Top 20 Middle Eastern Dishes You Can Try In India


1. Hummus

It is made by mashing chick peas and making a paste of it. Its core ingredients are chick peas, olive oil, garlic, salt to taste, beans, lemon syrup. It is made by blending it with Tahini. It is the best and most commonly served dish in the Middle East region of India. It is mostly served at dinner time. It is used as dip with breads.


2.  Manakeesh

Manakeesh is the finest dish served in Middle eastern India. It is made by sprinkling ground meat over the dough of refined flour. It has topping of theme and cheese. It is mainly served at breakfast and dinner meal. It is served with tomato sauce. It looks alike Pizza. It can be folded and sliced to be served among others at a time.


3. Grilled Halloumi

It is made by topping all the chopped vegetables like tomato, onion, coriander leaves, ginger, garlic etc. on the wheat bread. It has one healthy ingredient which is Halloumi cheese which is generally made by sterilizing goat and sheep milk. The cheese is grilled and served hot. It is garnished with some dry fruits to make it more delicious and healthy.


4. Foul Meddamas

Foul Meddamas is made up by feva beans, cumin, and vegetable oil. Other ingredients which make this dish authentic are Onion, chopped parsley, lemon juice, garlic, spice ingredients, some herbs, chili pepper, salt to taste etc. It is generally served at dinner. It is not necessary to serve it in dinner, one can enjoy it at day time also.


5. Falafel

Falafel are the round fried balls made of grinded chick peas and feva beans. It is best served at breakfast. It can be served with tomato sauce and mayonnaise. These round balls look alike bread rolls These are made by wrapping up in flat breads. They are also known as wrapped sandwich in the middle eastern region of India.


6. Tabouleh

It is made by chopped onions, tomatoes, bulger, parsley etc. It is served as course salad with all the three time meals. It is generally served cold. It is best enjoyed in summer season. It is the healthy salad. Some of the seasoning are salt to taste, lemon juice and olive oil. Sometimes pomegranate is also used to make it healthier.


7. Moutabal/baba Ghanoush

Moutabal is made by grinding the egg-plant and adding olive oil to make it edible and healthier. It is served with breads and it can be enjoyed at any time of meal. Before grinding, it is baked and peeled off to make it much better. Some of the other ingredients which make this dish more edible are salt to taste, garlic, ginger, tahini etc.


8. Fattoush

Fattoush is another salad served with course meals. Its main ingredients are Pita, vegetables, and mixed greens. It is made healthier by adding baby corn and chick peas to it. Sometimes cucumber is also added to make the body relaxed during the summer season. It is made tastier by sprinkling black pepper, red chili and salt to taste.


9. Umm Ali

It is the most popular dessert in the Middle Eastern India. It is much like bread pudding. It is served with vanilla ice cream to make it more tasty and delicious. It is sweet in nature unlike other dishes which are mostly tangy and authentic.

umm ali

10. Shanklish

It is made up of sheep or cow milk. Basically it is a cheese which is served in proper shape. Shape of the cheese is generally sphere or ball shaped which 6 cm in diameter approx. Its surface is sprinkled with Aleppo pepper and Zaatar. It is served along with finely cut tomatoes and other vegetables.


11. Shawarma

Shawarma is most commonly liked dish by non-vegetarians. It has stuffing of sheep meat. The meat is used fresh and it is made spicy so that the person can enjoy it to the fullest. It is a kind of roll which has stuffing of sheep meat inside the wheat bread roll.


12. Shish Tawook

It is generally grilled chicken marinated in the garlic yogurt. It is served with garlic and chili sauce. It is the most common dish for non-vegetarians. It can be enjoyed at any meal among the three course meal. It is the healthiest dish of all times. It is grilled and served hot. It is also known as grilled chicken kabab.


13. Dolma

It is made by stuffing boiled rice in the wine leaf. Some of the common ingredients used in this dish are chopped tomato, chopped onion, zucchini, garlic, ginger and egg-plant. It is spiced with red chili and lemon juice to give it tangy flavor. It can be vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. It is served with tahini, garlic sauce, egg lemon etc.


14. Kofta

It is made by chopping bottle guard and mixing it with besan. These are generally the soft balls which are dipped in the puree of tomato and onion. It is generally served with wheat breads or refined flour breads. It is very healthy dish and it is served all the country. It is best enjoyed in dinner. It is not mandatory that it can be enjoyed only at dinner time, it can be enjoyed at any course meal.


15. Quwarmah Al Dajaj

Its main ingredients are chicken, olive oil, garlic, tomato, onion etc. Some other ingredients which make this dish healthier are cinnamon bark stick, tomato sauce, black pepper, frozen okra etc. It is served hot and most enjoyed at dinner time. Its gravy is made thick and it is made by grinding tomatoes and onions with some green chili in it to make spicier.


16. Mansaf

It is made by chopping and cooking Lamb in olive oil which makes it healthier. Some of its other ingredients are lamb, yogurt, rice, shrak bread, jammed etc. Lamb is cooked in dried sauce of yogurt and it is basically served with rice. It is full of protein as it has Lamb and rice in it.


17. Kebab karaz

Kebab Karaz are the meat balls which are dipped in cherry sauce. It is more specifically made by minced lamb and cherries. The cherries add up great taste to the dish. Cherries are generally sweet in nature. The meat balls are dried and soaked in the sweet gravy of cherries.


18. Baklava

Baklava is a dessert which is generally served cold. It is filled up with cream and chocolate. It can be served at room temperature also. Some people enjoy it by rewarming the dish. It tastes like cake as it has pastry ingredients inside it.


19. Knafeh

It is also a dessert which is popular in middle eastern India. It is made up of Caramel, rose water, cheese, pistachio, almonds, kaymak, sugar, raisins, walnuts etc. It can be considered as the pastry which is dipped in sweet sugar syrup or honey.


20 Iraqi Masgouf

Its main ingredients are fish, tomatoes, onions, large carps. It is grilled over the koylas which adds up the smoky flavor to the dish and make it crispy. It is spiced up using black pepper, red chili flakes, salt to taste etc.