Top 20 Korean Street Food


Which was the last K-drama you watched? I am watching Vicenzo now. Do you have plans to go to Korea to meet your Oppa? We are currently in a generation where; youth have their body in India and minds in Korea. That’s obvious!!! The lifestyle that the Koreans possess is super attractive and engaging. They portray a well- disciplined high standard lifestyle. The majority of the youngster want to witness it. The only way to do so is to go to Korea. However, one more thing you will like in Korea, is Korean Street Food. Lets see the Top 20 Korean Street Foods in the article.

1. Tteokbokki

You might have Tteokbokki on your wish list. Tteokbokki is nothing but spicy rice cakes. Precisely, Tteokbokki is a rice cake covered in spicy Gochujang chili paste. It was famous as a Royal dish of Korean in the early Seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Furthermore, you will find the best Tteokbokki on the streets of Seoul.

2. Kimchi

After Tteokbokki, the next Dish in the top 20 Korean street foods is Kimchi. Kimchi is marinated and fermented mix of Korean cabbage and other vegetables. Kimchi came up around three thousand years ago. You will find good Kimchi in Hanokjip.

3. Gimbap

Gimbap is a kind of Korean Sushi. It has rice and different vegetables. Also, its original name is Kimbap. Basically, it is adopted rolls from Japanese culture. They came to Korea in the Twentieth century. You can taste a better Gimbap in Seoul.

4. Dak Gangjeong

Dak Gangjeong is popular as sweet crispy Korean fried Chicken. It is spicy, tangy, sweet, and crunchy to taste. Originally, Dak Gangjeong dates back to the mid-twentieth century. The American soldier introduced them to the Koreans during the wars. Lastly, Sokcho has multiple places serving good Dak Gangjeong.

5. Mandu

Mandu is a typical Korean dumpling. It has a port, cabbage, Korean glass noodles, and other vegetables stuffed in it. Basically, they were brought to Korea by the Mongolians in the fourteenth century. Like other dishes in the top 20 Korean street foods, you will find the best Mandu in Seoul.

6. Cheongju Rice Wine

Cheongju Rice Wine is a fermented rice wine that, has polished rice in it. It is a traditional Korean Rice wine. Historically, it had a place in Royal Courts. You will find it in almost every ceremony in Korea. Hence, we include it in the top 20 Korean street foods.

7. Pajeon

Many people are familiar with Pajeon. Basically, it is a traditional Korean Pancake. It has Rice flour, different vegetables, Sauces, and spices. It originates from Korea. Also, Pajeon is famous among foreigners. There are multiple places in Seoul where you can eat the typical Pajeon.

8. Kimchi Bokkeumbap

You must have heard about Kimchi Bokkeumbap as Kimchi Fried Rice. You can find them on the streets of Korea, or you can make them at home. It has been among the dishes in Asian Culinary History. In Korea, some restaurants serve only Kimchi Bokkeumbap. You will find them all over Korea.

9. Dakbokkeumtang

Dakbokkeumtang is a spicy Chicken curry. Precisely, it has chunks of Chicken, potatoes, and other vegetables. These chunks have coats of spices. It originates in Korea itself. Furthermore, you can eat the best Dakbokkeumtang in Seoul.

10. Jjapaguri

Jjapaguri is another famous Korean Dish. Basically, it is a noodle dish. There are two noodles present in the Dish. With that, they have pork or steak piece. It receives fame due to the Korean movie Parasite. Again, to try this epic Dish you must go to Seoul.

11. Gui

Gui is a traditional name for grilling. Typical Korean restaurants have an in- build grill system on the table. Also, they bring down the meat and other materials. Then the customers grill them under the charcoal grill as per their preferences. Gui is available on the street food level too. Many restaurants in Korea serve Gui.

12. Hotteok

Hotteok is a famous Korean Pancake. It has a Cinnamon filling inside. It comes from the Chinese merchants that settled in Korea in the early nineteen hundreds. Again, to eat good and tasty Hotteok, you will have to travel to Seoul.

13. Tteok

Just like Tteokbokki, Tteok is a traditional Korean rice cake. Usually, they are sweet. They are popular as desserts in Korea. Some people even make a savory version of it. Their origin dates back to times when Korea and China were at war. Mukshidonna is a place in Seoul that serves good Tteok.

14. Bibimbap

Bibimbap is cooked and mixed with rice. It is a rice dish with a variety of ingredients. Also, they have meat, vegetables, noodles, sauces, paste, and more. Rural Koreans are the inventors of Bibimbap. They mixed almost everything in rice to fill in their tummies. Places are serving only Bibimbap in Seoul. You can try this Korean street food there.

15. Kalbi

Kalbi is grilled beef South Koreans serve. Also, it has different sauces and pastes. They cook it until it turns tender and juicy. It is a popular Korean street food. Basically, it originated in Korea around 1940. Seoul has many street places serving good and tender Kalbi.

16. Soju

You must have heard about Soju earlier. Soju is a fermented distilled of rice, wheat, barley, or tapioca. The Mongolians invented Soju back in the 1200s during the wars. Since that time, Koreans have made significant changes in Soju. You can head to Pojangmacha Street Food tent to experience good quality Soju.

17. Jjigae

Jjigae collects a variety of Korean Stews. Also, they have many different Korean stews. Jjigae originated soon after the Korean wars. Due to food scarcity, people were starving leading to the invention of Jjigae. Hanokjib is an excellent place to eat Jjigae.

18. Ssam

Ssam is a popular Korean dish seen in many Korean Dramas. Basically, it has a variety of dishes wrapped in raw lettuce. They make a small pocket and eat it in a single bite. Initially, Korean used it to cure homesickness. It was a comfort food. Currently, it is the best street food available in Seoul.

19. Gyeran Mari

Now, this is something everyone must know. If you are a Korean Drama fan, you must have seen Gyeran Mari many more times. It is a rolled egg omelet with many other ingredients. An excellent start-up to your day. You can try the ones available on the streets of Korea or make yourself one.

20. Hwachae

Hwachae is a Korean non-alcoholic punch. Precisely, it has different fruits soaked in honey and berry juice. It is a popular refreshment available everywhere in Korea. With that, we end the top 20 Korean Street Foods articles. Do let us know which you liked the most.