Top 20 Momos Places In Kolkata

Top 20 Momos Places In Kolkata

‘Momos’ is a very known word. Yet, it is not just a word. It is one of the favourite and popular snacks. Regardless of its origin, it is loved by everyone. Today, we can find a variety of momos – Cheese momos, Gravy momos, Kurkure momos, Soya momos, Fried momos, and many more. From street stalls to restaurants, we can find delicious momos. Kolkata is known for its sweet dishes and plates of seafood. It also has some great places for momo-lovers. So, if you’re visiting Kolkata and looking for some good places for momos, we’ve got your back.


Kimchi is a pocket-friendly restaurant in Prince Anwar Shah Road, South City Mall, Kolkata. This restaurant provides fresh food of good quality. It is a family-friendly restaurant. Kimchi serves chicken classic momo, chicken pan-fried momo, and chicken wantons. Along with momos, one can try other must-have dishes from the restaurant.

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2.WOW! Momo

WOW! Momo is a famous franchise of Momos. It has more than 10+ outlets in different areas of Kolkata – Beliaghata, Sealdah area, Near Girish Park, Esplanade, Hatibagan, etc. WOW! Momo is a great choice for momo-lovers. It offers a variety of momos such as Veggie Darjeeling Momo, Mushroom Momo, Chicken Schezwan Momo, Paneer and Chicken Tandoori Momo, etc. There is also an option for combos.

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3.Denzong Kitchen

Denzong Kitchen is a famous restaurant for momos in Golf Green, Kolkata. It has several outlets in different areas. It is a pocket-friendly place that provides authentic taste. Some popular momo dishes one should try are – Chicken Garlic Fried Momo, Chicken Manchurian Momo, Veg Fried Momo, Veg Fried Schezwan Momo, etc.

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Momomia is located in Krishnapur, Kolkata. Momomia is a great choice for momos. The restaurant has a pleasant ambiance. Must-try momos are – Chicken Pizza Momos, Veg Barbecue Momos, Chicken Afghani Malai Momos, Veg Cheese Steamed Momos, etc. There are other delicious dishes too.

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5.Momo I Am

Momo I Am offers a variety of Tibetan and Southeast Asian dishes, where one section is dedicated to everyone’s beloved momos. This restaurant is located in Lake Gardens, Kolkata. The restaurant has a huge seating area and has excellent food. Some popular momos dishes are – Tibetan Chicken Momo, Tibetan Veg Cheese Momo, Chicken Momo, etc.

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6.Tibetan Delight

Tibetan Delight is located on Elgin Road, Kolkata. This restaurant is best known for its authentic food and ambiance. Various dishes of momos include – Veg pan Fried Momo, Pork Fried Momo, Chicken Pan Fried Momo, Veg Fried Momo, etc. The restaurant also provides home delivery. It costs around INR 500 for two people.

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7.Hamro Momo

Hamro Momo is another good restaurant located in Elgin, Kolkata. This restaurant provides Tibetan, Chinese and Momos. It costs approximately INR 300 for two people. Some famous dishes one can try are – Chicken steamed Momos, Pan Fried Momos, Veg Pan Fried Momos, and many more.

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8.McCoy Momo

McCoy Momo is a restaurant solely for momos. It is located in Block C, Baghajatin, Kolkata. The restaurant has three outlets in Kolkata. The average cost for two people is around INR 400. Paneer Steam Momo, Mutton Steam Momo, and Corn Cheese Pan Friend Momo are some famous dishes of this restaurant.

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9.The Lazy Bear

The Lazy Bear is a restaurant located in Jadavpur, Kolkata. The restaurant is best known for the variety of dishes it offers – Rolls, Mughlai, Chinese, and Momos. The average cost is around INR 500. Some must-try momos dishes of The Lazy Bear are – Chicken Afghani Momos, Pan Fried Momos, and Chicken Steamed Momos.

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10.Fuchka Adda

Fuchka Adda is located in Kestopur, Kolkata. Some popular momo dishes of this restaurant are – Corn Cheese Momos, Mixed Veg Pan Fried Momos, and Mixed Veg Momos. The restaurant provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The prices are reasonable and the food is prepared with fresh ingredients.

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11.Road To Tibet

Road to Tibet is located in Harijan Basti, Airport Gate 2, Kolkata. The average cost for two people is around INR 200. This place has a pleasant atmosphere. Chicken Fried Momo, Chicken Steam Momo, and Pan-Fried Chicken Momo are some good momo dishes one can try here.

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12.Momo Station

Momo Station is located in Khardah, Kolkata. It is an all-time favourite restaurant for momo-lovers and it is a very pocket-friendly restaurant. Chicken Momo Platters, Chicken Mexican Pan Fried Momos, Mowrap Chicken Steamed Momos, and Veg Steamed Momos are some famous momos. They also offer various combos.

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13.Momo Circle

Momo Circle is located in Behala, Kolkata and has two more outlets in different areas. Momo Circle is an excellent choice for all momo-lovers. The restaurant offers good quality food, and it is value for money. Veg Kothey Momos, Chicken Butter Garlic Fried Momos, Paneer Pan Fried Momos, Veg Steamed, etc are some famous dishes. The restaurant also provides various momos platters.

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14.Let’s Talk Momo

Let’s Talk Momo is located in Bhawanipur, Kolkata. The restaurant is affordable and provides food under the best budget. It costs approximately INR 150 for one order. Some recommended momo dishes are – Veg Steam Momo, Gravy Momo, Pan Fried Momo, Soup Momo, Veg Cheese Momo, and many more.

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15.Kolkatar Petuk

Kolkatar Petuk is located in Lake Gardens, Kolkata. This restaurant serves Seafood, Chinese, North Indian, and Momos. The average cost is around INR 150 for one order. The restaurant provides a variety of momos such as – Chicken Tandoori Momos, Chicken Pan Fried Momos, Veg Malai Momos, Veg Fried Schezwan Momos, and many more.

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16.Momo Junction

Momo Junction is located in Sodepur, Kolkata. The restaurant has a pleasant ambiance and it costs around INR 400 for two people. Some popular dishes of this restaurant are – Cheese Pan Fried Momos, Cheese Fried Momos, and Cheese Steamed Momos. The restaurant also serves various delicious fast-foods.

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17.Chef Bite

Chef Bite is located in Kasba, Kolkata. It costs approximately INR 200 for two people. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes with an authentic taste. Chef Bite serves both Veg and Non-veg momos. Some popular dishes are – Steam Momos, Schezwan Momos, Fried Momos, and Pan Fried Momos.

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18.Mainland China

Mainland China is located in Ballygunge, Kolkata. The restaurant has many outlets in different areas. This restaurant provides Chinese, Seafood, Asian, and Momos dishes. Some popular dishes are – Cottage Cheese Dumplings, Basil Flavoured Dumplings, Corn and Water Chestnut Dumplings, and many more.

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19.Momo Zone

Momo Zone is located in Ballygunge, Kolkata. It has three more outlets in different areas of Kolkata. The average cost is around INR 350 for two people and the restaurant provides a delicious variety of momos. It provides Kurkure Momos, Pan Tossed Momos, Steamed Momos, Fried Momos, and mega combos.

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20.Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen

Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen is located in Camac Street Area, Kolkata. The restaurant provides a unique dining experience and serves a variety of dishes. It has a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Some must-try are – Aloo Momos, Veg Newari Momos, Yeti Special Kothe Momos, and Jhol Momos.

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