Top 20 Mouth-Watering Thalis of India

Top 20 Mouth-Watering Thalis of India

Can anyone stay away from the mouth-watering Indian cuisine? A Thali is the combination of the main course, desserts, and beverages; if you have not tried these Indian traditional thali’s, then it is just a waste to be in such a beautiful place of tastiest cuisine in the world. So here we present you the top 20 mouth-watering Indian Thali’s that you must try once in life.

1 Kumaoni/Garhwali Thali

Pahari region is famous for its ethnic Pahari meal. This thali is ruled by mighty vegetables and is good for health. It includes Aloo Gutke (chilly potatoes), Kappa(green leafy vegetable), Phanu(it is a gravy of three types of dal), Bhatt ki Churkhani(black soy bean gravy), Tangy Nimbu Mooli Salad, Finger Millet Stuffed Lesu Bread, Singal (sweet semolina spirals), Khatta-Meetha Bhaat(rice), Aloo Palda, and Babru (a type of bread). These dishes and their flavors are totally new and different.


2 Desi Thali of Haryana 

Haryana itself is the land of its own desi culture, same is its traditional Thali. Natural and nutritious green vegetables, Buttermilk, Hara Dhania Cholia, Alsi ki Pinni, Bajra Aloo ki Roti, etc. This thali serves it all in one meal.


3. All flavors of Bengal in one meal

Tasting the Bengali cuisine shows us heaven on earth itself. If we talk about Bengali Cuisine, it is not only about Mishti Doi or Roshogulla but it is all about the tangy, spicy, and sweet flavors in one thali. It includes Bengali Fish Curry (Shorshe Ilish), Begun Bhaja(pan-fried brinjal), Payesh (rice pudding), Shukto (a bitter sweet medley of vegetables),  Chingri Maacher Prawn Malai Curry, Aloo Posto, Kosha Maangsho -a mutton curry, Sondesh and of course steaming hot rice with curry.


4.Aalohir Exaj – Assamese Thali

Assam is a beautiful state with green hills and fresh environment. The people here have high nutrition values which are purely seen in their traditional Assamese Thali. It includes Khar, Bilahi Boror Tenga, Aloo Pitika, Lusi, Pura (smoked meat or fish), Poita Bhaat (cooked rice garnished with mustard oil, onion, and chilies), Shaak Bhaji (green leafy vegetable) and Mix Green Sanmeholi Chutney, and Gooror Payash served as their special dessert.


5 Bhojpuri Thali

Bhojpuri Thali is from the Bihar region and is fully vegetarian. It consists of Besan ki Sabji and Ghughni including Gurma and Tikari as desserts and the main heroes of this platter are Sattu ka Paratha (roasted bengal gram flour), and Crispy Bharbharas (green gram fitters), Dahi Churra (yoghurt with rice flakes), Litti Chokha (dough balls of wheat flour), Gurma (raw mango chutney), and Balushahi (a jalebi type of sweet). Now last but not the least, The Sattu Milkshake which blows the mind.


6 Kathiawadi Thali

Gujarati dishes are known for its rich subtle sweet taste in them that truly makes them distinct from other Indian cuisine. This classic Gujarati Thali includes Dhokla with Green Chutney, Kadhi Khichdi, Sev- Tamatar Shak (sweet-spicy tomato gravy), Dal Dhokla, Kathiawadi style Stuffed Onion, Phaphda, Methi Thepla, Bajara Bhakhri, Kesar Shrikhand (saffron flavored yoghurt), and Chaas a refreshing drink to digest this heavy meal. If one is lucky to enjoy this thali in season of mango then a excessively sweet/delicious Aamras Dip (mango pulp) will also be accompanied with this beautiful thali.


7 The Cuisine of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is famous for its spicy flavors. Its thali includes Rice, Bhakri Roti (a millet bread), Bharli Vangi (stuffed brinjal), Pitla (thick chickpea flour curry), Kothimbir Wadi (coriander cutlet), Pandhra Rassa (chicken in white gravy), Kosimbir (salad in yoghurt), Kheer (rice pudding), Amti (spicy tangy tur dal), Pav Bhaji, Sabudana Vada, Kanda Poha, and Sheera.


8 Goan Meal

Goa is a place famous for its beaches; it is not only a tourist paradise but its cuisine is also quite delicious which attracts tourists. It includes sea food, rice, a salad of fresh grated coconut, a pan fried dry prawns called Kishmur, Kodhi (fish curry), Rice Bhakhri, Kormulah, Kelle Ambat, a refreshing Sol (kokum- coconut milk drink), Poi (butterfly shaped Goan bread), Veg Vindaloo, and a yummy Banana Halwa is ruler of an authentic Goan Thali.


9 The Cuisine of Jannat

Jammu & Kashmir the “Paradise of Earth,” its name itself shows that its cuisine will also be like Jannat. This breath taking place is known for its unique blend of flavors. The Kashmiri Thali is prominent for the meat lovers. It includes Dumaloo (potato in a nutty gravy), Doon Chetin (apple chutney), Matschgand, (lamb meatballs) Modur Pulaav, Kebab Nadir Shahi (lotus stems kebab), Rogan Josh, Phirni, (rice custard with the flavor of rose and saffron) and Kahwah along side.


