Top 20 Juice Centres In Naktala, Kolkata

Top 20 Juice Centres In Naktala, Kolkata

Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, is a city that boasts a rich culinary heritage. Amidst this cultural hub, there is a place named Naktala where we can find a myriad of delectable dishes and street food, but the main catch is the juice centers there. With a tropical climate that encourages the cultivation of various fruits, Naktala has a thriving juice culture that caters to the taste buds of locals and tourists alike. In this article, we’ll explore the top 20 juice centers in Naktala, where you can savor delicious, freshly squeezed juices that offer respite from the city’s hustle and bustle.

1.Paramount Sherbats Syrups

Just by taking a metro from Naktala, we can go to College Street where there is located, Paramount Sherbats Syrups. It is an iconic juice center that has been serving refreshing sherbets and juices for over a century. Their specialties include classic flavors like rose, khus, and kala khatta.

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2.Dolly’s Tea Shop

Situated at a stoppage after Naktala, Dolly’s Tea Shop is famous for its wide range of fresh fruit juices, including its signature watermelon and ginger cooler. It is a small café cum restaurant that also serves as a juice center. The café was founded by Dolly Roy. It is also a pet-friendly place.

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3.Indian Coffee House

The Indian Coffee is an iconic place for the Bengalis. While known for its coffee, the Indian Coffee House also offers a variety of fresh fruit juices. The College Street branch is particularly renowned for its mango and litchi juices.

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4.Sharma Tea House

In Lake Gardens near Naktala, Sharma Tea House is a hidden gem offering fantastic fruit juices. It is a go-to place for morning joggers and walkers. Yoga and exercise sessions are held in the park of Lake Gardens and after the sessions, it is a prime refreshment place for the health keepers. Their pomegranate and kiwi juices are highly recommended.

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A well-known sweet shop, on the outskirts of Naktala, Ganguram offers delicious fruit juices. Their mixed fruit punch and cherry juice are a must-try. They were also the very first ones to introduce a fusion of sweets and juices. Their ice cream shake is also very famous.

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6.Bedouin – The Juice Bar

Established in Salt Lake City, Bedouin has its branch in Naktala. It is known for its innovative fruit combinations. Try their ‘Green Giant,’ a blend of kiwi, cucumber, and spinach.

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Situated in Gariahat a minute away from Naktala, Suzun is famous for its exotic fruit juices. Don’t miss their dragon fruit and lychee cooler.

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This juice center in Southern Avenue is renowned for its mango lassi and strawberry shake, which are perfect for a quick refreshment.

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9.Balwant Singh’s Eating House

Located on College Street, Balwant Singh’s offers an array of delicious juices. Their apple and mint cooler is a favorite among patrons.

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10.Paramount Juice Bar

A sibling to Paramount Sherbats, this juice bar is known for its wide selection of fresh fruit juices, including the refreshing orange and pineapple blend.

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11.Soho Street Café

Nestled in Tollygunge, Soho Street Cafe offers unique juice blends like the ‘Tropical Tango,’ a mix of pineapple, coconut, and passion fruit.

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12.Balaram Mullick Radharaman Mullick Sweets

Though renowned for sweets, this sweet shop also serves delightful fruit juices. Try their pomegranate and orange fusion.

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13.Anadi Cabin

Situated in Esplanade, near Naktala, Anadi Cabin is famous for its mango and sweet lime juices, which provide a burst of flavor in every sip. On a hot summer day, their refreshments are a must-have.

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Located in Behala on the outskirts of Naktala, Mithai is a well-known sweet shop. They serve a variety of delicious juices, including the popular watermelon and muskmelon cooler.

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Pravas in Naktala is known for its budget-friendly yet refreshing fruit juices. It is a small stall just by the road but contradictory of the size they provide a variety of juices ranging from apple juice, cucumber juice, and many more. The banana and honey smoothie is a crowd-pleaser.

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16.Fresh And Juicy

Situated in Gariahat, a minute away from Naktala, Fresh Juicy is famous for its range of healthy juices. They were one of the first juice centers to start a weekend health program where they would sell their healthy juices at a discounted price. Try their ‘Detox Delight,’ a blend of spinach, cucumber, and lemon.

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17.Shyamal Sweets

Known for its sweets, Shyamal Sweets also serves excellent fruit juices, ranging from papaya juice, amkatha juice, pesta sherbat, and many more. Their specialty is a blend between mango and papaya juice which is an all-time summer favourite.

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18.Mallick Tea House

Located on Southern Avenue, Mallick Tea House offers classic fruit juices, including the ever-popular pineapple and ginger cooler. Being near two of the most active parks of Kolkata, this small stall attracts many people and is quite popular in the area.

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19.New Delhi Juice And Shakes

This is one of the prime juice centers in Naktala. They offer a variety of juices ranging from strawberry juice, mango juice, mosamnbhi juice, and many more. One of their specialties is their shakes which are filled with ice cream. The prices of all the items on their menu are affordable so this place is a must-visit.

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20.Vardaan Market

This bustling market in Camac Street just two metro stations away from Naktala, has numerous juice stalls offering a variety of flavors. Every juice stall in this market has its style and blend. Sugarcane juice and pineapple juice are the most popular specialties of these shops.

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