Top 20 Most Popular Bubble Tea In Abu Dhabi

Top 20 Most Popular Bubble Tea In Abu Dhabi (1)

In Abu Dhabi there are many exciting places to satisfy your bubble tea cravings. Each bubble tea shop has its unique flavors and options for different preferences. From classic milk teas to fruity blends and innovative combinations, there’s something for everyone. Below listed are establishments to discover your new favorite bubble tea flavor in Abu Dhabi.

1. Crepes Factory Cafe

They offer a vibrant array of bubble tea flavors that will energize your taste buds. From classic milk teas to exotic fruit infusions, each sip offers a delightful flavor. The tapioca pearls add lovely chewy texture to your drink.

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2.Chai Time

With its origin in Taiwan in 2005, over time it has become a global sensation, delighting countless customers with its diverse range of freshly brewed bubble tea flavors. They have a fun and contemporary ambiance, with a purple theme setup. Their cheesecake series are must-try.

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They offer the ultimate fusion of premium tea and rich dark chocolate syrup at this unique bubble tea shop in Abu Dhabi. Their signature drink includes house-made coffee-flavored cream, caramelized tapioca pearls, and a delightful crunch from added Oreo cookies. They offer the perfect texture of the soft bobas, that creates an extraordinary taste experience.

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With multiple outlets across Abudhabi, Mancha has many exciting flavors to offer. Red Velvet is my personal perfect, and a must-try from here. their packaging and service are also comfortable.

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Best known for its watermelon Milktea, Ochado focus on not just serving bubble tea, but also packs them with a healthy touch. They have drinks for all kinda visitors from Ice tea lover to fruit-based health enthusiast.

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6.Bubble Station

their are flavors like Oreo bubble, classic boba, lychee, and peach bubble tea, including the unique mango variant. Located on the first floor of the main mall. They are friendly and have knowledgeable staff. Their signature Boba Milk tea, though slightly pricier than other shops, will absolutely leave you craving for more.

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7.Boba Hype

This cozy bubble tea shop in Khalidiyah is worth a visit. The Brown Sugar Milk Tea with soft and chewy boba was delightful. The staffs are friendly, and the interior is charming. Don’t miss their famous Choco Oreo cream cheese variant. Highly recommended for milk tea enthusiasts seeking perfection in taste and ambiance.

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8.Zagu Milktea

My first savor, is the Okinawa Pearl tea with its soft and chewy boba. The staff is friendly and polite, adding to the pleasant experience. I highly recommend trying their unique PINOY MANGO drink. A refreshing and enjoyable choice. I personally look forward to exploring more flavors.

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Milk Tea store in Hamdan, that provides an excellent experience. The ambiance is pleasant, and the staff is highly accommodating. Their Taro Cream Cheese is a personal favorite, making it one of the best milk tea stores tried. Aesthetically beautiful, the shop offers a wide variety of flavors. Though extended hours would be appreciated, it remains one of the top spots in Abu Dhabi for bubble tea lovers.

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With a wide array of choices and flavors, this place stands out. The owners are accommodating, and the clean environment is a plus. The Mango Graham flavor comes highly recommended. The milk tea is the best tasted, especially the Ube Supreme and Mango Graham variants. Additionally, the Takoyaki, Korean garlic Bun, and other snacks are simply delicious. Undoubtedly the number one milk tea spot in Abu Dhabi.

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Affinitea Cafe is located at the back of Sun Sand Hamdan Street, and offers a delightful experience. It has both takeaway and dine-in. The warm ambiance, combined with soft cinnamon bites, created a lovely evening. A must-try for a chill hangout with intricately curated dishes and a wide variety of milk teas. The Oreo milk tea with added pearls is a must-try. The staff was exceptionally kind and friendly, making it an overall delightful experience.

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12.Bnp Cafe

Most of the rating for its amazing atmosphere. It’s perfect for meetings or hanging out with friends. The ambiance is super cute. Their Oreo Cream Cheese Milk Tea, along with their mouthwatering Siopao and Foodlong Hotdog, all are must-try.

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Cozy place and the flavors are exceptionally unique, making it highly recommended. With many amazing bubble tea options, this small outlet in the mall provides friendly service. A must-visit for bubble tea enthusiasts.

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14.Bliss Tea

This shop Bliss offers delightful milk teas with authentic flavors. The cozy setting and friendly staff create a perfect atmosphere to relax. I feel teas have a natural taste without artificial flavors. The Sakura Oolong with Boba and Mango Cheese Tea are delicious, served in cute cups with reusable takeaway bags. The Creme Brulee Milk Tea with additional pearl and cheese was amazing, and the newly introduced Asado and Raspberry breads were also tasty.

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15.Milktea Cakes

The place offers a beautiful setting for enjoying cakes, bakery treats, and bubble teas. The Swiss Chocolate Cake and Pinoy Cheese Cake are among the best sellers, while the pandesals filled with cream cheese come in different flavors. Everything is done to perfection, full of flavor, and well-packaged. Customized cakes are available at reasonable rates, and the overall experience is exciting and sweet.

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16.Yoyo Coffee

It is located in Khalidiya, a small bubble tea shop that offers a cozy seating area. The large cup of Pearl milk tea is packed with delicious taste. They also serve delectable cakes and desserts. The staff is friendly and polite. The mango cake bubbles is a must-try. A delightful place with great quality and taste.

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17.Mocha Bubbles Tea

Along with many beverages, they offer the best-ever drink with a delightful taste. It is attractive and at a convenient location, along with the friendly staff, and the ambiance. Even non-milk tea fans will be amazed by the Okinawa Rock salt flavor.

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18.Mix Maheteo Cafe

They offer a good variety of flavors with large servings and fantastic service. The coffee flavors are particularly loved. The chocolate-flavored boba is a great taste, and the Spanish latte with boba is delicious. The availability of milk alternatives like coconut milk is a plus, making it suitable for non-dairy consumers.

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It has a wide selection of bubble tea combinations, this is a cozy and family-friendly place. The Ube Cream Cheese Brulee and Black Sugar Cream Cheese Brulee are not overly sweet but incredibly refreshing. The tapioca pearls here are mildly sweet and chewy, while the cream cheese is heavenly. I highly recommend the delicious Avocado Pearl Cheesecake.

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It is located in Marsa Mina Zayed Port area, with a good selection of bubble tea flavors. I tried the Classic Brown Sugar and it was delicious. The staff was friendly and polite. Don’t miss out on their must-try Red Velvet flavor. Small food truck with lots of flavors to choose from.

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