Top 20 Mango Desserts That Are A Delight To Taste Buds

Top 20 Mango Desserts That Are A Delight To Taste Buds
Top 20 Mango Desserts That Are A Delight To Taste Buds

Mangos are the favourite summer fruit of everyone from children to adults. It is produced by the tropical tree Mangifera Indic, which is believed to have originated between northwestern Myanmar and northeastern India. This favourite fruit has various types and variations available like Alphonso, Atailfo, Amrapali, GirKesar, and many more. From ancient times, we have eaten all the tasty eatables made up of mangoes like mango pickle, juice, chutney and whatnot, but have you ever tried various kinds of desserts that can be prepared out of it? If not, then try out some from below mentioned list :-

1.Mango Mousse

You might have tried out chocolate or strawberry mousse very often, but have you tried the mango one? If not yet, then this mango season, get yourself mangoes and try it out; you and your family will surely love it.

manog mousse

2Mango Sarbet

This recipe brings you a flavour of sweet mangoes and tart lime, and has low calories; if you like a sweet solid taste, then add sugar. It is a refreshing and cool drink suitable to have this summer season.

mango sorbet

3.Mango Pudding

The mango pudding is incredibly rich and creamy. You require 10 minutes and essential five ingredients. Just mix up all the ingredients and freeze it. Serve it to your kids; they will surely finish up it all.

Mango pudding

4.Mango Crum Bars

It is a fantastic recipe that you can make at once and store for a few days and enjoy whenever you desire. They are chewy and fantastic in taste. Add some crumbles to them for crunch. You can sweeten them according to your liking and need.

crum bars

5.Mango Truffle

What can be better than tasting the sweetness of mangoes with whipped cream of your favourite flavour and a few crunchy nuts? The texture and taste of this dessert is excellent.


6.Mango Cobbler

Usually, people try out cobbler made of apple or peach, but this mango flavoured cobbler is also worth tasting would become your favourite for sure. You need mangoes, cinnamon sugar and butter.


7.Mango Bread Pudding

Making out simple, easy bread pudding by adding sweetness and flavour of mangoes and cardamom will make you crave for them. It is a smooth cream pudding ideal to have in breakfast.

bread pudding

8.Mango Pie

Preparing out a crispy and buttery crust and then tapping it with some sweet mangoes and even cream results in an amazing flavourful pie recipe that is undoubtedly selectable and a must-try this mango season.


9.Mango Ice-Cream

Hot summer season and cold chilled Ice cream, both of them together, are the love of every other than person. It is an ideal recipe to try out when bored of eating chopped, and sliced mangoes. You can even make vegan ice cream using coconut milk, which would make it more smooth and creamy.

ice creams

10.Mango Fool

You cannot find out any other mango dessert recipe than this. Just take mangoes puree and whipped cream and you are done. You can plate your dish beautifully and sere to your loved ones.


11Creamy Mango Popsicles

Popsicles are very easy to prepare and are the favourite of every other child. These are creamy and sweet prepared by adding vanilla almond milk. They are chilled and tasty that is perfect to have in the summer season; also it is now the favourite of even adults.


12.Mango Cheese Cake

Want to have cheesecake and have lots of mangoes available at home? Then grab the ingredients and make a cheesecake out of them. You can even add some chopped mangoes and walnuts on top of it.


13.Mango Chia Pudding

Isn’t it true that kids love eating pudding of various flavours? And giving them their favourite pudding with their favourite mango flavour and goodness of coconut milk is a healthy dessert to munch on. The addition of coconut provides this pudding with a soft and creamy texture.

chia pudding

14.Mango Tart

These crispy tarts are an excellent option to try out for breakfast consisting of butter bread crust. You can fill it up with cheesy custard. You can even top them with your favourite toppings and make them look more tempting.


15.Mango Cream Donuts

Extremely soft and buttery doughnuts when filled with the goodness of creamy and sweet mangoes. They melt in the mouth due to their smooth and creamy texture and satiate your taste buds. You can replace these doughnuts with chocolate doughnuts to reduce the intake of a lot of chocolate by children or even adults.

cream donut

16Mango Lemon Bars

It is a desert having a little bit of sweetness and a little bit of tangy flavour. The tangy taste comes from Lime juice added to the mango paste, which is at last given the form of a bar. They are easy to store and can be eaten up for one week by keeping them.

lemon bars

17.Mango Delight

The dessert is called mango delight because this recipe forming, by combining mangoes and whipped cream is delightful when tasted you will surely enjoy every bite of this dessert.


18.Mango Lassi

Lassi is a favourite drink of every Indian to have in breakfast. It is prepared using milk, yoghurt, sugar and mangoes for sure as it is a mango flavoured lassi. Enjoying this sweet mango lassi in breakfast along with some hot buttery parathas is satisfying and fulfilling. You can even have them with chole bhature.


19.Mango Pound Cake

This moist and smooth cake makeup combines coconut milk grated coconuts, and overripe mangoes. It is a tasty dish to start off your day. You can even prepare this delectable recipe on the birthdays of your loved ones or on small occasions.

pound cake

20Mango Icebox Cake

This dessert called “Mango Icebox Cake” is a Filipino dessert made by layering whipped cream, condensed custard milk, mangoes on a base made of graham crackers. It is a no-baking quick recipe that requires a few ingredients and some of your precious time.

icebox cake