities or taking part in a traditional tea ceremony. Yakimeshi, Teppanyaki, Nimono, Robatayaki, Agemono, Tempura, Sashimi, and Gyoza are all on the menu. Additionally, they provide traditional Japanese desserts including Warabi Daifuku, Black Bean Pancake and Matcha Ice Cream.

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Oko is a serene space that beautifully depicts the splendor of Japan’s natural settings. Zabuton cushions and low tables provide a calm atmosphere. It specializes in tempura, which consists of finely battered and perfectly fried items. A variety of tempura veggies, seafood, and even seasonal specialties are offered on the menu. Explore the Kaiseki menu for a traditional feast; it’s a multi-course meal that truly showcases Japanese culinary talent.

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Whether you’re looking for a romantic meal for two or a special occasion with close friends and family, Zen welcomes you to experience the allure of Japanese cuisine. Step out into the Zen Garden patio for some fresh air, where you may savor your lunch amidst a serene outdoor environment with tiny landscapes and running water. Dishes like Tian Yumi Geng, Laab Kai, Lasun Yumi, Yaki Soba with Lobster Tail, Silken Tofu, and Hananese Chicken are available on the menu.

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Shizusan is a well-known eatery that provides a Pan-Asian eating experience by showcasing the flavors of numerous Asian cuisines. Shizusan promises a memorable eating experience, whether you’re looking for sushi, dim sum, wok-tossed foods, or a distinctive beverage. Hamachi, Pork Dumpling, Peking Duck, Kimchi Jjigae, Water Chestnut, and Sticky Rice are some of the top sellers.

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19.Lotus Pavilion

The Lotus Pavilion focuses on peacefulness and natural beauty, making it the perfect place for a leisurely lunch that honors the varied Asian cuisines. Dim sum and dumplings, available in a variety of steamed and fried varieties, are the restaurant’s speciality. Ramen, salad, grilled meats, sushi, and herbal teas are among the additional menu items.

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20.Soi And Sake

It encourages you to savor the elegance and authenticity of Japan’s culinary legacy with its sushi craftsmanship, tempura expertise, teppanyaki showmanship, and Kaiseki delicacy. It features a wide sake selection with a variety of tastes and styles. The most popular dishes include Lo Mein, Adzuki Bean Cake, Scallion Soup, Haricot Beans Tempura and Prawn Hargow.

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