Top 20 Meat Lover Places To Try In Nagpur

Top 20 Meat Lover Places To Try In Nagpur
Top 20 Meat Lover Places To Try In Nagpur

If you want to try non-vegan food outside, it is very critical to find a good non-vegan restaurant that serves delicious and healthy food. Luckily, Nagpur has many excellent non-vegetarian restaurants that will provide you with a pleasant experience in terms of food, service and atmosphere. Below is a description of the most popular non-vegetarian restaurants in Nagpur.

1. BBQ 

Anyone visiting the BBQ will fall in love with the delicious non-vegetarian food served here. This restaurant is known for its wide selection of non-vegetarian snacks such as rolls and kebabs. Barbeque Restaurant also serves high-quality biryani chicken, shahi kebab chicken, butter chicken, paneer tikka roll and Mughlai chicken curry.  The best grills and tandoori dishes are also available here. Since the restaurant has a token system, you may have to wait in line to receive your package or table. It is recommended to come on weekdays as this place gets very crowded on weekends. Barbecue is only open in the evening. It is said that when you plan to visit this place, one should go empty stomach to take the full enjoyment of the food.

Location: R N Tagore Marg, Mount Road, near LB Hotel, Maharashtra 440001


2. The Breakfast Story

The breakfast story is the face of the elite breakfast club of Nagpur. It is a space which is totally focused on serving breakfast items with great cosy interiors and old school Vibe, the ambience is classy and the staff is really friendly, the food prepared is really homely also the chefs would take care of your allergies if any. Trying perfectly cooked scrambled eggs, turkey and chicken curry is what most guests recommend. Good egg waffles, chocolate pancakes and chocolate waffles will impress you at the first bite. It is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. except on Mondays some of the popular eats of this breakfast story are mutton keema pav, chocolate pancakes, sunny side eggs, egg sandwich, chhole Pindi kulcha and the cold coffee shake.

Location: Sagar Apartment, D1-A Sai, 271, Hingna Rd, opp. Transmitting Station, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440036

The Breakfast Story

3. Ashoka Restaurant

As old, classic and legendary Ashoka is to Nagpur, it never fails to satisfy one’s food cravings of non veg. They have a variety of food to offer in various cuisines Ashoka is a classic restaurant for every food type, the interiors are classic, homely and really picture worthy the location is quite a massive they have an annexe behind which is typically an expansion of the existing restaurant.

Now talking about the non veg food some of the best sellers are tandoori chicken, tikka tangdi kabab, butter chicken boneless chicken Saoji with the side of garlic naan and the non-vegetarian sizzler with grilled fish.

Location: 60, Mount Rd, Opp. LIC Office, Sadar 60, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Ashoka Restaurant 2

4. Dalchini

If you want to try the true kolhapuri infused spice food dalchini is the location for you. Dalchini takes a sincere effort to introduce the native cuisine of Kolhapur to Nagpur. Kolhapur cuisine unlike the popular perception is about fiery-ness a medium subtle amount of spice that results in aromatic curries that are flavours to the meat, they serve authentic recipes of lamb, chicken and vegetables in a plated format to make sure it is a favourite home for foodies of Nagpur. It is a must visit place in Nagpur with family or colleagues. The food is said to be memorable and the service is perceived to be prompt, the staff is very soft spoken and well behaved. Must try the perfectly cook chicken curry, fish curry side of roti and the murg curry, they have the service of online delivery too.

Location: Plot No, Royal Heritage, 3rd floor, 40, Tikekar Rd, Dhantoli, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022


5. Biryani & Barbecue Multicuisine

Biryani and barbecue as Epic is the combination so is the food of this restaurant. They have more than hundred varieties of options to choose from, may it be kebabs, grilled BBQ, paratha, noodles or biryani, the food is rich, royal and generous though place is small but the food is really gratifying the restaurant has value for money and the Google rating is 4.

People say this place is known for its good services, excellent taste and the preparation. Try the house special biryani, chicken lollipop and the lamb kebabs.

Location: Shop No. 302, 3rd Floor, Food Court, Empress Mall, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440018

Biryani Barbecue Multicuisine

6. Singh’s Restaurant

As you walk through the doors of this restaurant you don’t have to doubt your choice to come here. You can see lots of marinated meat, vegetables and paneer being roasted on the tandoor the aromas tickling your cravings and taste buds. The place is known for its historical tandoori chicken and meat delights. The restaurant produces authentic Indian meals filled with hot seasonings like coriander, jeera, turmeric and all the traditionally integrated recipes with spices, the cooking techniques are influenced by the historic tandoor and the old school methods many people visit Singh’s to try perfectly cooked tandoori chicken, butter chicken and chicken biryani also lassi. This place is famous for its fast service and friendly staff which is always ready to help you and assist you. The prices are reported to be decent and the and ambiance is quite enjoyable.

