Top 20 Mind Blowing Foods You Must Eat in Zaveri Bazaar

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Zaveri Bazaar is a famous market in Mumbai well-known for the many gold and jewellery shops lined across its narrow streets. This bazaar is located at Bhuleswar and falls north of another renowned market in Mumbai, Crawford Market. Some notable jewellery retailers in Zaveri Bazaar are Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ), Dhirajlal Bhimji Zaveri, UTZ and many other small retailers. Because of the Gujarati and Jain merchants trading in this market, the food stalls set up here are primarily vegetarian, with Jain options on demand. This stretch of food stalls in Zaveri Bazaar came to be popularly known as Zaveri Bazaar Khau Galli.

1.Special Bhelpuri

Special Bhelpuri can be eaten at ‘Dayaram’s Pure Jain Chappan Masala Namkeen. The recipe involves adding dry puffed rice, finely chopped onions and tomatoes, cooked masala chole, coriander, salt, a squeeze of lemon juice and other ingredients. This bhel is made ‘special’ by adding ‘Chappan Masala’, which 56 spices ground into a fine powder. You can request a Jain version of this item too.

special bhelpuri2.Sev Puri

Sev Puri uses almost the same ingredients as Bhel puri, but there’s an addition of crispy and light ‘ Puri. The Puris are topped with Sev, boiled and mashed potatoes, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, coriander, lemon juice, salt, Boondi, pomegranate pearls and other ingredients. Sev Puri is more filling than a plate of Bhel Puri because of the addition of potatoes. In addition, the sweet and sour chutneys make Sev Puri have a well-balanced taste. You can have some Sev Puri at ‘All India Bhel Wala’.

sev puri3.Pudla

Pudla is also well-known as Chilla in India. Pudlas are made using Chickpea Flour as a primary ingredient and a few Indian ground spice powders. In English, Pudla can be dubbed as ‘Vegetable Omelete’. At ‘Mohanbhai Pudlawala’, you can relish a few versions of Pudlas, like Cheese Pudla, Tomato Pudla, or just plain classic Pudla. It is served with three varieties of chutneys and a slice of bread.

pudla4.Samosa Sandwich

Samosa Sandwich is a unique concept of a sandwich that you can get at Zaveri Bazaar Khau Galli. A sandwich is prepared using broken pieces of a crispy samosa, which has a flavourful stuffing of potatoes and spices inside. Other ingredients in the Sandwich are slices of onion, tomato, beetroot, cucumber, and capsicum. You can order Samosa Sandwich at PP Sandwich and Bhel Puri corner.

samosa5.Pani Puri

Pani puri, also known as Puchka or Gol Gappa, is spicy, sweet, and tangy in taste.

Puffed and crispy Puris are cracked at their top surface and stuffed with a savoury filling of boiled potatoes or boiled chickpeas. These puris are then dipped in a spicy soup of coriander, mint, and other spices. Pani Puri is available to be relished at Zaveri Bazaar Khau Galli.

pani puri6.Sev Khamani

Sev Khamani is one of the unique attractions at Zaveri Bazaar Khau Galli. This dish is relatively simple but highly flavorful. Khaman is cut and mashed until it reaches an ‘Upma’ like texture. This Khaman is topped with a generous amount of Sev, finely chopped onions and some Coriander. This street food is of Gujarati origin and can be savoured at Agarwal Fast food corner.

sev khamani7.Khichiya Papad

Papads of rice flour are roasted until crispy. These papads are broken into medium-sized pieces and topped with ingredients similar to Bhel Puri like Sev, finely chopped onions and tomatoes, chutneys, Chaat Masala, and fresh coriander. Khichiya Papad is light and crunchy; the Masala ingredients bring a punch, making the dish highly delicious.


A wide range of milkshakes can be relished at Moksh Dugdh, a stall dedicated to various sweet, satisfying and healthy drinks. You can drink these milkshakes after a hearty snack time from all the stalls present at Zaveri Bazaar Khau Galli. A few pieces of fruit are included in the drink, so you can munch on these fruits while enjoying a cup of freshly prepared milkshake.


