Top 20 Lebanese Dishes You Should Try In Navi Mumbai

Top 20 Lebanese Dishes You Should Try In Navi Mumbai

If you love eating food and want to try new cuisines, try Lebanese. Lebanese cuisines have a good taste of cereals wrapped in meat, which tastes delicious in the bite. If you are the one who is new to this cuisine, try it out from Navi Mumbai. Navi Mumbai has a large variety of cuisines to explore.

1.Hummus, Tahoora Cafe

It has a cream-like structure that looks like a cream but is a dip. It is a traditional Lebanese dip made from tahini, olive oil, and spices added to it. It is a starter.


2.Falafel, Falafel’s

It has a crispy texture from the outside and also tastes the same. Falafel is a ball of chickpeas and fava beans. It is served with tahini sauce and fresh veggies, giving you a lip-smacking taste.


3.Tabbouleh,Café Terra

Tabbouleh is a wheat, parsley, tomatoes, lemon juice, onion, and mint salad. It is a must-try dish to try something new in a salad. It also contains well-cooked meat, which levels its taste.


4.Shawarma, Shawarmaji

Shawarma is very well known to the people. However, it originated in the 18th and 19th centuries of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey. It was also recognized as a Lebanese dish, further. It is in pita bread. You can now eat the bread of your choice in Shawarma. It tastes like heaven.


5.Kibbeh, Khubzz

Kibbeh contains meat shaped in ball-shaped patties and bottomless fries. It gives a fantastic taste of crispy and meat embedded into it. You try this dish for a change in your starters. Kibbeh is the most recommended Lebanese dish.


6.Moutabal, Falafel’s

Moutabal is a dish in which eggplant. It is in olive oil with tahini. It has pitta bread as a side dish. You can try this, and it will surely increase your tastebuds.


7.Fatayer, Arabic Bite

Fatayer is like a sewer (fine sticks of cereals used to prepare sweet dishes). You can end your dinner with this light, sweet talk after a heavy main course like chicken handi mutton biryani, spinach, and feta cheese.


8.Manakeesh, Opa! Bar Cafe

Manakeesh is a traditional Lebanese dish filled with ingredients such as finely blended herbs and spices. It is baked nicely to get a good taste and dissolved quickly in the mouth. It is a popular breakfast or brunch in Lebanon. It would help if you gave it a try to enhance your tastebuds.


9.Grilled Halloumi,Persian Darbar

Halloumi is a type of cheese in Lebanese. It tastes more delicious when cooked. It gets crisp outside when cooked and with salad. If you want to try something unique and good in cheese, try it.


10.Fattoush, Lebanese Point

Fattoush is a type of salad mostly made in Syria and Middle East countries. It is a Lebanese dish prepared in olive oil, crunchy and crispy. As it mainly contains tomatoes, it includes explicitly tomatoes, so you can eat it more when tomatoes are at their peak. Slight pomegranate juice is added to it to get a small taste of sweetness.


11.Sfiha, Beirut Byblos

Sfiha is a delicious Lebanese pizza with a thin and crispy crust. It has toppings of meat, tomatoes, onions, and pine nuts. It is a perfect choice for pizza lovers looking to try something different.


12. Chicken Shawarma Wrap, Shawarma House

The shawarma wrap is a light version of Shawarma, and it is on soft bread with some veggies and tangy sauces. It’s a good option if you want to eat something fulfilling.



Baklava, Bayroute

Baklava is a sweet Lebanese dish popular in India because of the common ingredients of Pakistani and Indian sweet dish sewaiyya, yet it has its Lebanese taste. It has a combination of crunchy nuts, creating an irresistible, delicious flavour.


14.Labneh, Persian Darbar

Labneh is a tangy and creamy Lebanese cheese made from strained yogurt. It is spread on bread or mixed with olive oil and herbs and is a healthy addition to any meal.


15.Mhammara, Damascena

Mhammara is also a dip consisting of roasted peppers and finely chopped walnuts added with some spice. It is served with vegetables or bread to add some taste to regular meals.


16.Shanklish, Tahoora Cafe

Shanklish is a different type of Lebanese cheese. It adds intense flavor to any dish. It is dried and often served over salads mixed with herbs and olive oil.


17.Moghrabieh, Chillies

Moghrabieh is a traditional Lebanese dish with pearls, tender chicken, chickpeas, and spices. This dish is a must-try dish for those seeking a fulfilling Lebanese meal.


18.Maamoul, Otium Lounge

Maamoul is a Lebanese cookie with walnuts, pistachios, cashews, and dates. These cookies are made during the festival and by small children. All the sweet others enjoy these cookies.


19.Kanafeh, Tahoora Cafe

Kanafeh is a dessert in Lebanese cuisine. This dessert is assembled with soft cheese dipped in soft cheese and topped with nuts. This dessert’s combination of texture and flavors makes it unique in taste.


20.Lebanese Tea, The Arabian Twist

Each cuisine has its tea recipe. This tea is light and refreshing iced tea served in Lebanese restaurants. It has the flavor of herbs. It offers a pleasant and refreshing end to your meal.