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Tag: French Toast

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Top 20 Instant And Flavorful Snacks For A Lazy Day

So how does it feels when you are lazy and hungry at the same time; doesn't want to get up from your comfort zone, doesn't want to even think about cooking boring as well...

Top 20 Dishes Made From Bread

Bored of eating toasts and sandwiches in breakfast? But still want a light and healthy breakfast. Let’s try something new with your every time favorite bread which is not only loved by you but...

Top 20 French Dishes You Can Find In Delhi

1 French FriesFrench fries are the most commonly eaten snacks. It is mostly served with soft drinks. French fries are made crispy so that people can enjoy them to the fullest. The core ingredient...
20 Easy Dishes To Make In Hostel

20 Easy Dishes To Make In Hostel

Cooking on your own when you are in a hostel gives a one a great excuse to escape from the bland mess food which always somehow has rotis that are like leather, watery dal...
20 Unique And Uncommon Dishes All Over The World

20 Unique And Uncommon Dishes All Over The World

I believe the love for food is the most sincere, honest and well-reciprocated love of the Universe. The world has got a variety to serve in the territory of food, flavours and spices. There...
20 Best Recipes You Ought To Try With Bread

20 Best Recipes You Ought To Try With Bread!

1Bread SandwichOne can make so many different types of sandwiches with stuffing. One may use a paneer or corn or mashed potato stuffing. If you want a non-vegetarian dish, then you can easily use...

Top 20 Dishes in Novotel

1. French ToastIn French, it is known as the lost bread to indicate that it has become stale. In the ancient times, poor people had a routine of immersing the bun in milk or...

Top 20 Party Snacks Recipes

 1Paneer CutletsEasy to make and easy to serve! This lip smacking starter will make your guests keep asking you for your recipe.Ingredients:500g Cottage cheeseCoriander leavesA cup of boiled peasChaat masala3-4 Boiled potatoesBread crumbsSalt to...
20 Most Loved Dishes With Egg In It!

20 Most Loved Dishes With Egg In It!

1Egg MasalaEggs are an integral part of most cuisines or cultures in India. Egg Masala refers to a simple dish, which can be consumed with both Rice and Roti. Usually, the Eggs are first...
20 easy to make dishes for students.

20 Easy To Make Dishes For Students!

For those who've grown up or lived their college life will understand the pain of not having good food around. With pangs of hunger while staying up late nights for assignments, submissions, and exam,...

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