Top Ten Healthy Foods For Kids

Top Ten Healthy Foods For Kids

In today’s busy and fast life it becomes challenging for parents to ensure whether their children are getting full and proper nutrition to get a healthy immune. It is essential for kids to get full and healthy diet itself in their early childhood in order to get a healthy future. But in a recent generation kids don’t get proper nourishment from food as kids tend to eat junk food which is absolutely unhealthy, unhygienic which indirectly affect their health at very young age. Including few of the items discussed below in children’s diet could give them a healthy childhood.



Starting with the most important drink which is quite mandatory when it comes to nutrition. Milk contains a lot of good vitamins that also includes vitamin D which good for calcium growth. As children do undergo growth faster in their childhood, intake of milk is necessary to get strong healthy bones as well as immune. A glass of milk is a must for children’s growth. If your children tend to have coughed a warm glass of milk with turmeric in it gives relief from cough.


2. Egg

Having an egg everyday for breakfast increases children’s resistance to any kind of viral infections. Eggs are rich in protein and the white of Egg contains a lot of important vitamins like vitamin D, B 6, B 12 and many others. Do not think that eggs increase cholesterol because they try to balance cholesterol as they help to increase good cholesterol.


3. Fruits

All types of fruits are quite mandatory for a child’s growth. Fruits are high in fiber and they help to get a good and healthy digestive system. Fruits like Apples are high in proteins and helps hemoglobin rate to grow, Papayas are good for eyes and Oranges are good for digestive system as well as for healthy skin. Different fruits contain different nutrients which are quite necessary for child’s healthy body.


4. Poultry products

That includes various types of meat, which also becomes part of immune building. Now meat does not mean preserved food or fancy street food. Meat which is cooked at home is good for children’s health. Kids do tend to eat non-veg food which is preserved of made up of harmful substances but eating homemade food adds to good nutrients in body.


5. Vegetables

A complete diet is required for kids, is complete with vegetables. Vegetables are high in fiber, calcium, potassium. Leafy vegetables especially like spinach though not liked by children but tricking some variation in preparation could make the dish interesting which children can have. Vegetables like carrots, potatoes, beetroots are must for building good immune.


6. Multi grain food

I think multi grain food products are all-rounder as they have proteins, vitamins in abundance which are quite essential for children’s growth. Eating foods like Idly, Dosa, poha which are good and healthy are best than any other preserved or unhygienic food.


7. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is also an important in healthy food list. Oats are rich in fiber and help in reduce cholesterol as well as having a bowl of oatmeal everyday leads to fresh and active day ahead. Fiber helps in improving digestive system. Dietitian suggest that having a bowl of oatmeal is better than bowl of preserved cereals.


8. Fish

Fish are high in calcium as well as omega 3, fish contains essential healthy oil which is essential for our body and is quite important for children’s growth. Fish is an immune booster. Children’s body do need the proteins and oil which we get from fish.



Corn is rich in starch and high for vitamins. It is also helps indigestion. Adding variation to prepare delicious dishes those kids will enjoy. Corn also helps in boosting brain.


10. Yogurt

It is loaded with lot of useful minerals, proteins, vitamins like vitamin D. Yogurt also contains good bacteria which are good for our health and even more good for kids as having yogurt flushes out bad bacteria and soothes intestine. This in a way leads to good and healthy intestine. Yogurt with other benefits also has fat control benefit.


Including these food items in your kid’s diet will surely make them fit, active, and strong.