Top 20 Flavorsome College Food Items In Mumbai

Top 20 Flavorsome College Food Items In Mumbai

Every college student has an “adda” and in a city like Mumbai that is brimming with a hardworking youth, there are plenty of food joints near college campuses that put a rest to the hunger pangs of students.

1. Raju Sandwich, Opp. HR College

There is no time when this place is not overcrowded with people; it is the favourite snack counter of every HR and KC student. He offers not just sandwiches but extremely delicious, and tummy filling paninis that are loaded with cheese. The most loved dish of this place is the pasta roll Panini.


2. Cannon Pav Bhaji, Near Xavier’s

Being one of the oldest food joints in Mumbai that offer Pav Bhaji, cannon has truly emerged as the best place in Mumbai to have Pav Bhaji at. With a menu that conquers every type of Pav Bhaji there is, it is the perfect place to satiate your hunger before you board a train from CST station that is just across it.


3. DP’s The Fast Food Centre, Opp. Ruia College

With a location that is situated beside three colleges, Ruia, Ruparel and Podar, DP’s is surely a go to for every college group in the area. It offers food that reaches out to every type of taste. Although this place is usually acclaimed for its Masala PavBhaji and Pani Puri Shots that make everyone revisit this place.


4. The J, Churchgate

One of the best places in town to grab some fusion fries with a humongous amount of cheese to delight your heart! The J is a small place, opposite HR college that has successfully won the hearts of teens by providing exotic flavors in their fries and shakes.


5. Anand Dosa Stall, Opp. Mithibai College

With over a variety of 100 types of dosas, this place is a must visit for any Mumbaikar for a hearty meal. Anand Dosavala has a very small yet clean and healthy stall with not just dosas but other Indian fast foods too. The generous amount of cheese that every unique dosa of his is adorned with is what truly captivates the hearts of the local commuters.


6. Gurukripa, Near SIES

There is no Mumbaikar that has not heard of the impeccable Samosa Chole of Gurukripa. People from afar come to Gurukripa to have a wholesome Indian breakfast that can turn any lazy morning into a happy one.


7. What’s The Flavor, Near DY Patil

A very small place with loads of amazing food to offer, WTF has an all rounder menu that satisfies not just our stomach but also our pockets, since it is cheap and worthy, both. An interesting ritual of this place is that the owner of this tiny café joins his customers and plays Mini Militia with them to make them feel comfortable. No wonder it has successfully retained its customers!


8. Mao Family Restaurant, Near Xavier’s

This is one of those few places in Mumbai that offer high quality North Indian and Mughal food at low rates. This place primarily excels in its Kepsa. Kepsa is a Mumbai version of an Arabic dish called kKapsa; Kepsa is fried rice that is topped with tandoori chicken, veggies and eggs.


9. Coffee Shack, IIT Bombay

The best college in Mumbai overpowers others not just in terms of education but also in terms of the food they provide their students with.  Although, IIT Bombay’s campus is blessed with many food houses, Coffee Shack remains to be one of the most visited places by the students during the short breaks they get between their lectures. Coffee Shack specializes in its coffee and its signature dish known as “bonda” which is a fried dish that is stuffed with hot and spicy Maggi noodles, easily making it a favourite dish of the young students.


10. Pure Milk Centre, Near Somaiya College

It is a very pocket friendly place with a vivid menu that attracts the college crowd immensely. This place is known for its dosas that are covered in shredded cheese, making students greedy to have more.


11. Mama Mia!, Opp. Wilson College

A very small and cheap place with surprisingly elegant menu, Mama Mia is an absolute favorite of the Indian food lovers due to the plethora of food items it offers. Do try its Partita-A-Quattro Pizza.


12. Ashok VadaPav, Near Kirti College

This place has mastered the signature food of Mumbai, flawlessly. With the mouthwatering combination of spicy chutney and the crispy bite sized pakodas that add to the flavor of the hot Vada enveloped in a soft Pav, this dish definitely emerges as a crowd winner.


13. The VJ Cafe, Near DJ Sanghvi

This cafe has recently opened up and is a superb replica of the famous cafe in Churchgate, The J. Just like The J, this cafe is the ultimate go to of the modern youth to relish American quick bites like Burgers and fries.


14. KC College Canteen

KC College is one of those colleges that have taken care of not just the standard of education they provide but also the standard of food they provide their students with to beat the stress of education. Masala Pav of this college has successfully catered to the hungry stomachs of many students in that area.


15. Cafe Istaa, Near SIES College

All you need beside a college is a spacious cafe that can accommodate a big circle of friends with innovative interiors that enlighten your mind and quality food that is worth your stipend. Cafe Istaa successfully takes care of all of this. This is a wonderful cafe for your starving soul.


16. Khau Gali

Although there are many restaurants and cafes beside colleges, on a low cash day every Indian likes to indulge into the Indian street food. There is nothing better than having a cheese burst dosa from ghatkopar’skhaugali or hogging onspicy chicken curry with hot tandoori rotis along the lanes of CST khaugali.


17. International Student Hostel Canteen

This hostel canteen effectively feeds not just the stomachs of every lost outstation student in Church gate but also of the local crowd because of the aroma of its delectable food that invites people. They have amazing schezwan fried rice and chicken lollipop.


18. The Laughter Chapter Cafe, Opp. MCC College

Even though this Cafe opened up only last year it has gained popularity among the teens excessively. With a very friendly service and cheap price rates, it has become the most frequently visited cafe in that locality. It serves amazing nutella coffee shake topped with whipped cream.


19. Legend’s Cafe, DY Patil Campus

This is probably the only college canteen that has the vibes of a five starred, decent restaurant. With an exquisite Menu and simple yet eye stealing decor, it is almost always overcrowded with its students.


20. Amar Juice Centre, Near Mithibai College

Amar Juice Centre is open at almost any and every hour of the clock and serves Indian snacks that Mumbaikars like to munch on to their heart’s content. Their best dish is Pav Bhaji that has a big dollop of butter that makes every Indian soul happy!