Top 20 Most Expensive Places to Eat at in Chandigarh


Chandigarh, famous as the beautiful city, is a wonderful place for food lovers. Food lovers can get a wide variety of delicious food here to satisfy their taste buds and treat their stomach. However, a treat for the taste buds could be harmful to the wallet. Here are the 20 most expensive places to eat at in Chandigarh:

1.The Saffron

By far, the most luxurious and expensive dining experience you can have is at Saffron. The average expense per head is around Rs.3000-4000! Yes, you read it right! Despite such high rates, it is one of the most popular and well-received dining places in the city.


2.The Lalit, Chandigarh

At the 2nd position is the Chandigarh branch of a well-known hotel chain: The Lalit. The open-to-all restaurant in the Lalit boasts of a 24/7 service to its guest. Yes, there is no closing time of the restaurant. The food is as expensive as it is tasty, ranging from Rs 3000-3500 average per head in dinner time. It is also very popular among local people due to the brand name attached to it.


3.The Café@J.W.

At the 3rd position is a café from another branded hotel chain in India. The café at the famous J.W. Marriot is as expensive as a café gets. However, it is also the best café that you can go to in Chandigarh. The average price ranges from Rs.2000-3500! It is famous for its Thai food.



The 4th most expensive place to eat at in Chandigarh is Baluchi. The food here is as fancy as its name. And the ambiance is just eye pleasing. However, that is at a very high cost. It can burn a big hole in your pocket with its prices that are in the range of the others mentioned before it. The zig-zag floor pattern is also eye catching.



This dine-in restaurant is as expensive as the plant Oregano. However, it is also as tasteful to the tongue as the same plant. The ambiance here, as expected, is jaw-droppingly beautiful. It is also quite well-known for the great service provided by its staff.


6.OKO Restaurant

Next on the list, is the OKO restaurant. One of the most popular dine-in places in Chandigarh, it is well-known for its red-colored ambiance which is undoubtedly beautiful. The food tastes heavenly here. The price ranges from 2000-4000 per head on peak days like Diwali, New Year, etc.


7.Virgin Courtyard

Next on the list is a one-of-a-kind dine-in location, Virgin Courtyard. It is different because it offers an open dining experience with no roof. It lets the person enjoy a dining experience while they are feeling a natural cool breeze on their faces. The lighting is also very beautiful.


8.Mainland China

As the name gives away, this is a premium dine-in place in Chandigarh, and it is very famous for its Chinese dishes. However, it also has other tasty dishes as well.


9.Black Lotus

The 9th entry to the list is Black Lotus. Another high-end restaurant with sky-high rates of food items. And another restaurant with the price of food is worth the taste of the food. The most popular type of cuisine here is Chinese, but it also serves Indian, Thai, Continental dishes.


10.Dera Restaurant at Taj

Perhaps the most famous and the most popular of all the expensive dine-in restaurants mentioned here. This restaurant is at Taj, the 5-star hotel. The ambiance is as good as the quality of the food here. The place lives up to the standard of a 5-star hotel restaurant quite successfully.


11.Whistling Duck

Now this entry in the list is as unique and interesting as its name. The best time to visit here is in the evening when the low-light ambiance gives a relaxing and soothing experience.



This dine-in restaurant is famous for its food presentation and the variety that it offers in the types of cuisines to. The average expense per head during dinner is around Rs.1500-2500 per head.



Now this one is located on the outskirts of Chandigarh, so the chances are that you may not have heard about it much. But make no mistake; it is one of the most wonderful, albeit expensive, places to eat at in Chandigarh. The average expense is in the same range of Hibachi around Rs 1500-2500


14.Hometel Hotel Restaurant

The case with Dera restaurant or the café at J.W. Marriott is that the eating place is famous because of the hotel it is in. The case is opposite here where the hotel is famous due to its restaurant.


15.10 Downing Street

This entry is famous for its breakfast buffet and its old-fashioned pub. Not quite as famous as the other entries on this list still, it is very well received among those who have visited it.


16.The Zodiac

Perhaps the 2nd or 3rd most popular eating place on the list, The Zodiac enjoys a great deal of following due to its brand name and the popularity of its Thai food. It’s the go-to place for a Thai food lover.


17.Copper Chimney

This is perhaps the most expensive place to have sea food. With the price ranging from Rs. 500-1000 per dish, it can burn quite a hole in your pocket if you are a sea food lover.


18.Orchid Lounge

The next entry to the list is the Chandigarh branch of a very popular restaurant chain, The Orchid. The food here is expensive at is provided in very less amount so that you have to order a lot of things to satisfy your stomach leading to an average expense of Rs. 1000-1500 per head.



The only entry in the list of a confectionary shop is no surprise to the people of Chandigarh among which Monica’s is very famous, for both, the taste and the price of its cakes.


20.Barbeque Nation

The final entry to the list is another famous restaurant chain. It is unique in the manner that it only offers a buffet and nothing else. The in-the-table grill is unique and interesting and keeps your barbecued food hot and fresh. The buffet on Sunday nights is Rs. 860 which usually along with a drink comes to Rs. 1000-1100 per head.