Top 20 Mandi Corners In Vijayawada


Vijayawada is a paradise for food lovers. This city is known for its variety of food items there. Some favorite food items are Pani Puri, chat items, Tamarind rice, many types of Dosas, Veg or Non-Veg pickles, and everyone’s favorite dishes like biryanis and Mandis. There is heavy demand for food in Vijayawada even at night time. There is Food Street called ‘Eat Street,’ where one can get many types of food items even at night time. We all are fond of biryani, and everyone wants to try various kinds. There is a type of biryani in which a large amount of rice with a huge amount of meat is served on a plate where more than one person can sit and eat. Everybody knows what I am about to say; it is none other than Mandi. So, here are 20 Mandi corners where you can enjoy eating Mandi happily.

1.Alfa Arabian Mandi House

Alfa Arabian Mandi House has a delightful Arabian ambiance serving tasty Mandi biryani-this restaurant is located on the main road of Gandhi Nagar in Vijayawada. The restaurant here serves seven types of Mandis. People often say that the staff is amicable. The must-try item here is mutton mandi. One can visit this restaurant to taste different kinds of Mandi flavors, and you can see multiple branches of the restaurants. Go and try them all!

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2.Arabian Mandi Restaurant

Arabian Mandi restaurant is an Arabic-styled restaurant that serves more than 15 types of Mandis. This restaurant is located on M.G. Road, which is said to be one of the busiest roads in Vijayawada. So this restaurant is always crowded with Mandi lovers. The must-try items are Barbecue Chicken Mandi and mutton Mandi. If you are in Vijayawada and a Mandi lover, try them already.

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3.Barkaas Arabic Restaurant

Barkaas restaurant is a prominent place for all Mandi lovers in Vijayawada. The restaurant here already serves more than 15 types of Mandis. It is well known for its exclusive ambiance. Costs are also reasonable here. Visit this restaurant beside ‘Cherry’s Sweets,’ Padmaja Nagar, kanuru. The must-try items are chicken wings Mandi and Juicy Mutton Mandi also do not miss Juicy Mutton Mandi here; it is highly recommendable for Mandi lovers. Also, try various items, like the Big Daddy platter Mandi. Check this restaurant even if you want to enjoy veg Mandi, but there are only a few items. Hurry up! Try the Mandi here.

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4.Mandi Croods

If you want to try traditional and classical Mandi, the Mandi Croods is the best destination. The restaurant serves more than 15 different types of Mandis. The ambiance is at its best, the serving is delicious, and the costs are reasonable; if you are available in Vijayawada and want to try the large variety of Mandi, this is the place you can visit without thinking. The restaurant here serves one of the largest Mandi in Vijayawada served here. The must-try items are Arabian mix Mandi and Chicken Al-Faham Mandi. There are a few different Mandis, like star Mandis and double-decker Mandis. A few types of veg Mandis are also available, which are decent. You can visit this restaurant at Gurunanank colony, Ramaswamy road. What is stopping you? Visit this place already.

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5.Arabian Star Mandi

Arabian star mandi is located in Eluru road, Gunadala. If you are traveling near-by then visit this place. The taste of mandi is good and price is decent. The ambiance is proper. It has been situated on Eluru Road, Gunadala. The must-try item is chicken Mandi biryani. So, if you want to eat tasteful Mandi at a reasonable price, you can visit here.

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6.Zaatar Arabian Mandi Restaurant

Zaatar Arabian Restaurant is a famous Mandi restaurant with a perfect Arabian ambiance and top-notch service; if you want to Afghan style of Mandi, then this is the place. There are more than 15 types of Non-Veg Mandis and Veg Mandis. The must-try items are Tandoori Chicken Mandi and Chicken Afghani Mandi; want to try this restaurant; you can go to Governor Peta, Nataraja Complex.

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7.Sha Bawarchi Arabian Mandi

If you are a Mandi lover and want to eat Mandi with family and friends, there is a Restaurant named Sha Bawarchi Arabian Mandi. The main attractive element is the Arabian seating style in ambiance. The must-try item is chicken mandi. It is located at the Church Centre, V D Puram.

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8.Nawaab Afine Arabian Mandi

If you have ever wondered about trying Nawab style Mandi, you must try it in Nawaab Afine Arabian Mandi. This restaurant was recently established in 2022. There are more than 20 types of Mandis. The ambiance here is too good. The must-try items are Valentine Mandi and Mutton fry Mandi. Check out this restaurant near PVP mall road, opposite Tycoon Restaurant.

