Top 20 Maharashtrian Foods That Will Make You Drool Instantly


1.Alu Vadi

It’s colocasia leaves that are steamed to make this delightful nibble. It is otherwise called pathrode. The leaves are spread with a sweet and zesty glue, which is made of besan and come in the roundabout arrangement before steaming it. It can be eaten with or without pudina chutney.


2.Kothimbir Vadi

Another famous nibble in Maharashtra is Kothimbir Vadi. Coriander leaves are squashed into a hitter made out of chickpeas. Much the same as the Alu Vadi, this is additionally steamed and after that subsequent cake is cut into little wedges. Tomato sauce or curd is the general backups for this delightful nibble.


3.Thali Peeth

Thali peeth is a sort of appetising and is a multi-grain hotcake well known in Maharashtra. While manipulating the batter, you can include flavours, onions and coriander to make it hot. It is typically served alongside ghee or set curd.


4.Sabudana Khichdi

This dish is eaten mostly by Maharashtrians. So far as that is concerned, anything arranged out of sabudana is viewed as sacred and solid and is the ideal approach to break a quick. Other sabudana based dishes are vadas, ladoo, pakora, and bhel. Indeed, it appears that Sabudana is the ruler of all fixings.


5.Sol Kadhi

The kokum curry is a piece of the Goan, Konkan and Malvani food and is generally served keeping in mind the end goal to help the stomach related framework. Sol kadhi is made of Kokum natural product, coconut drain and embellished with garlic and cumin. It is for the most part served chilled or tepid. A turn off the Kokum sherbet is the Sol kadhi. A drink to go with your sustenance, for the most part with angle, Sol kadhi is produced using kokum concentrate and coconut drain. It runs so well with your fish, on the off chance that you ever arrange a fish thali at a Malwani eatery Sol kadhi will dependably be served.


6.Pandhara Rassa/Tambda Rassa

The Rassa or the base sauce are of two sorts are the best base for any substantial pleasures that you intend to have. These are otherwise called the Kolhapuri Pandhara/Tambda Rassa. So whenever you intend to go chappal shopping or Kolhapur, recall there is something much better to attempt.



Puran Poli is one of the luscious flatbread and is like Boli (Malayalam/Tamil), Bobbattu and Holige. And at last, the puranpoli that is made amid merriments is served alongside KatachiAmti or batatyachibhaji and ice.



This dish is a normal Maharashtrian curry that is matched off with chapatis. It fundamentally contains eggplant and shrimps. One can likewise supplant the eggplant with potato. It is another fish partner delicacy that just ought not to be missed.



You may have had a great deal of shrikhand in the event that you have been to Mumbai or Pune, yet did you attempt this variant? Indeed, we as a whole realize that Maharashtra is renowned for the Alphonso mangoes and they need to get that pith in the most popular sweet too.


10.Kolambi Bhaat

If you cherish fish particularly prawns then you are in for an enjoyment. This dish is fundamentally prawns cooked with rice and coconut drain and is an extravagant dinner. It is a typical dish and is otherwise called as Kolambi Khichdi.


11.Sabudana Vada

Now I’m befuddled about which one is the ideal rainstorm nibble. Produced using sago these southern style snacks are light on your taste buds and amazingly scrumptious. This dish is loved by the most of the people as it is eaten for breakfast.



Once you taste this somewhat sweet, marginally tart nibble there’s no backpedalling. It’s that heavenly. Apart from being tasty, it also contains lots of vitamins which can really help for your healthy living.


13.Misal Pav

One of the most flavourful breakfast + early lunch + nibble formula of Maharashtra this is an absolute necessity have and should make. This is perfect for a hungry stomach which satisfies your appetite to a great extent.


14.Pav Bhaji

Mumbai’s next best road sustenance, this formula is certain to make your mouth water just by taking a gander at it. One of the most tastiest and loved snack of India. This is highly eaten in Mumbai and it has several varieties of it.


15.Vada Pav

The dish is a basic creation including a pan fried potato patty with some coriander and flavours, served in a bread roll (pav) with fixings. Typically individuals eat it with chatni and onions. It begun as shabby road nourishment in Mumbai, yet is currently offered in slows down and eateries all through India.



This sweet is Ganpati’s most loved which is as it should be. Ruler Ganesh’s most loved sweet, steamed Modaks are made of white flour loaded down with jaggery mixed coconut, dry fruits grown from the ground. You’ll discover these in wealth amid the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. You may even fall for the browned ones however the steamed Modaks have their own sweet appeal and advance that you can’t simply overlook.



This formula is not for the weight watchers, but rather who thinks about weight if it’s this flavour fully mouth-watering. This sweet is worth a try if you have sweet tooth. Nothing can satisfy your taste buds more than this.



These are small fried cookies traditionally made mainly in Maharashtra and served for Diwali.  They are amazing… not too sweet, crunchy and they literally melt in your mouth!  They are very easy to make and they can be served as a snack with a hot cup of chai.



Pithale is a Maharashtrian dish prepared with gram flour (Besan).  In rural India it is accompanied with “bhakri”. It is loved steaming rice and raw onions.



Kande Pohe

Every child who grew up in a Maharashtrian household had this for breakfast, school lunch, evening snack and whenever the guests came home for a surprise visit. Kande Pohe, literally translated, is onions and beaten rice. Some top it with fine nylon Sev while others top it with fresh chopped coriander and sweet grated coconut. Whichever way you have it, this is not something to be missed.