Top 20 Place To Eat South Indian Ras Al Khaima

Top 20 Place To Eat South Indian Ras Al Khaima

Ras Al Khaimah, a charming emirate in the United Arab Emirates, may be small in size, but it does have food spots to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re a fan of South Indian cuisine or simply a food enthusiast, there are lots of options to indulge in. From traditional dosas and idlis to flavorful curries and biryanis, the South Indian restaurants in RAK offer a delightful culinary experience. These restaurants listed below are in RAK, the perfect places to enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal.

1.Indian Place

The restaurant has outstanding food and service. The staff was incredibly supportive, friendly, and gave various delicious options. The chicken Dum Biriyani is very flavorful and fresh, served in generous portions and in eco-friendly packaging. The restaurant has a charming Mughal ambiance. It located in RAK Mall of Ras Al Khaima.

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They usually have the buy one get one free offer on combo biryani. The restaurant has undergone renovations and introduced a new menu. Must-try here are the BBQ chicken, meals, and biryani, all of which are delicious. They provide tasty and prompt delivery of South Indian dishes. Do try their Egg Parota and Mutton pepper soup, and their unique preparation of Tandoori chicken is equally satisfying. It’s a great place for families, with reasonable prices, and perfect for small gatherings and parties.

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The food served here is incredible and worth every penny. The staff is amiable, providing quick service and serving fresh dishes without excessive oil or spice. The portion sizes were generous, making it a must-try restaurant. They offer a diverse buffet with vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and international options. Indian food lovers will find this the best place in Ras Al Khaimah, especially for their mouthwatering tandoor items prepared with love.

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4.Kerela Restaurant

Must-try their Porata, Beef fry, and Beef roast, which are exceptionally delicious. The quality and quantity is superb. The service is also amazing. They serve freshly made dough and chapatis alongside tasty vegetarian dishes. Their Thalassery Biryani is also a must-try.

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5.Madras Flavours

The ambiance and service is satisfactory. It’s a great place to experience some of the finest South Indian cuisine. For idly, Madras Restaurant is the perfect place. Their dosas, soft idlis, and meals are simply amazing. The rasam even tastes homemade.

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6.The Indian Chef

The butter chicken is a must-try here. The cuisine is delicious and the ambiance is delightful. The service was exceptional, and the prices were fair. I highly recommend this restaurant for its warm reception and the delightful experience of indulging in their mouthwatering dishes, such as the chicken dum biryani and chicken tandoori, which are my favorites.

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7.Moti Mahal

If you’re a fan of Indian food, you’ll love it here. Moti Mahal is a must-visit spot in Ras Al Khaimah for Indian cuisine, offering great quality, service, and value. Biryani here has a flavorful combination of chicken, mutton, and egg, enough for two people. The ambiance is pleasant, and the lunch experience was delightful. The paneer was exceptionally soft and delicious.

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The dishes are authentic, flavorful, and of excellent quality. The parotta and chili chicken for dinner are highly recommended, with good quality and tasty gravies. While the dine-in area is small, and not suitable for families, takeout or delivery are convenient options. The prices are mostly reasonable, although some dishes may be slightly higher compared to local prices. The mutton dosa is exceptionally tasty, and the prawns’ biryani is a must-try.

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9.Namaste Cusine

The roti with broccoli mushrooms curry is best from the main course, mildly spiced and delicious. The falooda dessert is decent. The pleasant ambiance and attentive staff provided a refreshing dining experience in the RAK food scene. The family dining area offers privacy. Overall, it is a very satisfying experience.

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10.Kerela Express

This economical restaurant serves as the name suggests authentic Kerala-style cuisine. Their Samavar tea is a must-try for tea lovers. The food is of great quality and highly recommended for Kerala and Indian families, as well as anyone who appreciates South Indian flavors. It’s an affordable option for a quick meal, especially suitable for busy households.

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11.Idli Dosa Cafe

With a diverse selection of dosas and speedy service, this South Indian restaurant in Ras Al Khaimah caters to various tastes. It is situated in an industrial area, so suitable for takeaways, allowing customers to enjoy their flavorful offerings on the go.

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This Indian restaurant is inside Manar Mall. The ambiance adds to the pleasant experience. The menu has a lot of variety, the service is excellent, and the staff are friendly and welcoming with smiles. The food is truly delicious, and the prices are affordable. This is a excellent place for an authentic Indian cuisine experience.

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They offer tasty dishes like idli, dosa, poori, and noodles. Their Madurai Konar Kari Dosa is a must-try. The restaurant provides a wide range of dishes, both popular favorites and lesser-known delicacies. The food is of outstanding quality, prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional techniques. It’s a must-visit spot for excellent South Indian delicacies.

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This South Indian restaurant in Ras Al Khaimah offers delicious food at affordable prices. The mutton biryani, mutton chukka, chicken 65, and mutton boti masala are all flavorful and delightful. The restaurant specializes in South Indian Tamil-style cuisine. The chicken curry with rice, has a fantastic taste. Overall, it’s a great place to enjoy yummy and affordable South Indian dishes.

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15.Gafoorka’s Thattukada Restaurant

This restaurant is best for spicy food lovers. The staff is polite and humble, providing a homely feel. The food is flavorful and delicious, and the service is excellent. The pothichor and biriyani are particularly remarkable.

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16.Indian Spice

This restaurant is located on the way from RAK to Sharjah, making it a popular choice. It offers the best Kerala food in Ras Al Khaimah, with the Sadya being particularly awesome, reminiscent of a Kerala wedding feast. The breakfast and biriyani are also scrumptious, offering authentic South Indian flavors.

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This restaurant truly leaves a impression on you. The ambiance is inviting, the food is yummy, and the service is exceptional. Make sure to try their mouthwatering sizzling brownies and Caesar’s sizzler. Other must-try include mutton rogan josh, penne pasta, garlic naan, and roti, along with the generously portioned and reasonably priced sizzling brownies, perfect for sharing with four people. It’s also a great choice for business meetings, offering excellent service and high-quality food.

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This place is best for anyone looking to host an event or gathering such as a birthday. The restaurant offers great affordable meals, a pleasant ambiance and a refreshing look. Their fresh milk tea is excellent, so is breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even evening snacks, all of which are delicious and reasonably priced. The staff is polite and provides quick service. Overall, it’s a fantastic spot for a quick bite and the best South Indian food. They have convenient car parking and specialize in Kerala cuisine.

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19.Curry Leaves

This restaurant is a great choice for an affordable meal. The ambiance is pleasant with a fresh look, as the atmosphere is clean and well-maintained. It’s an excellent place to enjoy delicious Indian cuisine, particularly Kerala dishes. The restaurant’s ambiance is beautifully decorated, enhancing the overall dining experience.

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20.Spice Village

From this place, the Kizhi Porota (beef) and the Canadian Chicken Cheese Soup are a must-try at this restaurant. The flavors are fantastic, especially the fried coconut pieces and saffron-infused soup. The ambiance and service are also pleasant. It’s a decent option for a quick bite or casual lunch in Ras Al Khaimah.

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