Top 20 Dishes Mostly Preferred In Desi Vibe Restaurant Of Noida

Noida, a food hub and a boon for all the food lovers and devotees of food is a city with wonders of delicious food. Noida is generally famous for its software and technical background, but apart from this, Noida is too famous for its delicious cuisines. We consider Street food to Luxury restaurants; The Noida city is a perfect square meal that will provide all flavors from all regions to your tongue. If we bring our attention to restaurants: everyone has that one ideal package of the restaurant with great ambiance and delicious food for themselves. Alike the above description, 'Desi Vibe' is a perfect combo. This restaurant is all in the limelight because of its mouth-watering food, village and desi theme, aesthetic touch, Ambience, and Rustic Decor.

The Top 20 Dishes mostly preferred in DESI VIBE restaurants are-

1. Paneer Makhani Masala

The most served dish of DESI VIBES is Paneer Makhani Masala. The mesmerizing plating and refreshing aroma of coriander make the taste even better. This dish is only about paneer, where the cottage cheese is cooked with traditional spices in a profoundly flavored full gravy in terra-cotta pots, served with ginger and coriander. It is something unique that always tops the list of vegetarian food lovers: A must-try.


2. Multani Murgh

Multani Murgh – also called Multani Spicer, is a splendid blend of various spices and mutton. It is a famous Multani cuisine. This dish is often cooked and served in Multan regions, well-known for its smooth taste. This dish gives Butter Chicken a new style, a boneless chicken in a tomato base and gravy simmered, flavored with fenugreek and minced chicken.

3. Amritsari Machi Tikka

Amritsari Murgh Tikka is also among the famous dishes of DESI VIBE. In the era when junk food, naans, and mocktails have created hype, this appealing tikka holds its own crowned place. This Amritsari Tikka is all about cubes of fish marinated with yogurt spices, cardamom cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg, then roasted in tandoor.


4. Brinjal Pickle

Among the pickles, This Brinjal pickle stands out as the most ordered pickle with parathas. New ideas are acknowledged and added to the pickles. Brinjal pickle is the classic Indian serving with plenty of herbs and a spark of sweet taste. This dish also comes on the list of gluten-free dishes. This pickle dish is what people mostly prefer nowadays.


5. Paneer Roganjosh

Paneer Roganjosh is the king of the menu as it is among the favorites in the world of paneer, mostly preferred. This dish is inspired by the famous cuisine of Kashmir, i.e., Rogan Josh, and can be called its vegetarian version, where paneer is used instead of meat. This dish gets prepared in such a manner wherein the cubes of cottage cheese are cooked in a light tomato gravy and served with fenugreek, a garnish of cream, ginger paste, and coriander.

Methi Malai Matar Paneer

6. Hara Kurkure Kebab

Hara Kurkure kebab is a North Indian cuisine kind of fried and shaped patties made with a blend of potato, spinach, and peas. This dish gets its greenish tinge from the green spinach. Here, the potato and cottage cheese are carefully blended and mixed delicately before cooking so that the moment it enters in mouth gets dissolved with a blast of flavors.


7. Matan Roganjosh

Kashmir-influenced dishes are now among the most liked flavors across the country. It is a beautifully blended Kashmiri-flavored lamb curry, also known as the signature cuisine of the Kashmir valley. This Matan Roganjosh is made by frying lamb in yogurt and curry spices and adding the red color to it gives the essence of paprika.

matan rogunjosh

8. Desi vibes FAMOUS Dahi kebab

The specialty of this dish makes the demand for this restaurant increase. This dish is among the top 5 cuisines very often ordered. This dish is made by mixing yogurt with ample milk powder, cottage cheese, cloves, and basil and is served after being pan-fried. It tastes creamy from the inside and is a delicately packed packet of exotic flavors.


9. Chef ka Mann Pasand Paranthe

This dish is among the most preferred parantha by non-veg lovers. This dish has stuffed chicken, mutton, cheddar cheese, and herbs. All the non-veg eating people demand this whenever they have to make a choice in parantha that ends up fulfilling all wishes to a unique taste.


10. DV’s famous Pineapple

Raita is a tangy, sweet, and mixed-flavored cuisine. We might have heard of veggie raita and cucumber raita, but this restaurant brings a new variety of raita by adding pineapple to raita. Pineapple is crushed and blended with cud to prepare raita. This dish gets garnished with pineapple and coriander.


11. Phirni

A sweet dish is a must whenever you are having a meal at any restaurant. In a world full of spicy cuisines, here comes the best cuisine to please your mouth and heart with a sugary sweet taste. Phirni is a north Indian sweet dish mostly made on any occasion or festival. It is a very creamy, sweet, and tasty pudding.


12. Barnala Nalll Biryani

Mostly preferred Biryani in the whole Biryani Section is Barnala Nalll Biryani. This dish is an authentic mutton biryani made in a very traditional manner. If someone is looking for an exotic rice dish, this is the best one to go with, as this dish is a mixture of tiny pieces of mutton and assorted vegetables that brings combined flavors of mutton, veggies, and rice.

Biryani 1

13. DV FAMOUS Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is the love of vegetarians, and it is the very first dish a vegetarian would like to see on the menu. This dish is all about the black lentils delicacy made with fresh tomato puree, ginger garlic paste, simmered overnight on the tandoor furnished with cream, and served with paneer.

dal makhani

14. Kundan Paneer

Awadhi Cuisine is the theme of this dish. This dish spreads the cherishing flavors of paneer mixed with yogurt. Here, the paneer is cut into small cubes and mixed with yogurt. All ingredients are mixed with tomatoes, onions, chili, and spices to add flavors.

aloo matar paneer

15. Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is all about panner and spinach delicately blended. In this dish, paneer and spinach provide massive and delicious flavor. It is a curried dish of the north Indian states bringing all the different spices submerged in one cuisine called palak paneer.

palak paneer 1

16. Jaljeera

The Indian Beverage called Jaljeera is well-known for its perfect blend of spices and unique tangy, sweet taste ingredients. The word JalJeera is a mixture of Jal that is water and Jeera, i.e., cumin actually, resulting in cumin water with a touch of the spice mix. This drink is the most preferred drink of this renowned restaurant.


17. Panch Ratan

Panch Ratan resembles a blend of different veggies prepared as a delicate mixed veg dish. Panch Ratan is the combination of seasonal vegetables, say cauliflower, beans, carrot, peas, bell pepper, and tomatoes cooked in an onion and tomatoes base gravy, served with ginger and coriander garnishing.


18. Murgh Curry Dhaba Style

How can curry be left out from the list of the best dishes of such a well-known restaurant? A mixture of bold and robust flavors with a delicious aroma of spices and chicken. This dish contains chicken with bones or boneless, cooked with traditional spices in a flavored gravy served with coriander. This dish is a must-try if you are on a road trip with your kith and kins.


19. Paneer Masala Kulcha

Paneer Stuffed Bread is a Paneer Masala Kulcha, a combination of stuffing- containing paneer, traditional spices, onion, and oil mix. This dish is a famous North Indian flatbread that people prefer with a combo of Dal Makhani and Shahi Paneer. Whenever served is garnished with butter to give it a delicious taste.


20. Rasmalai

The Indian Culture of having dessert after the full-fledged meal is still going on, along with the special Rasmalai served with Kesar garnishing in the beautiful bowls. This dessert took birth in the eastern region of India, mainly in Bengal, where people pronounce it “Rossomalai”. This dish resembles the completion of the meal as the sweet juicy cheese fills the mouth with the best of unique flavors.

rasmalai 2