Top 20 Less Known Yet Amazing Food Places In Dombivli

Top 20 Less Known Yet Amazing Food Places In Dombivli
Top 20 Less Known Yet Amazing Food Places In Dombivli

Tasty food is something we all crave at all times. Hence the search for food places is
thus never-ending. All the cities have some restaurants or street stalls. In Dombivli,
delicious foods are abundant. The city can serve you a variety of cuisines ranging from
local to continental. That too at different levels of places ranging from street stalls to
posh restaurants. Some of them are the talk of the town and hence are known to all. But
today, in this article, let us discover the places which serve tasty food but are not that
famous yet, but they deserve more attention. Listed below are the places which few
people know and, by thoroughly reading this article, you will know them too.

1. Donut Cafe

Donut Cafe is a small and cozy café. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are
available here. The taste and food quality are appreciable. They serve dishes like
momos, pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, mocktails, etc. This place is generally preferred
by students; since it is close to two colleges. Donut Cafe has food at affordable rates.

Location- Khambalpada, Near Model College, Dombivli East.

donut cafe

2. Tummy Trails

As the name itself suggests, the food here will make your tummy smile. Chinese, Biriyani and North Indian cuisines are available here; in vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations. One must try Manchow Soup and Chicken Chilly at Tummy Trails. The price range is moderate, but the taste and quality are excellent.

Location- near Gharda circle in Dombivli East.

Tummy Trails

3. Wayle Biriyani Corner

They serve tasty biryani at a reasonable rate. Currently, dine-in is not available, but one can take away. The quantity and quality of food are appreciable. Wayle’s have Kabab, Tandoor, Mutton biryani and Chicken biryani. And even vegetarian dishes are served.

Location- 90 feet road, Khambalpada, Dombivli East.


4. Lucknow Ki Chatori Chaat

Lucknow Ki Chatori Chat comes with a less known yet delicious recipe known as Chatori Chaat. The menu also includes types of Kachoris like Raj Kachori, Khasta Kachori etc. Samosas, Dahi Bhalle, Sev Puri, Paani Puri etc. are available too. They also serve various North Indian Rice and gravies, Chinese cuisine and sweets.

Location- Lodha Heaven, Dombivli East.

Lucknow Ki Chatori Chaat

5. Blend Desi

They serve Chinese, Indian and Italian at a reasonable price. The price for two persons is approximately Rs. 220. It is a small place but provides tasty meals, in sufficient quantities. The polite staff provides an excellent service to the customers. Vegetarian Frankie and Biriyani have to be tried at Blend Desi.

Location- Savarkar Road, Dombivli East.

Blend Desi

6. Chavishta Vada Pav

Vada Pav is the heart and soul of Mumbai. The word ‘Chavishta’ means ‘delicious’ in Marathi. As the name says, the Vada Pav here is tasty. Chavishta Vada Pav has a variety of Vada Pavs like Manchurian Vada Pav, Thecha Vada Pav, Cheese Grill Vada Pav, Tandoori Vada Pav etc. It also serves Maharashtrian snacks like Poha and Upma.

Location- Manpada Road, Dombivli East


7. Paratha House

As per the name, this place offers different kinds of Parathas. Dine-in, takeaway and delivery are available. Chapatis and various curries are there in the Paratha House. The quality of the food is fantastic. It is a small, simple and reasonable place. One should try Aloo Paratha, Paneer Paratha and even Pineapple Sheera.

Location- Sant Namdeo rd., Dombivli East.

paratha house

8. Bollywood Canteen

It is a multi-cuisine theme café. The walls have various movie scenes and posters of film stars. The ambience of Bollywood Canteen is fabulous and complemented with appreciable services. It is a perfect place for film-lovers and even for a fancy date. They serve Indian, American, Italian etc. Pav bhaji is amazing at this place.

Location- Tilak road, near Brahman Sabha, Dombivli East.

Bollywood Canteen

9. R’s Orientals

It is again a cozy restaurant with good service and delicious food. The ambience is remarkable, along with great songs playing in the background. The restaurant has various cuisines like Indian and Chinese. Chicken Crispy and Veg Schezwan Rice are a must-try at R’s.

