20 Different Types of Coffee You Must Try! (with recipes)

20 Different Types of Coffee You Must Try!

Are you a coffee lover but do not like to spend too much going into fancy places to order fancy coffees? Have no more worries, here is a list of 20 different types of coffee to try:

1.Espresso Macchiato

This coffee is a slight twist on the traditional espresso and is apt for situations where your taste buds require something different from the routine. Just add a dab of milk foam over to top up your espresso, and you get a richer multi-layered coffee to have on the go!


2.Irish Coffee

Irish coffee contains a mixture of vanilla syrup, espresso, water, and natural whipped cream. but it’s smoky and oily aroma may somewhat change your impression of the drink. In any way it is a must try coffee for everyone!


3.Espresso Ristretto

This recipe is for those who love strong coffee. Espresso Ristretto is the strongest coffee of all types of coffee. It is also called a “short” shot of espresso. The amount of coffee used for brewing is same as an espresso, but the amount of water is less. Water is around 15-20ml.



This is a very filling drink with an exquisite and interesting texture: it contains a thick coconut or strawberry puree, whipped coffee, and a cloud of cream. Thick coconut and strawberry puree with whipped cream “hat” on top completes the idea of a tropical coffee cocktail.


5.Espresso Lungo

This one is the polar opposite of Espresso Ristretto. Extraction time for Lungo can be up to a minute. Due to extended extraction, the oils and chemicals of coffee are better brewed into the drink.


6. Cafecino

Cafechino is a Café Macchiato with a shot of vanilla, banana, caramel, or any other syrup, according to taste. You must add a thick layer of syrup to a cup, and it stays under the layers of milk, espresso, and foam. Most coffee shops label this drink as “Caramel Latte.”


7.Espresso Con Panna

Con Panna means “with cream” in Italian. It is a single or double shot of espresso topped with a cloud of whipped cream. The ratio of ingredients is 1 to 1 to achieve a very tasty balanced coffee. Conceptually it is more a dessert than a drink. To get the best taste, you can use a spoon.


8.Vienna Coffee

This coffee has had an enormous popularity all over the world, and its recipe has been adapted and prepared by so many people, in hundreds of ways. The most common recipe for this drink is as follows: vanilla syrup, hot water, espresso, and a cloud of whipped cream.


9.Espresso Romano

Espresso Romano is a controversial drink, which consists of a shot of espresso with a slice of lemon or lemon juice. The majority of professionals do not acknowledge a combination of coffee with lemon. Despite this, this has a considerable number of fans around the world.



This is the coffee that can only be created by instant coffee powder. It is not that popular, but a must try recipe for a coffee enthusiast. Just add instant coffee powder with hot water and add sugar, powdered milk, and crunched biscuit of your choice.



Espresso Doppio is a double shot of espresso with 14 gm coffee with 50-60 ml of water. It should not be confused with espresso lungo as they are very different in flavors and textures.


12.Coffee Cocktail

This one is a refreshing new twist to the traditional coffee. To make the coffee cocktail, you would require some red port both (about 45ml), then 5 ml simple syrup, and 30ml egg whites. Add all of this to a blender and blend well. Then serve it in a martini glass and top it with nutmeg.


13.Café Latte

Café Latte simply means “coffee with milk”, and is the most popular coffee type out there in India. When we say coffee, we mean Café Latte by default. So what is “different” in it you might think? It is the way of making the coffee. The next time when you make latte just beat some coffee powder with sugar and little water to a light brown paste and add it directly to hot milk. Enjoy a completely different type of Café Latte!


14.Kentucky Coffee

This coffee is relatively simple to make. All you need is 15ml Honey, and 120ml black coffee. Add all the ingredients to the blender and mix well, then add whipped cream (about 1 ml) on the top and serve.


15.Flat White

A comparatively new beverage created by Baristas in New Zealand and Australia. Add the dense milk “micro-foam” to a double shot espresso from the bottom. The preparation is similar to that of Latte, but the result is not that milky.


16.Roman Rasta Coffee

This is a different type of coffee to taste. For this coffee. Add all the ingredients to a blender and mix well. Add whipped cream on top and enjoy!



Marocchino is a well-known drink. It is made with espresso, along with a little cocoa, and milk froth. The interesting thing about this coffee is that cocoa helps to soften the taste of coffee. It is multilayered with the three layers being milk froth, cocoa, and coffee from the top.


18.Flaming Spanish Coffee

This is another unique, bold coffee to try out for the coffee lovers. Add some nutmeg, cinnamon, one tsp granulated sugar and top it with whipped cream. Your Spanish coffee is ready!


19.Latte Macchiato

Latte Macchiato is a variation of Latte where espresso is added to hot milk. It is prepared as a layered drink with espresso carefully poured between milk froth and liquid milk.



Americano is the most popular coffee type in America and is also sometimes referred to as “American coffee”. It uses the same ingredients as the espresso but changes the order of adding them completely giving birth to a whole new flavor of coffee. To make Americano, just add hot water to coffee rather than adding coffee to hot water and experience a different taste of coffee.