Top 20 Fine Dining Restaurants Near Chand Pole

Top 20 Fine Dining Restaurants Near Chand Pole

Udaipur – Also called the City of Lakes. Udaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations, with its serene architecture, royal palaces, andexquisite lakes. Chand Pole is located at the heart of the City, where one can have delicious food and an unforgettable fine-dining experience. Here are the top 20 fine-dining restaurants in Chand Pole –


Upre is a lavish restaurant with imperial styling. It’s a rooftop restaurant offering you a mesmerizing experience of live music, a beautiful ambiance, and lip-smacking food that varies from local delicacies to international dishes.

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2.Hari Garh

This restaurant is located adjacent to the beautiful Lake Pichola at Chand Pole. You can have one of the most luxurious experiences as you can see the picturesque view while enjoying the delicious chicken biryani, Gatta curry, Lal Maas, and Dal Bati Churma, the restaurant specialties.

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3.Ambrai Restaurant

This restaurant is located adjacent to Lake Pichola and is near Chand Pole. It’s mainly famous for its ambiance, soothing view, and tasty food. One can have an exceptional candlelight dinner while enjoying their famous and authentic laal maas and Dal Bati, which you can’t miss.

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4.Charcoal By Carlsson

One can relish and have a great experience and fantastic food in this rooftop and outdoor sitting restaurant and have their freshly prepared and delicious Mutton Sula, barbeque paneer, and laal maas. You can also try the restaurant’s specialty in Mexican food.

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The architecture and fine dining experience of this restaurant will leave you stunned. It offers an aesthetic and relaxing atmosphere and classical live music to make your fine dining experience magnificent. Crispy fish chips, Lal Maas, and Butter Chicken of 1599AD are top-notch.

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6.Virasat Haveli

Virasat haveli has a grandeur interior along with its floral decorations. It’s an underrated restaurant, and its Chicken Bhunna, Rajasthani curry, and Churma Ladoo are must-try.

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7.Raaj Baagh Restaurant

It is located on the shores of Fateh Sagar. It has an aesthetic and beautiful interior.It’s a very fancy fine-dining restaurant. It offers a lot of variety in its food, from international cuisine to authentic Rajasthani food on its menu.

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8.La Marino Bistro

To try an excellent Italian menu in Udaipur, you must go to this iconic place. They have international, Mexican, and great breakfast choices, along with refreshing mocktails.

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9.Vairo Restaurant

This restaurant might do wonders for you with its scenic ambiance, splendor lighting, excellent service, delicious starters, and Rajasthani main course.

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10.Shamiana Rooftop Restaurant

You can experience the panoramic view of the city while you enjoy their tasty food. The restaurant’s most recommended dishes are pasta, manchurian, and chili chicken. They also have live music to make your experience more impressive and relaxing.

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11.Raas Leela

This restaurant has a very chill and relaxing vibe and offers a range of food to make your fine dining experience unforgettable. Their Govind Gatta and Bhuna Murg are must-try whenever you visit this restaurant.

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12.Aravali Lakeview

The view from this restaurant is breathtaking, and it’s one of the most fancy restaurants in Udaipur. Not only the fascinating view of the lake, but also the food of this place is full of flavors. You can end your visit with their rich and finger-licking dessert, like the dessert platter and chocolate walnut brownie sizzler.

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13.Tribute Restaurant

You will feel the aroma of delicious food as you enter this place. The authentic Rajasthani Dal Bati soaked in ghee and Churma is a must-try here.

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14.Khamma Ghani Restaurant

It has a traditional Rajasthani structure and architecture. It is one of the top fine-dining restaurants in Chand Pole. Thisrestaurant captures your soul and gives you a relish experience. You can enjoy a massive variety of food here, from north Indian curries to Rajasthani cuisine; this place will not disappoint you.

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15.Rajwadi Thal And Restro

For aroyal fine dining experience, one must go to this restaurant. The architecture of this place resembles a palace, and the lighting, along with its interior, will give you aroyal experience. They serve authentic and delicious Rajasthani and Gujarati food.

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16.Natraj Dining Hall And Restaurant

If you want to try Rajasthani local food at affordable prices, you must go here. Their Rajasthani thali is a whole package of variety and flavors.

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17.Jhumar Restaurant

This restaurant is located near Fateh Sagar Lake and provides a magnificent view of the lake. You can enjoy the lake view along with their Rajasthani veg and non-veg thali for a great food variety and top-quality taste.

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18.The High Table Cafe And Restaurant

If you want to experience a beautiful sunset and a spectacular ambiance, you should visit this place. It has a stunning view of Lake Pichola and offers excellent quality food and service.

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19.Daagla Restaurant

This restaurant has vivacious and pleasant vibes. You can’t miss their smoky-flavoured tandoor items and Chicken Rajputana, the restaurant’s best dish. It’s a memorable experience and a variety of options to munch upon.

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20.Jalsa Restaurant

If you want to have great food along with a breathtaking view, Jalsa Restaurant won’t disappoint you. The fine dining experience here is exceptional. It’s a highly photogenic place that serves delicious munchkins, curry, snacks, and incredibly yummy desserts.

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