Top 20 Kashmiri Cuisines


Kashmir is not just about a beautiful landscape and view but food too. One should not visit Kashmir only to view scenic beauty but also to try Kashmir foods. Kashmiri foods are very famous around the whole world. It is rich in flavor with high use of hot species. It savors various dishes that can make your taste buds delighted. Kashmiri cuisine has many distinct features ranging from Kashmiri Wazwan to Kashmiri Dum Aloo. Every recipe is unique and promises to have a diligent taste. Well mixed with herbs, saffron, and Kashmiri aroma, Kashmiri cuisines are worth trying. Let me share with you all some delicious food names. Here is the list of the top 20 Kashmiri foods.

1.Kashmiri Rajma

Certainly, it stands number one in the list of top 20 Kashmiri foods. It uses different rajma beans in Kashmir. Households prefer to have it with hot rice. A perfectly mouth-watering recipe is for all those looking for vegetarian foods in Kashmir. It is a sure delight to your tongue. You can add chilies to it if you want. If you want it to be healthier, you can add some vegetables to it and consume it in the form of salad.


Sheermal is a kind of flatbread popular in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. It is super easy to prepare with just the right mix of saffron and flavored herbs. Sheermal is a famous Mughlai cuisine famous among the locals of Kashmir. It is fluffy and crisp. If you plan to visit Kashmir, remember to have it with your tea or coffee.

3.Rojan Josh

You must try this with butter naan or rice. It has the flavor of browned onions and various spices. They also used yogurt to make it more delicious. Have it once, and let your tongue crave it again and again!

4.Modur Pulav

Modur Pulav is sweet Kashmiri rice. They use a few strands of saffron, milk, ghee, and cinnamon to make Modur Pulav. This saffron is grown in Jammu and Kashmir itself. Don’t be surprised if you see the bright yellow rice served to you on your table, as the color comes from the saffron itself. This dish will make your stomach full and is healthy as well. Just try to taste it once.


While mentioning all the different food items, how can we forget about Kulcha? It is famous in almost all the northern states of India, from Uttar Pradesh to Jammu Kashmir. Kulcha has its aroma everywhere. You can have it as breakfast or a snack.


Let this Kashmiri dish seduce your taste bud. This dish is for meat lovers. Also, it has a very spicy and red gravy. You can taste this dish also if you like spicy food very much.

7.Dum Olav

This dish is also called Dum Aaloo, one of the famous dishes in Kashmir. It’s something special prepared with potatoes, yogurt, ginger powder, and other hot spices to give it a unique flavor. Baby potatoes are boiled and then mixed into gravy. You can have it with chapatis or naan. For most people, this dish is their favorite dish of all time.

8.Kashmiri Muji Gaad

It’s served on festivals or occasions especially. This dish has fish prepared generally with radish and is famous in December. It is a mixer of vegetables with non-vegetarian items, usually made from fish. Do try it if you are a non-vegetarian.

9.Aab Gosht

You will love this dish if you are Mutton Lover. Among the mutton dishes, this dish is one of the most famous in Kashmir. It has milk and several spices.


This is made of yogurt, spices and comes tenth on the list. This dish is made for royal occasions and gives a royal taste. It has the goodness of various flavors and is prepared from minced balls of mutton, later put into the gravy. Remember to try this dish if you have your trip to Kashmir.


If you are looking for a Kashmiri version of tea, then kahwa will be your onestop destination. It is not exactly a food but a famous Kashmiri beverage. It is served hot, on cold and snowy days in Kashmir, mixed with cinnamon and saffron. Kahwa comes in multiple forms and is a popular drink in every household.

12.Lyodur Tschaman

Here comes another dish. Who says Kashmiri foods are not for vegetarians? This dish is one of the favorites among all vegetarian dishes. Even though its name may sound strange but the taste will not. It has a thick yellow gravy merged with cottage cheese and rich cream. It is utterly delicious thus and stands twelfth on the list.


It’s not a dish of Kashmiri origin. But it is famous in Kashmir. It comes with spicy sauce and cheese with some salads. It has meat or vegetables as stuffings. Some restaurants in Kashmir give it red and green chutney, enhancing the taste to its supreme. Momos are a part of famous dishes from almost all states now.

14.Yakhni Lamb Curry

As the name suggests, this curry has lamb meat. It stands fourteenth on the list because of its non-vegetarian aroma and delicious flavors. Lhasa Restaurant in Kashmir is famous for its Yakhni lamb curry.

15.Tabak Maaz

Tabak Maaz is a mutton-based dish popular in Kashmiri cuisine. It is deep-fried in oil, is well seasoned with coriander and thinly chopped cabbage slices.


Unlike all the above dishes mentioned in the list, Roth is different. It is a form of a cookie famously known as sweet roti. It is a traditional item of ancient India, with its roots in history very well. Try eating Roth on your vacations in Kashmir. It will be a sheer delight for your tongue and heart.

17.Shab Deg

Shab Deg is a popular Kashmiri cuisine. People have it often on occasion and gatherings. It is a meat-based dish prepared in a big vessel and sealed with dough. Don’t get surprised when next time you see something like this.

18.Kashmiri Baingan

With too many non-veg Kashmiri cuisines mentioned, here’s a time for something eggetarian and mouth-watering. It is served hot as a side dish. It has a spicy yogurt gravy that makes the recipe even smooth. Kashmiri baingan can be your next favorite sabzi for sure.


Matschgand is again a red meat recipe dipped with red puree or gravy. Kashmiri people prefer adding nuts to it for more flavor. You may have it with Chappati, rice, or alone. It is one of the best mixes of Kashmiri flavors representing the cuisines of Kashmir in the best way possible.


Don’t get scared by its name! Thukpa is a lip-smacking cuisine originating in Tibet but is equally popular in Kashmir. It uses vegetables, pepper, red chili, and meat as garnishing. Also, it can be a good and tasty source of protein for non-veg lovers. It has noodles submerged in a veggie soup that leaves no space for future regrets if you try it once.