Location- MIDC residential zone, Dombivli East.

r s oriental

10. Coastal Kitchen

Coastal Kitchen serves cuisines like Chinese, North Indian and Tandoors. It is known for its Tandoori chicken. Coastal Kitchen is a small place yet comfortable to visit with your friends and family.

Location- Mahatma Phule Road, Vishnu Nagar, Dombivli East.

Coastal Kitchen

11. Malvan Tadka

Malvan Tadka is a multi-cuisine family restaurant. It has a moderate ambience and excellent service. The quality and taste of food are the best part here. Malvan Tadka has Chinese, Punjabi, South Indian etc. cuisines. One must try Baby Corn Crispy as it will make you revisit the place. Two dishes in Malvan Tadka will approximately cost around Rs.500.

Location- Lodha Heaven, Dombivli East


12. Café Junction

Café junction is an airconditioned café with a charming ambience. When you want to hang out with your friends or want to go on a fancy date with your partner, then Cafe Junction can be an ideal choice. The tasty food is complemented here with live music. Chinese foods, Pizzas, Pasta, Sizzlers, beverages, etc. are available at this place. One must try soft drinks like mango slush, green apple mojito and virgin pina colada.

Location – 90feet road, Dombivli East.

Cafe Junction

13. Little Bite Corner

Little Bite Corner offers an amazing outdoor sitting arrangement. The place has a casual atmosphere and it is an awesome place to hang out with your friends and family. Snacks and South Indian dishes of Little Bite Corner are well-known. One must try Papdi Chat at Little Bite Corner.

Location- Lakeshore Greens, Lodha, Palava, Dombivli East

Little Bite Corner

14. Mama Mia

A small restaurant but the food they serve is very tasty. The place is not expensive. Mama Mia serves Chinese, Fast foods, North Indian food, biryani and Shakes. Soya Chilli, Chicken Triple Rice and Manchow Soup are worth trying.

Location- Nandivli Road, Dombivli East

mama mia

15. The Legend Restaurant

It is a multi-cuisine family restaurant. One must try spicy paneer and peri peri noodles. Chinese food, North Indian dishes and pizzas are available here. The place is comparatively older but has a comfortable sitting arrangement. Sizzling Brownie is a must-try here.

Location- Phadke Road, Dombivli East

The Legend Restaurant

16. Shred Cartels

This place is recently opened in 2021 and serves the most delicious Shawarma. It is a stall and doesn’t have a dine-in but, still, it’s worth trying. Shred Cartels serve at reasonable rates and in good quality. One must try Chicken Cheese Shawarma here.

Location- Deslepada, Dombivli East

Shred Cartels

17. Shri Ganesh Krupa

This place is tiny but serves very delicious Soya Chilli. Many other Chinese food items like Manchurian Rice, Manchurian Dry, Noodles etc. are also available. It is affordable and serves good quality food.

Location- Khambalpada, Dombivli East.

shree ganesh krupa

18. Amul Fast Food Centre

Amul Fast Food Centre has a variety of dishes like Pav Bhaji, Dosas, Sandwiches, Pizzas, etc. The ambience of the place is ordinary but, the taste is extraordinary. The prices are affordable. Amul Cheese Schezwan Frankie, Pav Bhaji, Veg Cheese Grilled Sandwich, Cheese Mysore Masala Dosa are specialities of Amul. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant.

Location- Chittaranjan Das Road, Ramnagar, Dombivli, East.

amul fast food centre

19. Nannu Chinese Corner

It is a reasonable and small restaurant that serves good quality Chinese food. Dine-in and takeaway away are both available. The starters at Nannu’s are mouth-watering, especially Chicken Schezwan Dry and Chicken Chilly. The price is approximately Rs. 400 for two persons.

Location- Sangeeta Wadi, Dombivli East.

nanu chinese

20. Sonal Dairy & Fast Foods

Sonal Dairy has many chats and Fast food options. It is one of the best places to visit while fasting, as they serve Sabudana Khichadi, Upvas misal, Kachori etc. They also have many snacks like Samosa, Vada, Misal Pav, Bhaji and Gujrati snacks like Fafda and Khaman Dhokla and sweets like Jalebi, Lassi and Piyush.

Location- Fateh Ali Road, Dombivli East.

sonal dairy