Top 20 Cabin Style Restaurants In Kolkata

Top 20 Cabin Style Restaurants In Kolkata

Kolkata’s old school cabin restaurants are relics of a bygone era, instilled in the heart. They serve local favorites with a touch of Anglo households, that serve quality meals at a surprisingly low cost and attract customers who enjoy history. Here are the top 20 cabin restaurants that have escaped the mad rush of modern development that has gradually engulfed the old and timeless :

1.Basanta Cabin

The last bastion of Basanta Cabin, which was established in 1890 and was once a well-liked hangout for both celebrities and regular people, is still standing today on College Street. Even though the interiors are drab at the moment, customers and walk-bys are still drawn in by the delicious smell of fish kabiraji. If fish isn’t your thing, don’t pass up the Aloo Dum and thin Mughlai Paratha that Basanta is famous for.

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2.Mitra Cafe

Mitra Cafe, which was founded by Sushil Roy in 1920 and is located close to the Sovabazar Metro station, is an English name that means “Friends Café.” Customers at Mitra Café rave about the mouthwatering brain chop, mutton cutlet, Afghanis, and do-pyaza. It is still a well-liked restaurant among city dwellers who like to reminisce and savor delicious old-Calcutta cuisine.

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3.Dilkhusha Cabin

Dilkusha Cabin is one of the oldest cabins in the city and is famous for traditional Kolkata appetizers like the kabiraji and cutlet. They provide five different cutlet varieties, including chicken, mutton, fish, prawn, and chicken breast, as well as three different kabiraji varieties: fish, chicken, and mutton. Chinese classics including chicken chilly, prawn mixed chow mein, egg chicken fried rice, and egg fried rice are also available.

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4.Allen’s Kitchen

The 125-year-old Allen’s Kitchen in Sovabazar was founded by a Scotsman named Allen. The fluffy prawn cutlet at Allen’s Kitchen is a must-try if you enjoy prawns. The greatest accompaniments to the dish of full butterflied tiger prawns battered and fried in pure ghee are lime wedges and Bengali mustard sauce.

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5.Fern Restaurant

One of the rare locations that still has separate cabin spaces with ‘women’ badges pinned to the doorways is this one. Blue doors and framed pictures of famous people who have eaten at Fern, like Swastika Mukherjee, Rahul Bose, and Mithun, can be found inside. Despite the fact that their rice dishes are always available for lunch, the chop-cutlet style snacks are only served after 4:00 p.m.

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6.Anadi Cabin

Founded in 1925, Anadi Cabin is a historic cabin. The cabin exhibits the Mughal culinary impact on Kolkata.Mughlai paratha and fish cutlets from Anadi Cabin are well-known for their minced beef and egg filling. The cabin’s hardwood furnishings and roomy interiors have preserved their vintage charm. Choose the veggie chop or vegetable cutlet if you enjoy vegetarian fare.

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7.Dhiren Cabin

Near the Shobhabazar metro station lies Dhiren Cabin, which is well known among the residents. Fast food items including mutton cutlets, fish pakoras, fish fingers, and fish fries are served at the 115-year-old Dhiren Cabin along with salad and kasundi. The amounts are large, and the food is excellent and fresh. The occasional pudding cooked with cottage cheese and occasionally even a duck egg is one of their specialties. The Doi Chicken, a curry that works well with rice or roti, is another highly-liked meal.

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8.Niranjan Agar

Niranjan Agar, which was founded in 1922, is wildly well-known for its egg devil. It is a traditional Scotch egg recipe from Kolkata that has sweet undertones on a crisp shell. It is customarily served with a finely sliced onion salad, curd, and a silky paste of kasundi Bengali mustard sauce. Despite the fact that this cabin specializes in egg devil, mutton chop and cutlet are also available.

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9.Paramount Sherbet And Syrups

Paramount is a Sherbet shop which is a cooling drink made of sweet diluted fruit juices. Additionally, Paramount offers syrups that locals purchase annually. Their Green Coconut Sherbet is the star of the show. The majority of mocktails are excruciatingly sugary, but they are addictive. They also offer flavors including lime, pineapple, orange, peach, cherry, and pomegranate.