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9.Royal Mandi

If you are in Kanuru and want to try starters with Mandi, then Royal Mandi is a perfect place. Royal Mandi is located at Kanuru. There are many varieties of Mandis available in this restaurant. The ambiance of this restaurant is good. The must-try item is a Combo Mandi which contains chicken, mutton, prawns, and fish pieces.

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10.Arabian Knights

Arabian Knights restaurant is located at Ramachandra Nagar near Benz Circle. If you are bored eating regular Mandi and want to try a new type, Arabian Knights will do needful. Both veg and non-veg Mandis are good and have uniqueness in taste. The must-try items are Chicken BBQ Mandi and Veg Mandi.

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11.Heera Fusion Restaurant

When you are tired of eating Mandis in a traditional Arabian ambiance and want to eat in a modern and vibrant place, then Heera Fusion restaurant will be a perfect choice. The atmosphere of this place varies from others. The staff there is friendly and polite. The must-try items are Arabian Chicken BBQ Mandi and BBQ Chicken Mandi. Want to take a look, then you can visit Vivekananda statue road in Bharathi Nagar.

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12.Gismat Arabic Restaurant

Ever wondered about being locked in a cell and experiencing eating Mandi inside a cell? Seems impossible? But for all the Mandi Lovers, it may come true. Gismat Arabic restaurant is a prison cell-based theme restaurant serving food in the prison cell. The must-try items are Juicy Chicken Mandi and Mutton Juicy Mandi. So all the Mandi lovers there, pack your bags and visit this restaurant.

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13.Alfa Arabian Restaurant Mangalgiri

Alfa Arabian Restaurant in Mangalagiri is an Arbian-type Restaurant where Mandi is good, and the ambiance is decent. It is located in Auto Nagar near NRI Hospital, Mangalagiri. It is a typical restaurant with Arabic Mandi served. The must-try item is Chicken Mandi Biryani. So, if you are near Mangalagiri, look at this restaurant.

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14.Mandeez Arabian Restaurant

Mandeez Arabian restaurant is been located near Swathi theatre road in Bhavanipuram. This restaurant holds more than 15 types of Mandis. This restaurant is known for its Arabian ambiance. The price is also reasonable. The must-try items are Chicken BBQ biryani and mutton mandi. A Must visit for Mandi lovers out there.

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15.Royal Nawaab Restaurant

Royal Nawaab Restaurant is located beside the LEPL office in Gayatri Nagar. If you want to try Mandi with a small group, this would be a proper place and the prices are also very reasonable. There are a few varieties of Mandi in this restaurant. The must-try item is Chicken Wings Mandi. The ambiance of this place is decent. So, give it a try.

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16.Alfa Irani Café Arabian Mandi

Alfa Irani café Arabian Mandi restaurant is located near Pushpa Hotel Road in Moghalrajpuram. The specialty of this place is it is always crowded. It is because of its tasty and yummy Mandi dish. Demand for Mandi is high here. The ambiance is decent. The must-try items are Chicken Tandoori Mandi and Grill Chicken Mandi.

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17.Castle Mandi Arabic Restaurant

If you are nearby Guntur, you should check castle mandi arabic restaurant. The place’s ambiance is perfect and a must-visit place for Mandi lovers. There are more than 15 Mandi items to explore. The must-try items are Chicken wings Mandi and Chicken Juicy Mandi. It is located at Brodipet ear Rohini Complex.

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18.Giza Family Restaurant Arabian Mandi

Giza Family Restaurant is located near PVP mall road in Moghalrajpuram. The ambiance is good, and the prices are reasonable. If you are new to Mandi dishes, this place suits you. This restaurant is famous for its biryani other than Mandis. The must-try item is Chicken Fry semi Mandi. So check it this once.

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19.Zamzam Family Restaurant

Zamzam Family restaurant is located at Mangalagiri main road. The restaurant ambiance is perfect, and the prices there are reasonable. There are over 15 varieties of Mandis in this place. The Mandi lovers will love the Mandi and this site. The must-try items are Irani Mandi and Chicken Mandi.

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20.Muskan Mandi

Muskan Mandi is located near Vijay digitals on Mahatma Gandhi Inner Ring Road. It is also in Guntur and famous for its unique taste of Mandi. The ambiance of this place is good, and prices are reasonable. The must-try items are KFC chicken Mandi and Crispy Chicken Mandi. So if you are a Mandi lover, explore this place.

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