Location: 6,7., Yeshwant Stadium, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440012

Singhs Restaurant

7. The Bukhara

Zuree is an Indian and European serving restaurant which is sophisticated and a private dining space. The place is aesthetic, classic and elegant you can come here with your family, friends or date. Food is prepared really fresh the restaurant tries to give you a new experience every time you visit you may find the price a little above the usual but the taste makes worth it. You can have various delicacies such as Mughlai, Asian, continental and Italian in Nagpur some of the must haves are mutton Rogan Ghosh with naan, fried shrimp, Kashmiri mutton, buffalo wings, Afghani fish tikka and grilled chicken.

Location: Ground Floor, Maratha Mandir, Jhasi Rani Chowk, Sitabuldi, Nagpur

The Bukhara 1

8. Zuree Urban Kitchen

Zuree is an Indian and European serving restaurant which is sophisticated and a private dining space. The place is aesthetic, classic and elegant you can come here with your family, friends or date. Food is prepared really fresh the restaurant tries to give you a new experience every time you visit you may find the price a little above the usual but the taste makes worth it. You can have various delicacies such as Mughlai, Asian, continental and Italian in Nagpur some of the must haves are mutton Rogan Ghosh with naan, fried shrimp, Kashmiri mutton, buffalo wings, Afghani fish tikka and grilled chicken.

Location: AD Complex, 8A, Mount Rd, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Zuree Urban Kitchen

9. Jog Hospitality Pvt

Existing from the modest beginning in 1993 as a small business in the name of Jog caterers and call for food which is now grown and ISO certified company named jog hospitality private limited with Narendra Jog and Manjusha Jog as its directors. The restaurant has spread massively and gained success over the period of time the restaurant is only for deliveries not for dine in, the food tastes great, the place is hygienic, food quality and quantity are never compromise and a generous, the service is great the food delivery might take a bit more time but if you walk in and take away then it would be good.

Must try the fish curry , chicken biryani, chicken handi & chicken lollipop. The place is also known for its super welcoming nature which makes it a total family place, the food tastes good the service is efficient and if you ask for customisation or even a half plate or your wished quantity, they will fulfil all your request and produce the best experience for you.

Location: Ltd, 27, Ring Rd, Parsodi, Adhayapak Lay Out, Jaitala, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440036

Jog Hospitality Pvt

10. Mustard Restro Lounge

The restaurant recently got shifted and renovated for good. It is a must visit place to eat a variety of food let it be Chinese, Italian or all-day breakfast the ambience is cosy, friendly and hygienic must try biryani, roasted chicken and grilled meat as we all know nothing beats the same decade old taste of nonveg with soft juicy meat chunks in Biryani with salan which just rules your senses added with warm Passion of hospitality that’s what mustard is focused upon. The seatings are comfortable and very pleasant, they have provision of valet parking too, price is decent and place is suggested for small gatherings, intimate family Dinners or birthdays.

Location: Plot no. 16, Vijay arcade, Ambazari Rd, Shankar Nagar, Dharampeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Mustard Restro Lounge 1

11. Rajveer Family Restaurant And Café

A family restaurant which is known for its customisable dishes, family crowd, good brunch options and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant is committed in serving the best quality of food and the house specials are always non veg like chicken and mutton biryani and various kind of other non veg eateries they have veg options with a full of paste too. Must try their chicken pakoda, chicken hot and sour soup,chicken tikka, mutton seekh kabab, mutton bhuna, egg masala and Hyderabadi meat dum biryani.

Location: Plot No. 30 Thakre Layout Besides Shayam Bar, Omkar Nagar Rd, Dwarakapuri Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440027

Rajveer Family Restaurant And Cafe

12. Hotel Babbu

The Babbu only and only specialises in non-vegetarian cuisine, the food is reported to be luscious, wonderful and mouth melting. People walked in again and again for Keema, chicken tandoori, malai chicken and of course biryani. The quantity is generous, the gravy served along is really velvety and nice. The hygiene is maintained. The roasted meat is the ultimate house special when you come in here you are attracted to the taste that leave on taste buds after eating the food. The location is  favourite for non veg eaters and they love coming in here regularly, with comfortable seating area, tandoor cooking techniques and quick service act as  some of the highlight for the place.

Location: 826, Mohammad Ali Rd, Mominpura, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440018

Hotel Babbu

13. Babbu’S Galaxy Restaurant

BABBU`S GALAXY RESTAURANT serves Indian and Mughal cuisine. Many visitors come here to enjoy perfectly cooked biryani chicken, tandoori chicken and rogan josh.

Takeout is available here. Most of the reviews point out that the staff makes this place delightful. People say the service here is professional. This restaurant serves delicious cuisine at attractive prices. According to customers, the atmosphere here is pleasant. BABBU`S GALAXY RESTAURANT has a rating of 4.1 in the Google rating system. If you ever visit this location you have to try the Punjabi Mutton, Mughlai Chicken, Mutton Masala and Chicken Biryani.

