Top 20 Dishes of Annapurana Canteen of Banasthali

Top 20 Dishes of Annapurana Canteen of Banasthali


Cheese Vada Pav

The Cheese Vada Pav is the famed street food of India. The dish is served with the western twist. The cheese is melted on the tava only to make the dish tempting. The cheese vada pav is the new invention of the canteen which is becoming popular day by day. The cheese vada pav is loved by the Banasthalites.


Tava Pulao

The speciality of this canteen is Tava Pulao. The dish is so awesome that no one can resist eating it. The fried Chinese rice is made in the desi style. The rice is fried on the tava with different type of desi masalas. The dish is served hot with the different types of chutneys.


Chole Bature

The famous and the common dish of Banasthali is Chole Bature. There are two common things in the dish every where, the bature and the gravy wale chole. But in this Anapurna canteen the chole bature is served with a little twist. The different types of chutney is also served with that to make it mouth watering. And the salad is also given with that.


Cheese Paratha

The mix paratha, allo paratha and many types of paratha are so much common. The cheese paratha is different and also loved by all. The stuffing of the paratha is made up of cheese and some Indian spices. Then, it is normally made and fried on the tava. The melted cheese comes out of the paratha and then it is served with the aam ka achar and dahi.


Cheese Pasta

Cheese Pasta is a Chinese dish which is made in every canteen of Banasthali. The dish is very popular in this canteen. The cheese pasta is made normally and lots of cheese is sprinkled over it to make it delicious. The pasta becomes mouth watering.


Cheese Macroni

The speciality of this canteen is Cheese Macroni. The macroni is served in a special manner in this canteen. The dish is made up of the ingredients like cabbage, onion and tomato. Then the macroni is served with sprinkled cheese and tea.


Masala Sandwich

Masala Sandwich is the dish which is somewhat healthy for the students because it consists of the seasonal vegetables and cream. The cheese is not involved in the masala sandwich. It is simply grilled or shallow fried on the tava. The bread base is made crispy and served in four pieces with the tomato ketch-up.


Cheese Pizza

The Cheese Pizza is the trendy dish all over the world so is in Banasthali. The dish is made up of the ingredients like a pizza base, some veggies and cheese. Then it is baked in the microwave. Then it is served hot with the ketch-up.


Pani Puri

Pani Puri is the famous street food which is loved by all specially by the girls. The food is served with khata meetha pani and chutney. The pani puri of this canteen is very tasty.


Chocolate Shake

Chocolate Shake is another drink which is dear to most of the people in Banasthali. The drink is made up of the chocolate bars and milk. Sometimes, ice cream is added to it to make it tastier and mouth watering.


Chocolate Sandwich

The Chocolate is in the vein of all. The dish is totally made up of the Chocolate, only the bread is added to it to make it balance. The dish is normally made as the different type of sandwich. The melted chocolate is added to the bread and served hot.


Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee is the fashionable drink in Banasthali. And the canteen Annapurna serves it very uniquely. The drink is made up of the ingredients like milk, coffee and the coffee flavored ice cream. All ingredients are mixed and grinded in the mixer and served with the ice cubes.


Cheese Cake

The cheese is in the vein of all the youth. The dish is very popular in the Banasthali. The dish is new and emerging slowly. Like the ice cream cake, the cheese cake is also made similarly. It is made up of mostly cheese. Then the melted cheese is partially served chilled.


Masala Maggie

Maggie is loved by all specially the youth residing in the hostels. The dish is made up of many veggies and the Maggie which is available in the market. The Maggie is an instant dish which can be eaten anywhere at any time. This canteen serves the special masala Maggie with lots of Masala.


Cheese Maggie

Cheese Maggie is the Maggie with a twist. The Maggie is normally served but the twist of cheese is given to it. The cheese is melted onto the Maggie to make it mouth watering. The Maggie and its taste changes totally. Then it is served hot to the students.


Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is the famed South Indian dish which is also famed in the Banasthali. The masala dosa is the Universal dish which is made and eaten by all of India. Masala dosa is also good for the digestion because it is made up of the rice flour which is good for the health. The dosa is served with the sambhar and nariyal ki chutney.



Wiwi is the type of Maggie which is very famous in Banasthali. The packets of wiwi is available in the Banasthali. The wiwi is made up of the atta and it is an Indian Product. It is made up like the Maggie. But the taste of wiwi is different from it. The wiwi is served hot as Maggie. The dish is the type of fast food and made by most of the students in the hostels.


Cheese Sandwich

Cheese Sandwich of this canteen is also loved by the girls. The crispy sandwich is made up of the ingredients like cucumber, bread, tomato, onion, cream and cheese. The dish is served with the tomato ketch-up and it is grilled in the oven. The sandwich is very popular.


Pyaaj Kachori

Pyaaj Kachori is the famous dish of Rajasthan. And the Banasthali is also in the state. That is why the dish is very popular in this place. The pyaaj kachori is served like chat. The kachori is crushed and the yoghurt and Indian spices are sprinkled over it. And the twist of khatee meethi chutney and sev is given to it to make it tastier.


Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake of this canteen is loved by all. The cake is made up of 80% of ice cream. The less amount of other ingredients are there, but the ice cream of different flavor is filled in it. Generally, this cake is available in the summers, but the students demand it in winters also. The cake is also served as a pastry. The Banasthalites love the cake of ice cream.