Top 20 Most Famous Food Items Of 20 Countries

Top 20 Most Famous Food Items Of 20 Countries
Top 20 Most Famous Food Items Of 20 Countries

Food, the word which we listen to almost every day, but if asked what it is, then a picture of multicolored eatables placed on a plate comes to our mind. The biggest question for most of us  is what to eat today, and many people are fond of cuisines of different nations. So, here I am telling you the 20 most famous and best food items from twenty countries, out of which you should give a try to at least some, and these dishes will surely satisfy your taste buds. So, without further delay, let’s talk about these mouthwatering dishes.

1  Massaman Curry, Thailand

Thailand is famous for several reasons, out of which this delicacy called Massaman Curry is one. The curry is a combination of almost every flavor, from spicy to sweet. It also has some coconut taste as well. The curry is served with rice and tastes amazing. The curry is also regarded as- ,”the king of curries.”1

2. Squeaky Cheese, Finland

Squeaky cheese is a must-try  when you visit Finland. It is a specialty of Finland and is usually pan-fried and often served with cloudberry jam or coffee. The texture of the dish is soft and cheesy, and  the presentation is enough to satisfy your eyes, and the taste is heavenly. The cloudberry jam enhances its flavor.2

3. Donuts, United States

Donuts are known all around the world,  but they originated in America. The donut dough is fried and then topped with chocolate sauce, sprinklers, and other things. The sweet dish tastes amazing. Although they are available worldwide,  the ones made in  the United States hit differently.main_shutterstock

4. Chili Crab, Singapore

Are you planning to visit Singapore? Then try this spicy chili crab, drenched in a spicy gravy of tomato and chili. This dish is a local bestseller, and people like it a lot. The spicy gravy of the dish is best for spicy lovers, and it is served with buns.1

5. Pudim, Brazil

Pudim is a famous dessert of Brazil, which appears like flan, but it is softer in texture. It is easily available in almost every restaurant or home. The dessert tastes amazing, and the soft texture makes it even tastier. You should try it if you ever visit Brazil.2

6. Caprese Salad, Italy

Italy is famous for pizza, but the Caprese salad served over here is no less. This Italian salad is prepared by using fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil leaves. The seasoning on it is salt and olive oil. The dish features the colors of the Italian flag, that is, green, white, and red.6

7. Borsch, Ukraine

This soup is well-known around the world and is prepared by using beetroot and other vegetables. The ingredients of the soup include mainly beetroot, beef, and other vegetables, and the aroma of the soup is heavenly. The dish is served with herbs and cream.7

8.  Paella, Spain

It is a dish with rice as the main ingredient. It also contains chicken, vegetables, and seafood. All these ingredients are served in a pan. The dish tastes salty, and it does not contain onion. It is a dry dish, and all the liquid used gets absorbed by its ingredients.8

Kimchi, Korea

Kimchi is a famous Korean dish. The dish is prepared by fermenting vegetables like cabbage and radish. Several spices like chili powder, ginger, garlic, and other spices are used in preparing it. Kimchi tastes sour and spicy. The dish is rich in vitamins and minerals.9

10. Fiskbullar, Sweden

Fiskbullar or fishball is a popular dish in Sweden. The dish is made with fish paste, which is boiled in a soupy broth. The dish is served with cream sauce and pickles. The dish is simple, but the flavors induced in it give an amazing taste.fiskbullar

11. French Toast, Hong Kong

French Toast is high in calories, but the taste is worth it. The toast is prepared by either using peanut butter or jam; then the toast is soaked in the egg batter, then fried using butter, and after that served with more butter and syrup. It sounds like too many calories, doesn’t it?1

12. Croissant, France

It is a famous flaky pastry, prepared with butter and dough and topped with raspberry jam. The pastry is soft and amazing breakfast food. Coffee and croissant together make a great couple. The recipe is quite easy, and you should give it a try. These pastries are love.croissant

13. Bunny Chow, South Africa

Don’t focus on the name; no harm is done to rabbits while preparing this famous South African dish. It is made using white bread loaf, which is hollowed and then filled with spicy curry. The dish is served hot. The dish originated in the Indian community of Durban but is uncommon in India.bunny-chow

14. Masala Dosa, India

Masala dosa is a famous dish in India. It is prepared by using rice batter and filled with mashed potatoes. It is served with coconut chutney, sambar (a type of curry), and some sauces. The dish is amazing for breakfast, and the crispiness of the dosa is amazing.1

15. Moules Frites, Belgium

Moules Frites is a famous dish of Belgium. The main ingredients of the dish are potatoes and mussels. The dish is served hot and is very common in Belgium. The dish is served with potato fries and is taken as the main course.15

16. Penang Assam Laksa, Malaysia

This is a rice noodle dish prepared with vegetables and fish broth. The dish also contains various spices and is a spicy soup. The dish is a must-try whenever you visit Malaysia. The soup contains several vegetables and tastes sour and spicy.laksa

17. Meat Pie, Australia

Meat pie is a famous dish of Australia and is loved by many. It is filled with meat, vegetables, and cheese. The pie is eaten with hot tomato sauce or cold tomato ketchup. The pie is often consumed as a snack and is hand-sized. The pie is full of various flavors and is capable of satisfying your taste buds. Do try it the next time you are on a trip to Australia.meat pie

18. Poutine, Canada

Poutine is a famous dish of Canada, made with french fries along with cheese curds and then topped with brown gravy. It sounds somewhat awkward and doesn’t even look appealing, but the taste is something which you have not experienced ever before. The cheesy and saucy taste is something which you will love.poutine

19. Tacos, Mexico

Tacos are fresh tortillas. They are often stuffed with grilled beef and with sea salt. Tacos are perfect for consuming any time of the meal. Everyone who visits Mexico always tastes this delicacy, and then they become its fan.tacos

20. Spanakopita, Greece

This dish is approximately 400 years old, and this pie is the specialty of Greece. Spinach is the main ingredient of this pie. Feta cheese is also used in the making of this pie. It can be served warm or cold. This authentic dish tastes great and is a must-try try.spanakopita