Top 20 Mouth-Watering Food Dishes Of Panama

Panama is a beautiful country located on the isthmus linking Central and South America. The marvelous and brilliant Panama Canal cuts through its center. The country has excellent modern skyscrapers, nightclubs, and casinos, along with ancient colonial monuments. It is home to some of the best cuisine. The food practices here are vibrant and delicious. Here is a list of some of the best dishes that should be tried in Panama.

1. Patacones

Patacones are a famous Panamanian recipe of fried plantains. They are fried to attain a crispy texture. It is enjoyed as a snack or with dishes such as beef stew and salads.


2. Ropa Vieja

Ropa vieja is a famous and delicious shredded beef stew enjoyed in Panama. It has an authentic taste and is prepared with shredded beef, potato, onion, and various spices. It is enjoyed with rice or plantains.

2.Ropa Vieja

3. Bollo De Maiz

Bollo de maiz is a popular cornmeal dumpling enjoyed in Panama. It is prepared with cornmeal or corn kernels and cooked in banana leaves. It has a solid and authentic aroma. It is enjoyed as a side dish.

3.Bollo De Maiz

4. Hojaldras

Hojaldras is a delicious and famous puff pastry enjoyed in Panama. The bread is made with flour, butter, sugar, and baking powder. It is fried in oil until golden brown. It is enjoyed with sauce, beans, and steak.


5. Carne En Palito

Carne en Palito is a famous beef skewers recipe from Panama. The beef pieces are marinated in spices, garlic, and orange juice. They are skewered with wooden sticks and grilled over charcoal. It has a rich smoky taste.

5.Carne En Palito

6. Arroz Con Pollo

Arroz Con Pollo is an authentic recipe for rice with chicken. The rice has a deep brown color due to the use of saffron. It is prepared with shredded chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and spices. It has a delicious taste.

6.Arroz Con Pollo

7. Sopa de Pata

Sopa de pata is a famous cow’s feet soup in Panama. It is prepared with herbs, spices, veggies, milk, butter, and cow’s feet. It has a thick and creamy consistency and is enjoyed with tortilla, rice, or plantain.

7.Sopa de Pata

8. Tortillas

Tortillas are a staple recipe from Panama. The corn flour is kneaded into dough and then made into small circles. It is cooked in a skillet without oil or butter until a little brown. It is enjoyed with other meals.


9. Bistec Picado

Bistec Picado is a minced steak recipe famous in Panama. The steaks are stir-fried or stewed with onion, coriander, and tomato sauce. Spices are also added to enhance the taste.

9.Bistec Picado

10. Ceviche

Ceviche is a famous seafood recipe in Panama. The raw fish filets, onion, garlic, shrimps, and spices are refrigerated with lemon juice. Corvina fish is also added to give it an authentic taste. It is served with salty crackers or tomato sauce.


11. Arroz Con Guandú Y Coco

Arroz Con Guandú Y Coco is a popular rice dish with pigeon peas and coconut milk. A lot of spices and veggies are added to it. This is a creamy dish and is enjoyed with meat dishes.

11.Arroz Con Guandu Y Coco

12. Raspado

Raspado is a very famous shaved ice dessert in Panama. It is prepared with condensed milk and fruit juice. It has a sweet and refreshing flavor.


13. Plantinta

Plantinta is a plantain tart recipe from Panama. It consists of plantain filling inside the flour dough. It is enjoyed with lemon cream. Sometimes red food coloring is used to give it a deep color.


14. Sancocho De Gallina

Sancocho de Gallina is a very famous chicken stew recipe in Panama. It is prepared with chicken, lots of veggies, and many spices. Rice broth is used to sauté and braise the chicken pieces. It is a delicious food recipe.

14.Sancocho de Gallina

15. Carimañola

Carimañola is a very famous yuca fritter recipe in Panama. The yuca is mashed with cornmeal, butter, eggs, and seasonings. It is stuffed with meat or cheese filling. It is deep-fried in oil and enjoyed as a meal.


16. Yuca Frita

Yuca Frita is a famous yuca recipe enjoyed in Panama. The yuca is sliced into small chunks and boiled in water. They are then deep-fried until golden brown. It is enjoyed with sauce, sour cream, or mayonnaise.

16.Yuca Frita

17. Tamale

Tamale is a vibrant corn recipe in Panama. It is prepared with cornmeal, meat, olives, onion, and spices and has a great flavor. It is steamed in banana leaves, or corn husks. It has a strong and refreshing aroma and a delicious taste.


18. Carne Guisada

Carne Guisada is a famous beef stew enjoyed in Panama. It is cooked thoroughly with beef, onion, garlic, tomato, and spices in water. Cilantro and cumin are also added to it. It has a delicious taste and a thick texture.

18.Carne Guisada

19. Tamal De Olla

Tamal de olla is a very authentic Panamanian recipe. The cornmeal is prepared with onion, spices, chicken or pork. It has a delicious taste and a smoking aroma. It is a fulfilling meal.

19. Tamal De Olla

20. Ensalada De Feria

Ensalada De feria is a popular potato salad recipe in Panama. It is prepared with mashed potatoes, black pepper, hard-boiled eggs, boiled beetroot, and mayonnaise. It has a bright pink color and a soft creamy texture.

20.Ensalada De Feria