Top 20 Lassi Flavours


Lassi generally known as a yogurt based drink originating from Punjab is widely known for its health properties. Lassi is mainly a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit. Traditional Lassi is often being flavored with ground flavored cumin.Sweet Lassi is usually made of sugar or fruits instead of spices. Lassi can be savoured almost three times a day; even though it is widely taken after lunchit has almost become the national drink of India due to its popularity and a wide range of flavours. Traditionally Lassis served in a handless clay cup called a Kuchar, and extra malai (clotted cream) is added to  the drink as a topping. The drink has even spread to the rest of the world, especially to Great Britain and countries tied to the former British Empire.

Here are some of the well-known Lassis

1Traditional Mild Sweet Or Salty Lassi


This form which is common in NorthIndia, yoghurtPunjab and Pakistan, is prepared by blyogurtwith water and mixing sugar with some mild spices or salt being replaced with sugar. The salty form of Lassi is often diluted with water and mixed with other herbs. This form of Lassi is widely known for its digesting properties and in treating gastro logical problems.

2Sweet Lassi


This form is often made by whisking sugar and yogurt into a thick frothy mixture. You can even try adding rose water, strawberry or a bit of saffron or turmeric.

3Mango Lassi


Mango Lassi is a soothing cold beverage. Mango pulp sweetens and flavors the drink while a sprinkle of cardamom adds warmth. It’s a healthier version of a milkshake. This Mango Lassi is just simply relaxing during hot summers. Add fat yogurt, pure mangoes, granulated sugar, and ice cubes and pour it over a nice long glass. Add some cardamom as toppings; your Mango Lassi is ready to drink.

4Red Orange Lassi


This one is another fancy one; try this amazing combination of red oranges over the yogurt for a fun filled refreshing taste on a sunny afternoon. Blend 2 red oranges, one cup yogurt, one cup of milk, chopped bananas for the frothy texture, honey and add some pistachios as toppings. You will enjoy this combination.

5Strawberry Lassi


Another use for all those ripe Strawberries, this form of lassi is often substituted for a strawberry smoothie, as it’s a healthier option. Just blend some strawberries, yogurt, sugar or a teaspoon of honey instead of sugar, crush some cashews for toppings, your strawberry smoothie is all set to go.

6 Dry Fruit Lassi


This flavor is one of its kinds. Blend raisins, dates, roasted nuts, nd milk, take yogurt in a deep bowl and add the dry fruit paste and blend them all again and refrigerate.Serve with finely chopped dry fruits, freshly scraped coconuts, and few saffron strands.

7 Banana Lassi


Blend bananas, yogurt  and ice cubes and sugar until it is mixed well, you may mix chocolate as well if you wish to. This drink is an exuberant choice for all banana lovers.

8Grape Lassi


This is a calcium brimming drink with black grapes. Blend two cups of black grapes with low fat yoghurt, sugar and ice cubes, pour it over a tall glass, your refreshing drink is all ready.

9Spiced Kiwi And Mint Lassi


Lassi can also be preparedwith milk along with yoghurt fora thicker consistency.Spiced milk has always been a desi favourite, where milk is churned with cinnamon and cardamom,followed by mint and kiwi.Make spiced milk followed by puree mash,mix the yoghurt and kiwis gently with fresh cardamom as toppings .


Kesar Lassi


Ayurvedic and medicinal properties of Saffron serves as a wonderful option for health conscious people.

11Savoury Masala Spiced Lassi With Beets


Beets are roasted first and then blended along with yoghurt and other spices.

12Papaya Honey Lassi


This is s not as sweet as the traditional Mango Lassi but is often enjoyed among the health and beauty conscious people due to the varied health benefits of Papaya.

13Chocolate Lassi Topped With Roasted Almonds


This one is of the most widely enjoyed flavors. Chocolates are loved almost by everyone, try blending this amazing milk or dark Chocolate with a cup of yogurt, with Roasted Almond for toppings.

14Creamy Avocado Lassi


Avocado is another interesting combination along with pistachio ice cream for a deep flavoured Lassi drink.

15 Caramel Lassi


This variety serves as a dressed up dessert; you can have a Caramel flavored Espresso or Capuchin on Expresso with Lassi.

16Chutney Lassi


Green Chutney blended with yoghurt makes this one really special.

17Gulabki Lassi


Rose Lassi is often prepared with yogurt and rose syrup, you may add Falooda as well to go along with the refreshing taste.

18Ginger And Pineapple Lassi


This combination of Pineapple and Ginger gives juice.Mix Pineapple, Ginger, Cardamom, Ice, Yoghurt, Honey all together and serve in tall glass.

19Pudhina Lassi


Blend mint leaves, cumin, salt, yogurt and ice for this refreshing drink.

20Mango Coconut Berry Lassi


Blend Mangoes, Strawberries, and Coconut along with cardamom and raspberries and sugar with ice cubes for this wonderful drink which be a breakfast meal as well.

Be it a sunny day or a shady day boosts yourself with a glass of lassi; give a kick to your day.  Lassi helps in digestion, in building strong bones, and in giving energy. Lassis popular for its refreshing taste and health benefits; it can be consumed almost three times a day by people of all age groups.

You can definitely try new ingredients for your own flavoured Lassis like Saffron Lassi, Green Grape Lassi, Masala Lassi, Classic Betel Lassi or you can even try a Cocktail mixture of all the fruits for an entirely new combination. Traditional methods can be combined with new techniques and ideas for a healthy herbal drink for your tummy,or you can even have aIndo western touch by going in for 8a Cappuccino or Latte flavoured Lassi,or with some roasted Arabica beans to add some caffeinated flavor to this Indian drink. Furthermore, lassi is not just an Indian drink any more; it’s been sold all around the world.