Top 20 Traditional Recipes To Try In Yemen

Yemen is a West Asian country. It has one of the oldest civilisations in the world. It has a mountainous and arid terrain. It is said that Yemen was the place where coffee was cultivated commercially. It has picturesque landscapes. Yemen also has some of the best food practices. These traditional and ancient dishes are a must try whenever in Yemen.

1. Fahsa

Fahsa is a very famous Yemeni stew made with lamb. Spices are added to give it a rich flavor. Broth and Fenugreek dip are also added to it. It is served hot and is enjoyed with flatbread.


2. Asida

Asida is a very famous dish in Yemen. It is prepared with flour, water, and laban and has a round shape. It has a soft and fluffy texture. It is enjoyed with broth. It has a unique taste.


3. Saltah

Saltah is the most important and famous dish of Yemen. It is made with broth of lamb or chicken and is served with fenugreek ground. It is served hot wirh bread. It has a delicious taste and is a comforting meal.


4. Arikah

Arikah is a popular recipe prepared with white or brown flour. Honey, ghee, and boiled date water is also used to prepare this dish. It is topped with dates and nuts and served with honey. It is a mouth-watering food dish.


5. Haneedh

Haneedh is a slow roasted lamb dish popular in Yemen. The lamb is cooked in over for longer hours and has a spicy flavor. It has a unique taste and is served hot with rice.


6. Bint Asahn

Bint Asahn is a very delicious dessert enjoyed in Yemen. It is a flaky pastry that consists of many layers. It is covered with honey and ghee and is sprinkled with cumin and sesame seeds. It can be enjoyed as a breakfast or with the main course.

6.Bint Asahn

7. Mandi

Mandi is a popular dish in Yemen. It consists of rice and red meat or chicken. The meat is seasoned with spices and cooked in the special ovens that are underground. It has a smoky flavor and a rich taste.


8. Sahawiq

Sahawiq is the traditional Yemeni spicy sauce. It is prepared with fresh hot peppers, coriander, garlic, and many spices. It is enjoyed with bread and can be mixed with yogurt and tuna flakes.


9. Shafout

Shafout is a very famous Yemeni dish that is prepared with a Yemeni bread called Lahuh. This bread is soaked in the mixture called shafout syrup that is prepared with buttermilk, salt, black pepper, and coriander. It is topped with shredded vegetables like carrots.


10. Zalabia

Zalabia is a mouth-watering Yemeni pastry that is enjoyed at breakfast. It is prepared with slightly wet dough. It is enjoyed with cowpeas or beans and sometimes enjoyed with honey too.


11. Masoub

Masoub is a famous and delicious brown bread recipe. The bread is made into small pieces and banana and cream are also added to it. Honey can also be added if desired. It is cooked in oil. It is a sweet dish enjoyed in Yemen.


12. Aqdah

Aqdah is a stew prepared from many ingredients. It can be made with meat like chicken, fish, or lamb. Different veggies can also be used to make this dish. It can be prepared with or without the stew.


13. Sayadiah

Sayadiah is a famous dish in Yemen which consists of rice and fish. It has a special fusion of spices that make this dish unique and flavorful. It is prepared on special occasions and holidays.


14. Zurbian

Zurbian is the rice dish popular in Yemen. It is prepared with colorful rice, seasoned lamb or chicken, and potatoes. It is served with onions and topped with dry fruits and nuts. It has a fantastic taste and is considered as a delicacy.


15. Lahoh

Lahoh is a unique Yemeni dish that consists of light bread. It is prepared with maize or white flour. Onion, fennel, and salt are mixed in it. Yeast is also added to prepare this dish. It has a unique and marvelous taste.


16. Zawm

Zawm is a famous Yemeni sauce or soup dish. It is prepared with yogurt, salt, garlic, and spices. It has a delicious taste and is enjoyed with bread or porridge.


17. Date Fattah

Date Fattah is a popular dessert of Yemen. It is prepared with bread, ghee, and dates. It is cooked on saucepan over fire. It has a great taste and is high on nutritional value.

17.Date Fattah

18. Mutabaq

Mutabaq is the traditional Yemeni dish. It is a kind of dough that is shaped, stuffed, and closed like an envelope. The filling can be of cream and fruits or some veggies and meat. It is a delicious dish with a unique taste.


19. Fattout

Fattout is a bread dish that uses white or brown bread. It is cooked in oven. The bread is prepared with chicken or meat broth with ghee or butter. It has a rich taste and is a healthy dish


20. Harees

Harees is a dish prepared with wheat. It has a thick consistency. Honey, cinnamon, or sugar can also be added to it. It can be prepared either sweet or savoury. It is a healthy recipe and has many health benefits.