Top 20 Kiddy’s Heavens You’d Love To Try


We all want our kids to score well, behave well, sweat chivalry and respect elders, wake early, sleep early, do his homework on time and what not …

He being a kid is following the conduct and listening you throughout, but are you?

Your child may be sick of monotony. Now is the time to spice up his weekend a bit. And now is the time to try out these quirky restaurants for the fun element in them. We are pretty sure that not only will your kid, but the kid in you will also drag you back to these restaurants once you check them out.

1 The Mad Teapot

Located in Shahpur Jat, this cute little café is a treat to your Golus and Nonus. The quirky menu over the counter is sure to tempt you to have it all. From Lizzie light lunch to ploughman’s picnic, give a nutritious treat to your kids. Besides being a cafe, the places offers a wide variety of quirky curiosity shop where your young one can learn the art of shopping while you relax in the peaceful ambience. The place highly recommended, because after all, things as minimal as a wishing chair can make up the kid’s day right?


2 Choko-la

We all were scared to death by our mommies if at all we asked for the chocolates weren’t we. Here’s your chance to break the myth and feast it out with chocolates… Get done with your “chocolate decays teeth” dialogue this weekend, and give a treat to his chocolate craving at this amazing chocolate world Choko-la. From khan market to DLF promenade, and from cyber hub to select city walk, the restaurants are networked Delhi-wide to treat out sweet tooth. Catering to bakes and cakes, desserts and yoghurts, the place is worth the visit. By the way, you can start listing your cravings to try them out there.


3 Pirates of Grill

Located in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi, this place should definitely be next on your bucket list The buffet spreads, barbeque platters, pirated themed ambience, unique menu are just some highlights that you just can’t say to. Is there a better way to say Happy birthday to your kid than pirates style wishes? And of course the food, served here is finger licking good.


4 Filmy flavours

Located in Noida, the place is a treat to your little superstars. Walls adorned with filmy posters, and the vibrant seating is all that gives you a whole new feel of being on Bollywood set. Bollywood mannequins, colossal LED screens, doubles up your fun here. Serving a full-fledged seven courses buffet, the place is something off the beat. Give yourself and your young one a break with an escape into this amazing restaurant.


5 Walk in the woods

Get up, dress up show up at this wonderfully wood themed restaurant, where you can take your little red riding hoods on a lunch date. Serving north Indian, Chinese and Mughlai cuisines the place offers a soothing ambience for you and your kids. Located in Vaishali and Noida, the place is worth the weekend dart.


6 Smash café

Located in Gurugram, the place is a family complex with a bowling alley, in house gaming options such as hockey, F1race, cricket and dining choice. You can definitely experience and explain your young one, the bliss and fun of outdoor games. A perfect heaven for all those little Dhoni’s and kohli’s.


7 Chor-bizzare

As the name reveals, a vintage themed restaurant it is. For all those young car lovers out there, this is the place to go which is in Daryaganj. So while your kid is bored with the monotonous history lecture, take him to experience the new definition of history at this amazing antiqued- themed restaurant. He will definitely adore you for taking him to a place where the food is served in car shaped plates and bat shaped glasses.


8 Eatopia

Located in Indian Habitat Centre, this multi cuisine restaurant is one of the best dine out that you and your kids will fall in love with. From Tandoori chicken platter to dal makhani, the food is incredible with its  even incredible hospitality specially towards your young one. Nothing gourmet about it, but it’s more of a cyber café stuffed with video games to keep your child absorbed in fun.


9 Johnny Rockets

Located in Saket, New Delhi the place is another heaven for your kid. Serving kickass burgers, wedges, shakes, fries, salad and everything that your kids can ever ask for. This place is just another reason to feast your kid with amazing food teamed up with fun. And, dance sessions with the staff is such a grab.


10 Yellow brick road

The chirpy ambience, the colorful walls, the retro American setup, the pancakes, the waffles, the chocolate shakes are just some highlights that your child can ever wish for. Located in khan market, the place got a happy vibe, for a joyful day out with your kid.


11 The Big Chill Cafe

Keeping your child away from the cheesy pastas and from yum brownies is a cardinal sin indeed. Count me a kid who does not love those rich strawberry shakes and chocolate pies. So shower some love on your beloved this weekend by feasting him at this amazing dine out ;The big chill café. Located in DLF place, the place is worth your weekend outing with your loveliesbig chill

12 Nirula’s

Located in the heart of Delhi, this place deserves our heart because of its amazing offerings in the menu. Serving some very yummy sundaes, ice creams, shake, burgers and food the place is worth your time and budget friendly too.


13 Three sixty-one degrees

The beautiful, vibrant and cool ambience at this place is just everything summed up as perfect when it comes to dining out with your kids. The swimming pool and beautiful decks add feathers to its beauty. Plus serving authentic dishes with special care towards kid’s preferences, we bet you and your kids are going to be addicted to the place. Located in Gurugram, the place need to be prioritised on your bucket list for awesome it is.

three sixty

14 Cultural Gully

We know, your business plans are winning over your weekend plans ever since. Now here ends your excuses, because the place is something you just can say no to. The cultural gully, located in Kingdom of dreams. The place is just everything for your oh-so-awaited outing. The place is such a grab when you after watching all those shows at KoD are finding the perfect place to kick your appetite’s ass.

culture gully

15 Smoke house, deli

Statutory warning: Do not judge the place by its name, for its not a smoking place.

Weekends brunches, wholesome buffets, kickass burgers. Are they too much for a kid to ask for?

Well not when you love your kid and want to dedicate this weekend for his happiness. Steal your table right away at this yet another multi-cuisine restro where you and your kid are sure to have a rich time.


16 Nandos

Located in DLF cyber city the place is just exclusive for your kiddos. Now that you’re wondering what’s kid-specific about the place, it has exclusive bifurcated menu based on the age group, the little ones, the little grown up and the teenagers. So, while you’re thinking of a perfect place, the Nando’s is such a grab because the activity sheets her doubles up the fun.


17 Dhaba by claridges

Something new, something creative and something unique style this place has got. The exclusive dhaba styled restro is such an adorable place to go along with your kid. Make him experience the typical village style life on manjhis, something he probably never have seen. Indian culture though.


18 Chilli’s

A casual café having a theme of typical picnic summer style. The place is child friendly and serves continental food. Yet another reason to feast your kid this weekend. Rustic furniture, petty lights and delicious food is sure to tempt you in.


19 Cafe turtle

Located in Connaught place, this cutie beauty café is such an amazing place for your little bookworms. Feast their inner self with some really good books and some really delicious food. Read, eat, play and make memories at this place for adorable it is.

cafe turtle

20 Jungle jhambooree

Well now the best for the last, yes Jungle Jhambooree. Located in Rajori and Connaught place the place is a must –visit. Do you even love your kid if you haven’t taken him to this cute woody heaven? This forest themed restaurant is just a paradise for all those kids, trust us all them and even  grownups because the ambience, the seven course buffets, games, music, dance is such a treat to the soul. So next time, when you are scrolling through the places prioritise this, as this one seriously hits the list.

Jungle jhambooree

So mommies and daddies… are these places too much too much to ask for?