Top 20 Most Authentic Thai Drinks

Top 20 Most Authentic Thai Drinks

Thai beverages are well-known for their vibrant flavors, distinctive components, and cooling properties. The traditional and contemporary beverages that are well-liked in Thailand and around the world have been influenced by the country’s tropical climate and extensive culinary heritage. Learn more about the popular drinks in Thailand.


Mekhong, also known as “The Spirit of Thailand” or “Top 20 Most Real Thai Drinks,” is a distilled spirit made of 95% sugarcane and 5% rice. The first locally produced branded golden spirit in Thailand is Mekhong. It has flavors that are delicious and have distinct hints of vanilla, chili, herbs, and spices.


2.Thai Milk Tea

Millions of Thais drink Thai Milk Tea every morning to start their day. Strong Ceylon tea, evaporated milk, and condensed milk go into this vibrant orange beverage, which can be enjoyed hot or cold during the summer. There are many different ways to make Thai Milk Tea. Some add cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, and other spices to their hot or cold brew for extra flavor.

Thai Milk Tea


Oliang, which means “black iced coffee” in English, is a strong coffee drink made from Oliang blend coffee, a blend of coffee beans, soybeans, corn, rice, sesame seeds, and cardamom. Oliang is made from the same coffee beans as regular Thai coffee, but Oliang uses a different method of brewing and roasting the beans to get a different flavor.


4.Thai Lemon Tea

The confusion stems from the hazy distinction between lemon and lime in Thailand, where limes are more prevalent. If you want to make this bright orange Thai beverage at home, you can substitute lemon for lime, which will change the flavor. A glass or cup of energizing Thai Lemon Tea is an ideal beverage to sip while exploring this wonderful Asian nation.

Thai Lemon Tea

5.Nam Oy

During the warmer months, locals and tourists love Thailand’s Nam Oy, a sugarcane juice. This sweet treat is made on the spot on street corners across Thailand using a powerful juice presser to squeeze the sugarcane. A tall serving of Nam Oy will surely be a treat at any time of the day. It is simple, delicious, and very refreshing.

Nam Oy

6.Nam Thabthim

Another well-known Thai juice, Nam Thabthim, can be found in numerous markets throughout Thailand. Nam Thabthim is a Thai delicacy made from freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. It is a natural source of vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber, making it a healthy alternative with many flavors.

Nam Thabthim

7.Nam Manao

Nam Manao is similar to Vietnam’s popular Nc Chanh drink, a simple but delicious fruity drink made from fresh lime juice, sugar, and water.

Nam Manao

8.Nom Yen

One of Thailand’s most famous sweet drinks, Nom Yen, is known for its distinctive bright pink color and unique sweetness. In English, it means “iced milk.” Nom Yen is a straightforward beverage enjoyed by people of all ages in Thailand. It is made by spectacularly combining sala syrup with ice-cold milk to produce a clear yet delectably refreshing beverage.

Nom Yen

9.Grass Jelly Drink

The Grass Jelly Drink is made with any drink you choose and is the result of Thailand’s love affair with grass jelly, an ingredient in many of the country’s most popular desserts. Tea or juice can be added to grass jelly cubes to make a delicious Thai drink popular with the locals.

Grass Jelly Drink

10.Krating Daeng

Krating Daeng is the forerunner of the Austrian energy drink Red Bull. It was developed in 1975 by Chaleo Yoovidhya as a refreshing beverage with caffeine for Thai workers in rural Thailand. This sweet, non-carbonated beverage made of water, taurine, caffeine, cane sugar, vitamin B, and inositol inspired Dietrich Mateschitz to start Red Bull after Krating Daeng helped him get over jet lag while he was on a business trip to Thailand in 1982.

Krating Daeng

11.Nam Dok Anchan

Nam Dok Anchan, which means “butterfly pea tea” in English, is made from the Southeast Asian butterfly pea flower. The Nam Dok Anchan is Thailand’s most Instagrammable drink due to its floral flavor and deep blue color, which changes to purple and red when acidic ingredients are added.

Nam Dok Anchan

12.Sabai Sabai

The official alcoholic beverage of Thailand is the Sabai Sabai, also known as the “Thai Welcome Drink.” It combines Mekhong liqueur, lime juice, syrup, and basil leaves to make the ideal Thai cocktail. Typically served in a Collins glass or on the rocks, this cocktail is incredibly refreshing and delicious.

Sabai Sabai

13.Thai Basil Mojito

The Thai Basil Mojito is a carbonated, sweet Thai cocktail trendy in Bangkok. You can find it on the menus of bars and restaurants all over the city. The Thai Basil Mojito is the ideal drink for every day. It is made with rum, Thai basil, lemongrass syrup, coconut milk, soda water, lime juice, and a slice of lime for garnish.

Thai Basil Mojito

14.Tom Yum Siam

The Tom Yum Siam is a cocktail with a lot of heat and tang based on the famous Tom Yum Soup. The Tom Yum Siam is a stunning Thai cocktail with the ideal combination of appealing colors and intriguing flavors, thanks to its unique flavors and ingredients. The Tom Yum Siam is made with vodka, lime juice, sugar syrup, red chilies, lemongrass, and a slice of chili for garnish. It’s a real treat for the senses.

Tom Yum Siam

15.Siam Mary

The St. Regis Hotel’s bar is where the Siam Mary, a Thai cocktail, started. It is said that Fernand Petiot, a bartender who worked at the St. Regis Hotel in New York in the early 20th century, invented the original, timeless Bloody Mary cocktail.

Siam Mary


The Isan region, Thailand’s largest region, is where Sato Sato, a Thai rice wine made from sticky or glutinous rice, originated. Initially, Sato was mostly drunk at celebrations as a ceremonial drink. However, its popularity has grown so the general Thai population drinks it almost daily. Before being filtered and consumed, sato is made by fermenting a mixture of steamed rice, rice starch, herbs and spices, and yeast.


17.Sang Som

Sang Som is known for its distinctive aromas of coffee, coconut, and sugar. It is a distilled liqueur made from sugarcane or molasses. Sang Som is a liqueur that no one knows what it is. Some people say it is rum, while others say it is whisky.

Sang Som


Lemonade is a well-liked and refreshing beverage made from water, lemons, and sugar. It’s an good mid-year drink known for its tart and tart flavor, joined with a dash of pleasantness. Lemonade can be enjoyed in various ways, including homemade recipes and those sold in stores.


19.Cold Coffee

Any beverage containing coffee that is served chilled or over ice is known as cold coffee. It’s a refreshing alternative to hot coffee, and it’s trendy during the summer.

Cold Coffee

20.Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a beverage made of milk and chocolate that is both delicious and comforting. It is typically served warm or hot. It is a well-known treat during colder months or as a comfortable beverage to enjoy any season.

Hot Chocolate