Location: Moil office, Chhaoni Road, Katol Rd, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440013


14. Pintu Saoji

This restaurant serves Muglai cuisine. Many people come for the good chicken curry and beautifully cooked roti. Food delivery is a huge plus for Pintu Saoji. The pleasant staff demonstrates the high standard of quality in this facility. Visitors mention satisfying service in the comments. Authentic Mughlai and non-vegetarian, spicy food is served in here, the ambience is ok but it is a very renowned for spicy food in Nagpur they provide chicken, mutton, prawns and other seafood.  An old establishment for eating a great quality of meat and veggies at  rates which are affordable. Do try tandoori grilled meat.

Location: Telephone Exchange Chowk, Mangalwari, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440008

Pintu Saoji

15. Babbu Plaza

All guests enjoy excellent Indian cuisine in this restaurant. Babu Plaza is the place to try delicious butter chicken, biryani chicken and tandoori chicken. This place offers food delivery for your convenience. A lot of people find the staff here pleasant. If you want to experience good service, you must visit this place. According to reviews from visitors, the prices are affordable. The Plaza is one of the known places in Nagpur for non-vegetarian food, Babbu’s Biryani is famous along with his non-veg platter that consists of various non veg options. The restaurant remains occupied mostly on weekends, sitting spaces is compact but the restaurant won’t disappoint you on the non-veg preparation must try The Biryani, tikka and masala chicken.

Location: Shop.No.G6, Anjuman Complex, Chindwada Road, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Babbu Plaza

16. Mini Punjab 

Mini Punjab is an existing non veg heaven for the non-vegetarian eaters it has a buffet system full of non veg food at just rupees 499. The restaurant opens its doors at 11:30 a.m. and closes at 11:30 p.m.

The restaurant is quite old, running since 8 years but never have they disappointed on the service or the taste of food which is really rich, tasty and satisfying. The staff is really cooperative and patient and the seating space provided is classy and it is photogenic too. The restaurant is well maintained, the unlimited buffet is most enjoyed by the non veg eaters, the mutton masala and garlic naan stand out always. The restaurant makes its way into people’s heart with its pleasant décor, tandoori cooking preparation, main course and efficient services. If you are not in a mood to try the buffet you can try mutton kofta with tandoori chicken, chicken handi or chicken dhaba.

Location: Dharampeth Extension, Shivaji Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Mini Punjab

17. Machan

Situated on a highway road, the food is really dhaba and desi style with exotic accomplishments. The location has a great lighting and aesthetic seating space which is divided into three seating arrangements- one is inside another is garden and the hall so it is really up to you where you want to enjoy your dinner.

Must try the kebab platter, veg mushroom masala, keema Kasturi and the house special desserts which changes as per the season. Machan serves decent food at an average cost of 800 for two people the atmosphere is quite pleasing. Now coming to the non-veg delights must have chicken noodle soup, lemon chicken, chilli fish, gosht kolhapuri,, mutton keema biryani, chicken garlic tikka, roti ki tokri and the saalan

Location: Wardha Rd, near Hotel Pride, New Manish Nagar, Ingole Nagar, Sonegaon, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440025


18. Hotel Daawat The Mughal Cuisine

Mughla cuisine is worth a try here. The bloggers recommend ordering the perfectly cooked chicken biryani, kebabs and chicken tikka. Food delivery is a huge plus for this restaurant. Daawat Mughal Cuisine’s attentive staff can show you how much they value their customers. The owner of this restaurant cares about good service. The prices for this place are cheap, so it’s worth considering. You will definitely enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. People Say This Place Is Known For Fusion Dishes, Main Course, Good Taste and Service.

Location: 8, Koradi Rd, Near Alexisl Hospital, Jafar Nagar, New Mankapur, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440030

Hotel Daawat the Mughal Cuisine

19. Moti Mahal

This legendary hotel in Sadar is known for its non-vegetarian cuisine. They recently renovated the restaurant and the taste is still  the good old like.  The food ordered might take a while  but the taste is so good that it won’t bother you later. The staff are friendly and the toilets are clean. Be sure to try the non-vegan sauce and biryani. This is the most famous restaurant in the city of Nagpur. A reputation with 50-60 years of history. There is also a lounge area for waiting customers.

The bestsellers are Chilly chicken, Handi Chicken, Chicken 65, Fish tikka masala and mutton seekh biryani.

Location: Residency Rd, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Moti Mahal 1

20. Shaam E Mehfil 

If you haven’t had a chance to try Afghan and Chinese cuisine, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this restaurant. Deliciously cooked chicken biryani, chicken tikka and fried chicken are delightful experiences. You will appreciate a great service at Shaam-E-mehfil.

This is a restaurant that delivers food for the convenience of customers. Many guests find the staff sourceful. The service here is prime. The price is reasonable. A calming environment pleases people and attracts more customers.

Chicken Rara Masala is the popular dish.

Location: Biryani Xpress, DM, 1294/6, Perfect Housing Society, Mangalmurti Chowk, Outer Ring Rd, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022

Shaam E Mehfil