Top 20 Lady Finger Dishes


1.  Bhindi Masala Dry

Bhindi (lady finger) is a very famous dish of India. The dish is famous amongst children. The Lady Finger Dish, also known as the Bhindi Masala Dry, is very yummy. The dish is full of spices. It is made by deep frying slices of onion along with chopped lady finger. It’s your choice whether you want to add chopped onions or onion paste.



Bhindi Masala Gravy

The gravy added to the Lady Finger Masala dish tastes simply out of this world. Deep fried lady fingers are added to a tangy, spicy gravy. The dish is always served with Rumali Roti. The dish is full of ginger-garlic paste. If you want to enhance the taste of gravy, simply add schezwan sauce to it.

bhindi- masala-gravy

3. Punjabi Bharwa Bhindi

We all know the scrumptious taste of bharwa dishes. The common bharwa dishes are Bharwa Aloo, Bharwa Baingan, etc. The special Punjabi way of cooking bhindi, is Bharwa Bhindi. The Bharwa Bhindi is full of spices. The dish is very special for all spice lovers.


 4 Lehsuni Bhindi/ Chinese Garlic Bhindi

The Chinese touch given to bhindi by adding lots and lots of garlic is simply yummy.  The dish is made with ginger-garlic paste. This dish comes under the snack category. If you love Chinese dishes, then you must try this Chinese style bhindi.

lehsuni-Bhindi-Chinese- Garlic- Bhindi

5. Punjabi Aloo Bhindi

The bhindi is usually made with onions only. Not many other vegetables are added in to any dry lady finger dish. However, the Punjabi touch added to the lady finger with the inclusion of aloo is simply fantastic. What you need to do is deep fry the aloo and lady finger and then mix both with all the spices. The dish goes really well with a naan loaded with butter.


6. Bhindi Bhaji

Bhindi Bhaji is a Maharashtrian dish. The Maharashtrian way of cooking bhindi is to make the food spicy. All Maharashtrian dishes tend to be very spicy in taste. This dish is loaded with onion. The Bhindi Bhaji is very tasty and spicy as well.


7. Rajasthani Besan Bhindi

The Rajasthani touch given to bhindi is simply impressive. The addition of besan pate in bhindi is taste enhancing. Here you have two choices- one is to make a lady finger pakora and then add it into the tangy, spicy gravy; the other is to make plain bhindi sabzi and add chick pea flour paste in the dish. The dish is simply scrumptious in taste.

rajasthani- besan-bhindi

8. Bhindi with Dahi

The addition of dahi enhances the taste of the dish it is added to. Bhindi with dahi is a special dish made with the combination of bhindi and dahi. To make this dish what you need to do is deep fry the lady finger and add it to the spicy, tangy gravy along with the curd. The dish is scrumptious. It is very well garnished with chopped coriander leaves.

bhindi- with-dahi


 Bhindi do Pyaza

The onion touch given to bhindi is very common. You’re probably wondering what is so special about Bhindi do Pyaza  since onion is always added in bhindi dishes. Yes, onion is a must in bhindi dishes, but the way it is added differs from dish to dish. In this preparation, the onion is deep fried and added to the tangy, spicy gravy. After that, the onion is added in the bhindi dish. The dish is garnished with sesame seeds.

10. Maharashtrian style Bharwa Bhindi

There are a number of Maharashtrian style bhindi dishes. The taste of the Maharashtrian style Bharwa Bhindi is simply yummy. The recipe for making it is very easy. What you need to do is simply roast the chickpea flour along with all the spices, add a little water, and use this mixture as stuffing. The bhindi is then deep fried and served with rumali roti or tandoori roti.

maharashtrian-style- bharwa-bhindi

11. Shahi Bhindi

As the name of the dish is Shahi Bhindi, the taste of bhindi is also shahi. The Mughlai style of making bhindi is simply yummy to taste. The dish is full of spices. It is similar to that of shahi paneer loaded with lots of cream. The dish is very well garnished with chopped coriander leaves.


12. Bhindi nariyal

This dish is very famous in South India. The addition of nariyal (coconut) makes the dish very yummy.  The South Indian style of cooking bhindi has a scrumptious taste. Here you have two choices; one is to add grated coconut in the dish, and other is to add coconut paste. If you prefer, then you can also add coconut milk to the dish. The dish tastes simply out of this world.


13. Bhindi Rice

Bhindi Rice, or Bhindi Biryani, is very yummy. The addition of bhindi in steamed rice is simply mood enhancing. The dish is not only yummy, but is also full of health benefits. The dish is made with green vegetables, and it is not boring. If you love spices, then you can add lots and lots of them in the dish too. You can also add other vegetables to the dish.


14. Goan style Bhindi Bhaji

The Goan way of cooking bhindi is very impressive. It is very yummy in taste as well. The special feature of this dish is that it is full of spices, which is what makes it special for all spice lovers. The impressive part of the dish is that it is made similar to the fish dishes made in the Goan style. The lady finger is not chopped, as you can see in the picture of the dish too. The dish is made by considering lady fingers to be like fish.

goan-style-Bhind Bhaji

15. Bhindi Raita

There are a number of raita dishes such as boondi raita, tomato raita, cucumber raita, etc. The dish may sound weird as no one often makes bhindi raita. But do make this dish atleast once. The bhindi raita has a very special taste. Here you have two choices; one is to make bhindi raita by boiling the bhindi, and  the other, is to make raita with roasted or deep fried bhindi. Both taste amazing.


16. Punjabi Bhindi Fry

The Bhindi Fry is a very famous and yummy lady finger dish. The Punjabi touch given to the dish is simply fantastic. The aroma of the dish is out of this world.


17. Okra Sambhar

The addition of okra (lady finger or bhindi) in the sambhar enhances the taste of sambhar. The South Indian sambhar made with bhindi is all you need to have.


18. Bhindi Masala in a Restaurant Style

The restaurant style of cooking bhindi masala is very easy. Simply add a boiled puree instead of a raw puree. The taste of a restaurant style Bhindi Masala is mouth-watering.


19. Andhra style Bhindi Fry

In Andhra style of making Bhindi Fry, the bhindi is fried in coconut oil and a peanut paste is added to the dish. The dish tastes delicious.


20. Bhindi Wala Meat

The non-vegetarian touch given to lady finger is simply yummy. The combination of meat and bhindi is fantastic in taste. You must try this dish if you love meat.