10 Amritsari Thali

Punjab is famous for their rich nutritious green vegetables and spicy tadka. Ranging from Sarson ka Saag, Makai ki Roti, Pindi Chole (spicy chickpea curry), Jeera Rice, Dal Tadka, Cool Cucumber Raita, Gulab Jamun, Amritsari Aloo Kulcha(stuffed flat bread), Shahi Paneer(rich cottage cheese gravy), Dal Makhni, Sweet Lassi, Butter Chicken and Amritsari Machchi(deep fried fish),it includes everything.



Royal Thali

Rajasthan is known for its royal history and their maharaja’s. People come here from all over the world to taste and experience the Rajasthani food and royal life, as Rajasthan is famous for its many different types of thalis. The one of the best Thali includes, Mal Puah, Imarti, Moong Dal ka Halwa, Dal Bati Churma, Mava Kachori, Pyaz Kachori, Raj Kachori, Panchmail Dal (mix of 5 types of dal), Poori, Missi Roti, Gatte ka Saag, Boondi ki Chach, Gram flour Curry, Mango or Mix Pickles, Salads, Papads, Green and Khatti Meethi Chutney, Lassi or Thandai, Steamed Rice, and much more.


12 Kerala Sadhya Thali

Kerala’s food is generally hot and spicy. The food there is generally eaten by hands and served on banana leaves. Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Mustard Seeds, and Curry Leaves are used in their daily cooking. It contains the combination of Rice-Sambhar-Kootu (vegetable curry cooked with green dal or coconut), Kosumri, Papadam, Curd, and for dessert there is Payasam (which is made up of rice and dal) that completes this whole meal with its sweetness.


13 Sappadu

It is a typical Tamil Meal: Tamil region has a rich cuisine involving both traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and the flavors are achieved by blending a lot of spices. Sappadu consists of rice with other typical Tamil dishes like Idli-Sambar, Rasam (tamarind stew with other herbs and spices), Poriyal (dry fry of vegetables), Kozhambu (spicy stew with coconut/dal base), Keerai Masiyal (ground greens), served on banana leaf. And after the completion of the feast, banana and betel leaves are eaten with areca nuts and limestone paste to aid digestion.


14 Kannadiga Oota

This is a typical Karnataka thali with a beautiful blend of different flavors of authentic taste of South India. Notable dishes of this thali are Akki roti (flat rice bread), Padavalkayi Masala Curry (snakegourd curry), Badane Ennegai (stuffed brinjal), Chilly-Garlic Ranjakachutney, Gattisoppu, Mirchi Bhaji (chilly fry), Kosambari (salad made with moong dal), and a homemade yogurt bowl.


15 Sikkimese Thali

Bursting with flavors, the Sikkimese thali is a delight for foodies. This thali contains Momos (steamed dumplings), chilly-tomato chutney, noodle soup called Thukpa, Gundruk (fermented green-leafy vegetable), Chhurpi Pickle (yak cheese pickle), Ningro Gravy (fiddle head curry), Doughnut – Shaped Sel Roti/ Bread, Shimi Achar (string beans and sesame pickle).


16 Parsi Bhonu Thali

It brings both Gujarati and British influence in its food together. It includes Rice, Saria (papad), mildly spiced Patrani Machchi, (steamed fish) Dhansak (a mix of meat, dal, and vegetables), Salli Chicken Curry, Farcha – Fried Chicken, Mutton Cutlets, Laganu (wedding style) Custard.


17 Oriya Thali

It includes a huge amount of vegetables and use of spices and oil. It includes Roti/Rice/Phakala (rice with fermented and spiced curd), Dalma Curry (mix of dal and vegetables), Karela Bhaja (fried bitter gourd), Aloo Posto (potatoes in poppy seeds), Baingan Chatka (roasted brinjal mash), Gobhi Kosha (curry made up of dry cauliflower), Tomato Khatta (sweet sour tomato chutney), and Meethi Khechudiya (sweetened rice dal khichdi).


18 Meitei Thali

This Manipuri thali is a simple thali centered on fish, seasonal vegetables, and sticky rice. It includes Eromba (fermented fish with vegetables), Sinju (cabbage and local greens salad), Kangsoi (boiled dry fish), Thanbou, Pakora Thongba (gram flour curry), Manikha (a mix of brinjal and fish oil), Chambut (boiled papaya), Ooti – Pea Curry, and of course a mustard chutney. Chak Hao Kheer, a sweet which is beautiful purple hued black rice dessert generously laced with cardamom powder gives a perfect end to the meal.


19 Chettinad Thali

It is one of the most spiciest thali in India. This fiery thali originated from Tamil Nadu includes Murungakkai Kara Kozhambu (it is a drumstick sambar), Kozhi Varuval (pepper chicken), Palakkai Pirattal (stir fry of raw jackfruit), Kootu (dal with vegetable), Poriyal (mix of dry vegetables), Appalam (papadam rice), curd, and various pickles. This thali is simple, spicy, and very traditional.


20 Dhaam Thali of Himachal

This thali is originated from Himachal Pradesh which is full of traditional herbs and spices. It includes Mhani (boiled raw mango mashed with jaggery and rock salt), Mash Dal, Khatta (a sweet-sour chutney) which is served with rice, Khus Sidoos (that is a mix of poppy seed and jaggery), and Madrah (yogurt with chickpea curry).