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10.The Indian Coffee House

The Indian Coffee House was built during the British colonial era and has a long, illustrious history that extends back to the early 20th century. In Kolkata, India, the first Indian Coffee House opened its doors in 1936. It has a distinctive architectural design with huge windows, high ceilings, and retro furnishings. A variety of drinks, snacks, and light meals are often available on the menu, with a particular emphasis on coffee, tea, sandwiches, dosas, and other quick eats.

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11.Favorite Cabin

Since 1931, the century-old restaurant Favorite Cabin has been chowing down on delectable fare. The cabin is renowned for its fish fry, fowl cutlet, chicken cutlet, and chicken kasha. It has preserved its golden charisma and standard taste and so students, professors, and shopkeepers visit it all day long. Strong plywood furniture and worn-out walls with many stories to tell can be found within.

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12.Chowrangi Cabin

Chowrangi Cabin is on a busy street corner. The cabin’s wooden doors open to a cozy, darkly lighted interior where the mood is welcoming thanks to the mellow glow of old lanterns. A collection of old books and newspapers rest on a corner shelf. The food served at Chowrangi Cabin is a culinary voyage through time, with a variety of mutton and poultry dishes honoring traditional Bengali flavors.

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The German stitzel influence is still present in the three generation shop that is Campari. It doesn’t open until 4:00. You keep returning for more because of the fish delicacies they give. They offer frozen cutlets that may be heated up and fried at home. A sense of eagerness and excitement permeates the air as the aroma of spices and sizzling meat fills the space.

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14.Chittoda’s Suruchi

When it comes to affordable eateries on Esplanade that provide high-quality meals, the location is among the best. Fish Kobiraji and chicken stew are two of Chittoda’s Suruchi’s most well-known products. The variety of vegetable bhartas on the “Bengali Bharta Platter” balance out the richness of the meat dishes’ rich flavors and textures.

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For more than 80 years, the Cafe has been offering delectable food to local residents. The gathering place for college students, the Cafe is furnished with iron-grill windows and wooden furniture. Every dish depicts the evolution of the city’s cuisine and the blending of various influences that have created its distinctive culinary landscape. It serves pakoras, samosas, cutlets, chops, and more.

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16.Golbari Mangsho

One of the most popular foods among Bengalis is mutton, which is cooked in Kosha Mangsho, a recipe that involves first frying the meat before cooking it slowly with ground spices. Some claim that this is the location where Kosha Mangsho first appeared. A 95-year-old cabin-style eatery called Golbari Mangsho provides the spiciest beef curries and draws both locals and tourists.

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17.Das Cabin

It is a well-known heritage cafe with a devoted following and is never empty. Along with their Falooda Kulfi, their legendary morning breakfast of toast and omlette with a cup of hot tea is a must-try. After a day of shopping at the bustling Gariahat bazaar, Das Cabin is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy some delectable cuisine.

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In Bengali, the cafe’s name, Apanjan, literally translates to “the near and dear ones/which is our own,” and the staff give each customer their undivided attention. Particularly their fish-fried delicacies like Fish Finger, Fish Kabiraji, fish chop, fish diamond fry, Fish Orly, and more tempting. The hearty aromatic tea that is one of the best drinks offered here unites people from all around Kolkata. You can also please your taste buds with their exclusive beetroot cutlet during the winter.

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19.Cabin 17

Cabin 17 offers a modern interpretation on classic Indian flavors with a focus on local and sustainable products in a snug and trendy setting. The interior design combines industrial and rustic elements, and there are exposed brick walls, warm timber accents, and stylish metal fixtures. Cabin 17’s menu features dishes that have been thoughtfully chosen to highlight seasonal ingredients obtained from nearby farmers and markets.

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20.Kaidi Kitchen

A unique dining experience is offered to patrons at Kaidi Kitchen, a creative restaurant with a prison motif that has décor that perfectly resembles jail furnishings. The dining spaces have been converted into prison cells, complete with fake prison bars and wall-to-wall graffiti. Food items with a hint of the flavors of Kolkata are called to fit the idea, with names like Jail Break Sandwich and Cell Mate Curry being served on metal trays or with utensils resembling those used in prisons.

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