Top 20 Local Pizzerias That Are Giving Tough Competition To Renowned Ones

Top 20 Local Pizzerias That Are Giving Tough Competition To Renowned Ones

We are glad that pizza has graced our lives with its delightful presence, a doughy and cheesy ship which makes us super happy and it’s pizza for us. Dominos and Pizza Hut are taking over pizza market? We think not, and we have a list of top 20 local pizzerias to prove how these local pizzerias are enough to single-handedly compete with renowned ones.

1. Cheese Chaplin

A cheese can only make or break pizza, using right kind of cheese can only help produce a quality pizza, therefore here in Cheese Chaplin, the cheese used is the best quality one which results in happy customers. Cheese Chaplin is located at Lado Sarai, New Delhi.


2. Insta Pizza

The best thing about this pizzeria is that you can choose from the variety of unlimited toppings and still have to pay the minimal amount (the best pizza deal). Here in Insta pizza, crust are available from thin to doughy, whatever combination of crust and toppings you may like. You can find Instapizza at Kalkaji, New Delhi.


3.  Amici Cafe

When you witness the whole process of pizza making there, you witness the art. Amici cafe is known for its wonderfully fresh pizzas which are beating every other pizza in their locality. Amici café is located at Khan Market, New Delhi.


4. NYC Pie

NYC Pie serves classic New York pie loaded with cheese and veggies. The best thing about this place is that it deals with every kind of crust (you just name it). You can find NYC Pie near Defence Colony.


5. Baking Bad

Your very own customized pizza because why not? Baking bad offers you quite a lot of options to choose from to make your own tasty pizza. We believe there is nothing more peculiar than your own created pizza. Baking bad is located at GK 1.


6. Pizza Express

A pizza with an Indian touch is what we ask for, and Pizza Express is making our dream come true by its tandoori pizzas that are not only aesthetically pleasing but will give your taste buds the taste of a whole new dimension. You can find it at Vasant Kunj.


7. La Piazza

If you don’t know La Piazza you’re missing out on the greatest pizzas which are also award winning ones. La Piazza offers us a range of simple yet tempting mouth-watering pizzas. You can find La Piazza at Bikaji Kama Place.


8. Smokey’s BBQ and Grill

The toppings here might be limited but are good enough for the pizza here. Devour their thin crust pizza and you will enjoy your existence more. You can find this place at Gurgaon.


9. Crusty Gourmet Pizza and More

Our soul is wonderfully blessed to have this pizza place because it offers a great variety of toppings to choose from, be it Moroccan, Chinese, Indian or Italian, you can always pull over your car here to enjoy whatever you crave for on a pizza. You can find this place at Gurgaon.


10. The Claridges

The finest pizzas which may not only change your perspective about local pizzerias but will leave you in awe when you experience their special Pizza Fungi Misti, it will take you to a delightful trip to heaven. Find it near Lodhi Road.


11. Cafe Tonino

Hefty amount of Mozzarella hitting the surface of the crust is how it is supposed to be, and the good thing is Cafe Tonino does it the very same way to their Pizza. Treat yourself with their celestial pizza at Connaught Place.


12. Lean Leaf

A whole wheat crust pizza? Yes, we are definitely down for this one. Freshly made pizza with a perfectly thin whole wheat crust is what Lean leaf can offer us. Find it at Saket.


13. Diggin

Mushroom and Feta Pizza here is what you need to dig into ASAP. Here at Diggin the aroma of the pizzas has us bursting at seams, let alone the pizza. You can find this place at Anand Lok shopping centre.


14. Wimpy’s

When you indulge into the bite of their pizza, the whole experience will be as if you’re eating a fresh homemade pizza making you homesick and wanting for more. Wimpy’s is located at Hauz Khas.


15.  California Pizza Kitchen

 Making you forget that you’re still not allowed to dive into greasy food as per your diet, the chicken fajita pizza will most probably make you cheat on your diet (it’s that good, yeah). Cyber City is where you can find California pizza kitchen.


 16.  One Style Mile

A pizza without cheese is like life without happiness, home without wifi, and what not? But it’s apparently not because here at one style mile, the no cheese pizza is a big thing, but it’s exceptionally incredible if you give it a shot. Where to find it? – Kalka Das Marg.


17. Da’s Pizza Planet

Indeed a pizza planet as the name says with everything at your expense. You can eat both vegetarian and non vegetarian pizza. Did we mention the pizza here are super cheezy to the core? Find this place at Janakpuri.


18. Slice of Italy

What if you crave for pizza at 2 am? Slice of Italy is here to take care of your late night cravings, order any time at your disposal. Find it at Sri Fort.


19. Leo’s Pizzeria

With their fabulous pizza comes the great ambience and décor. Customers are always happy after dining here and leave Great reviews about this place. Find this place at New Delhi.


20. La Vie

Not only Pizza but pastas here too are yummy. This place is said to have gotten 4.4 stars in reviews and pretty much happy comments on the pizza and quality service. Find this place at Rabindra Nagar.