Kachori is a healthy and tasty snack item. All-purpose flour is kneaded into a smooth dough and stuffed with a filling of soaked and coarsely ground lentils (Moon Dal) mixed with a rich blend of Indian Spices. These stuffed doughballs are flattened until it reaches the size of a small puri and deep-fried in oil. Kachori can be savoured with chutneys.

kachori10.Farali Pattice

Farali Pattice is another Gujarati Snack prepared by having a sweet mixture of shredded coconut, peanuts, and dry fruits within a potato coating. Usually, this item is consumed when observing fasts, but of course, one can eat this sweet-savoury snack any time of the year. You can enjoy this dish at Prahlad Petis Centre on Princess Street in Zaveri Bazaar.

farali11.Vada Pav

Vada Pav is a famous Maharashtrian snack and highly popular street food in Mumbai. Vada is prepared by adding Indian spices to boiled and mashed potatoes and dipping the mixture in chickpea flour batter. Then, it is deep-fried until golden-brown and aromatic. This Vada is kept between ‘Pav’, a type of bread popularly used in street food.

vada pav12.Desi Chinese

Chinese cuisine is widely popular across India and is often available in street food stalls. Interestingly, Chinese food is prepared in India in a way that suits the Indian palate. You can grab some delicious desi Chinese freshly prepared in a wok at 1st Agyari Lane in LK Market. The wok adds a tempting smokey flavour to the noodles.

desi chinese13.Sindhi Sandwich

Sindhi Sandwich is a unique concept different from the conventional sandwiches that we typically get from street food stalls of Mumbai. A Sindhi Sandwich is prepared with Dals, different varieties of Pakode, Samosa. This Sandwich is again topped with Dal, Chutney and a Mirchi Achaar (Pickle) that boosts the flavour to a whole new level. 

sindhi14.Masala Idli Fry

South Indian snack items like Dosa, Wada, and Idli are commonly found on several street food stalls. But this dish is sure to blow your mind! The primary ingredient of Masala Idly Fry is their unique Masala which makes the dish highly flavorful. The idlis are fried until crispy and are to be accompanied by two kinds of chutneys.

masala idli15.Kaju Badam Shake

Kaju Badam Shake is a thick and juicy drink of Almonds and Cashews. Numeral pieces of Cashews and Almonds are tossed into the glass that lets you munch on the tiny bits enhancing the flavour. This drink is sweet and can be considered healthy because of the generous serving of Almonds and Cashews. 

kaju badam16.Mango and Apple Juice

Mango and Apple are blended to make this refreshing fruit drink. Although the flavour of Mango overpowers the subtle taste of Apples, the chopped pieces of Apples make the fruit’s presence prominent and lets you eat and drink at the same time. This juice is a good choice for those who want to satiate their palate healthily.

m and a17.Cocktail Juice

The cocktail juice is available for an approximate price of Rs 30. This juice is a blend of fruits, like Chickoo, Pineapple, Apple and many more. This drink will be a burst of different fruit flavours all at once. This drink is a must-try who love to experiment with different flavours, especially those who also happen to love fruits!

cocktqil18.Fafda Jalebi

Fafda Jalebi is a traditional dish from Gujarati cuisine. Fafda, a crispy snack made of chickpea flour, cumin seeds, and pepper, is coupled with freshly-made Jalebi, a lentil-based crisp and sweet dish. Fafda and Jalebi are a perfect combo and considered a special breakfast dish in Gujarati homes.

fafda jalebi19.Dilwale Shake

Dilwale Shake is a unique dish that can be considered a kind of milkshake. First, the cream of coconut is removed, and a milkshake is prepared using the cream. This milkshake is filled into the empty coconut and topped with fresh cream and a generous amount of cashews. The texture of this shake is highly thick and creamy and resembles Kheer.


Fighter is a unique drink available in the ‘Moksh Dugdh’ stall that claims to fight corona away and keep the immunity strong. This drink is a blend of dry fruits like Almond and Pista and some traditional Indian spices well-regarded for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties, like Kalimiri, Saunf, and Dalchini. This drink is available hot or cold.