Top 20 Mouth-Watering Dishes Of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a Central Asian country. It has the ancient Silk Route and the sites that are linked with it. It has beautiful mosques and mausoleums. It is a culturally diverse place. The ancient history of the place makes it very unique and fascinating. It is a lovely country with a lovely cuisine. There are numerous dishes that are unique to this place. These traditional dishes have the best flavors and are rich in taste. Here is a list of the best dishes that shouldn’t be missed while in Uzbekistan.

1. Shurpa

Shurpa is a very famous lamb and vegetable soup of Uzbekistan. It has a bold and robust taste. The vegetables can change depending upon the season. It is a mouth-watering food that should be tried.


2. Nukhat Shurak

Nukhat Shurak is a very popular chickpea soup of Uzbekistan. It is cooked with beef or lamb. Some spices and vegetables are also added to it to enhance the richness of this dish. It has a marvelous taste and is a nutritious food

2.Nukhat Shurak

3. Mashhurda

Mashhurda is a delicious soup prepared with mung beans and beef. It has a unique taste and is enjoyed as a meal during dinners. It is one-of-a-kind dish and should not be missed in Uzbekistan.


4. Gözleme

Gözleme is the popular grilled pastry of Uzbekistan. It is squeezed flat and then grilled. It is an appetizer and enjoyed hot.


5. Dolmas

Dolma is the stuffed grape leaves recipe that is very famous in Uzbekistan. The grape leaves are stuffed with rice and minced beef. It has a unique and marvelous taste with a refreshing aroma.


6. Fried Lagman

Fried lagman is a popular noodle dish of Uzbekistan. The chewy noodles are stir-fried and cooked along with peppers and other veggies. Other ingredients such as eggs are also added to enhance the taste. It is a delicious and hearty meal.

6.Fried Lagman

7. Shivit Oshi

Shivit Oshi is the popular green pasta dish of Uzbekistan. It the recipe of green noodles that are topped with meat, carrots, and other veggies. It has a unique flavor and is served with tart yogurt.

7.Shivit Oshi

8. Chuchvara

Chuchvara is the tortellini dish popular in Uzbekistan. It is a kind of soup that has a great taste. It is served with dill leaves and enjoyed warm.


9. Plov

Plov is the rice dish of Uzbekistan. It is prepared with lamb and a combination of spices. It is also considered as the national dish of Uzbekistan and has a very old history. It is a delicious meal that is enjoyed with salad and a cup of tea.


10. Tukhum Barak

Tukhum Barak is the egg dumpling dish enjoyed in Uzbekistan. It is prepared with eggs and milk and has a unique cheesy flavor. It is a very old recipe with a delicious taste.

10.Tukhum Barak

11. Hasib

Hasib is the intestine encased lamb sausage of Uzbekistan. It is a very delicious meal that is not so easy-to-make. It has a complex preparation. It is a unique and marvelous food recipe.


12. Kazan Kabob

Kazan Kabob are the kebabs that are cooked in the cauldron. The meat and potatoes are fried and cooked at a very high temperature. It is a delicious and a fantastic meal enjoyed in Uzbekistan.

12.Kazan Kabob

13. Shashlik

Shashlik is a popular meat dish in Uzbekistan. It is prepared on the skewer and consists of beef, lamb cubes, chicken legs, and horse meat. These are grilled and enjoyed as a meal. It is also a very common street food of Uzbekistan.


14. Naryn

Naryn is the most popular food dish in Uzbekistan. It is prepared with horse meat and handmade noodles. It is a popular street food and is enjoyed with broth and yogurt.


15. Mastava

Mastava is the rice soup popular in Uzbekistan. Sour cream and cilantro are also added to it. A lot of veggies and fresh herbs are added. It is a delicious and healthy meal.


16. Tabaka

Tabaka is the pan-fried chicken that is trendy in Uzbekistan. Here, the chicken is fried in butter instead of oil. It has a very rich taste and is widely available as a street food.


17. Bademjan

Bademjan is a popular salad prepared with eggplant. It comprises of sliced eggplants, peppers, and radishes that are garnished with parsley. It is a traditional meal enjoyed in Uzbekistan.


18. Dimlama

Dimlama is the beef and vegetable stew enjoyed in Uzbekistan. Potatoes and cabbage are also cooked with it. Spices are added to enhance its taste. This is a delicious and refreshing meal.


19. Lagman

Lagman is a traditional noodle soup of Uzbekistan. It has a unique taste. The chewy noodles are prepared with the rich broth made from beef and veggies.


20. Tandoori Lamb

This dish consists of lamb chops grilled in the hot oven called tandoor. Pine nuts and cumin are the main ingredients to make this dish. It is garnished with chopped parsley. It has a very rich taste and is a delicious meal.

20.Tandoori Lamb