Top 20 Madagascar Dishes To Try

top 20 madagascar dishes to try

Madagascar is an island country in East Africa. It is home to some of the best flora and fauna in the world. Stunning orchids cover the island. This place is home to colorful chameleons, lemurs, and Baobab trees. It is a wonderful island nation with  fantastic landscapes. Madagascar also has some very rich food delicacies that should not be missed. Here is the list!

1. Vary Amin’Anana

This is a simple bred rice recipe popular in Madagascar. Beef broth, onion, ginger, garlic, and swiss chard are used to make this recipe. It is an easy-to-make recipe.

1.Vary Aminanana

2. Ranon’Ampango

Ranon’ampango is a popular drink made with rice in Madagascar. It is a kind of tea prepared with boiling Malagasy pink rice in water with a pinch of salt. The rice is strained out, and the drink is enjoyed.


3. Tekateka

Tekateka is a fresh clam dish popular on the beaches of Madagascar. It is enjoyed with vinaigrette sauce that may or may not be spicy. It is a trendy and delicious dish.


4. Hen’Omby Ritra

It is a stewed or simmered beef recipe. Ginger and garlic add flavor to it. Sometimes tomatoes are also added. Salt and pepper are added to taste. It is eaten with boiled rice.

4.Henomby Ritra

5. Koba Ravina

Koba Ravina is a Malagasy snack or dessert. It has a fantastic taste. It is prepared with sweet rice flour and banana. Banana leaves are used to wrap and steam this dish. It is a delicious and authentic meal.

5.Koba Ravina

6. Henakisoa Sy Amalona

This Malagasy dish is prepared with pork with eel. It is a very authentic delicacy in Madagascar. It is made on special occasions and served to distinguished guests. It is a delicious and prestigious recipe of the island.

6.Henakisoa Sy Amalona

7. Tsaramaso

Tsaramaso is a white bean tomato stew famous in Madagascar. Tomato and onions are added to give it an authentic flavor. Salt is added to taste. It has a delicious taste.


8. Romazava

Romazava is considered the national dish of Madagascar. It is a meat stew prepared with a combination of green leafy vegetables. This is generally eaten over rice.


9. The Achard

Achard is a popular side dish in Madagascar. It is prepared with different vegetables and is refreshing. It goes well with everything. It is easy to prepare and has a sour and spicy taste.

9.The Achard

10. Akoho Rony

This is a chicken broth recipe that is very popular in Madagascar. The whole chicken is cooked with crushed and fresh ginger. Vegetables and salt are also added to it. It is served hot with rice.

10.Akoho Rony

11. Ravitoto

Ravitoto is a traditional dish in Madagascar. It is a crushed cassava leaves recipe. These leaves are sweet and pounded with mortar or meat grinder. Garlic and very fatty pork are used to prepare this dish. It has an authentic taste.


12. Mofo Baolina

Mofo Baolina is a traditional ball-shaped doughnut popular in Madagascar. It is prepared with flour, milk, sugar, eggs, and yeast. These are then fried in oil over low heat. It is a very delicious and authentic recipe.

12.Mofo Baolina

13. Lasary Voatabia

It is a curried vegetable dish in Madagascar. It is mainly eaten as a side dish. The vegetables are cooked, and spices are added to give it an authentic flavor.

13.Lasary Voatabia

14. Vorombe Sy Henakisoa

It is a Malagasy recipe prepared with pork and Bambara ground peas. It is fried with traditional herbs. Onion, garlic, tomato, and coriander are added to this dish. It is served hot with rice.

14.Vorombe Sy Henakisoa

15. Masikita

It is a meat dish prepared on skewers with peanut sauce. Different kinds of meat can be used to prepare this dish, like beef, chicken, pork, or fish. It is served with Achard and enjoyed over drinks.


16. Bambara Pea Or Voanjobory

Voanjobory is a popular Bambara Pea recipe popular in Madagascar. It has the texture of chickpeas but tastes like hazelnuts. This goes well with black pepper, ginger, or voatsiperifery pepper.

16.Bambara Pea or Voanjobory

17. Mofo Gasy

Mofo Gasy is a very popular Malagasy bread. It is enjoyed as a street food along with coffee or fruits. These are fluffy-yeasted bread similar to pancakes. They have a delicious taste.

17.Mofo Gasy

18. Mofo Akondro

Mofo Akondro is a popular banana fritter enjoyed in Madagascar. The bananas are coated with rice or cassava flour. It is eaten hot and is a very famous Malagasy street food.

18.Mofo Akondro

19. Caca-Pigeon

This is a popular snack in Madagascar. The flour and eggs are mixed with a little salt and made into dough. The dough is rolled out, and when thin, it is made into small sticks that are fried. It is enjoyed with peanuts.

19.Caca Pigeon

20. Sambos

Sambos is a very famous Malagasy street food. It is influenced by Indian and Chinese cuisines. It is a wrapped dish filled with beef curry. It has a very delicious taste and tastes fantastic.