Top 20 Mughlai Restaurants In Purana Bazaar, Dhanbad

Top 20 Mughlai Restaurants In Purana Bazaar, Dhanbad

Mughlai foods depict a strong connection from our history and are of the most loved cuisines. Mughlai food came into existence from the Mughals. Mughals ruled for years in India; hence their cuisine is still there with us. It is mainly a combination of Indian cuisine with a hint of Islamic culture. The taste and different texture of food is worth praising. Let’s explore the Top 20 Mughlai restaurants in Purana Bazaar Dhanbad.

1.London Street Bistro

London Street Bistro is a small restaurant located nearby Purana Bazaar, Dhanbad. They serve one of the best and authentically made mutton biryani all over Dhanbad. Their mutton biryani is a Mughal-origin dish and is famous among the people. Customers often visit the place on weekends to enjoy it with family and friends.

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2.Desi Biryani

Desi Biryani is another biryani restaurant located near Purana Bazaar, which serves different varieties of biryani to its customers. The Biryani range includes some special Kolkata biryani. Apart from that, they also serve chicken tikka, kebabs, etc., in their Mughal cuisine. It is also popular with families, and the prices are reasonable and pocket-friendly.

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Bhukkad is a multicuisine restaurant in Purana Bazaar which serves Mughlai dishes such as biryani and seekh kebab. One of the most famous Mughal dishes includes Murg Musallam. It is a whole chicken dish stuffed with spices and boiled potatoes. The entire chicken is then marinated and cooked. This dish is famous in the restaurant, and people love to eat it.

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4.Lemon Chilli

Lemon Chilli is another classy and elegant restaurant in Purana Bazaar. The ambience of Lemon Chilli is breathtaking. It is a family restaurant. They have a massive menu of Mughlai dishes. They have a separate section for the Mughal dishes called “Birbal ki Pasand,” in which they serve authentic Mughlai dishes to customers. It is a very famous restaurant among the locals, not only for Mughlai cuisine but also for other food items.

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5.Punjabi Weds Paratha

Punjabi Weds Paratha might confuse you with its name, but they serve Punjabi dishes and authentic Mughlai paratha variety. They have chicken Mughlai paratha, egg Mughlai paratha, and veg Mughlai paratha on their menu. Apart from Paratha, they also serve seekh kebab and other chicken dishes.

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6.La Piazza

La Piazza is also a multicuisine restaurant that serves multiple cuisines. In Mughlai cuisine, they serve Mughlai non-veg fried rice, Mughlai veg fried rice, and biryani. La Piazza’s main course has dishes like chicken Reshmi kebab, Murg Musallam, etc. Prices are affordable, and the food here is mouthwatering and made with mild spices. You can visit here to eat your favourite Mughlai dish.

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7.Mughlai Paratha House

Mughlai Paratha House, as the name suggests, this roadside outlet serves Mughlai parathas to the customer. It is a small restaurant that cooks delicious food. Their menu includes Mughlai paratha, seekh kebab, chicken kebabs, and many more.

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Karim’s is a good ambience restaurant that serves a massive variety of food items. Their menu includes mutton dishes such as mutton nihari, Mutton Mughlai, Nargisi kofta, etc. Their chicken menu includes seekh kebab and koftas. The dining experience is pretty good here. The service of this restaurant is also good. One should visit here for tasty food.

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9.Mughal Darbar

Mughal Darbar is a small restaurant that serves chicken and mutton biryani made in Mughal style. Apart from that, they also serve whole-cooked chicken with unique Mughal recipes. Prices are reasonable, and you should try this restaurant once.

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10.Take Home

Take Home is another one of the best restaurants known for serving Mughlai cuisine to its customers. Their menu has a wide range of Mughal dishes such as biryani, special mutton biryani, chicken Mughlai paratha, chicken kebabs, etc. The taste of each food is very authentic and original.

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11.Abhinandan Restaurant

It is a multi-cuisine restaurant slightly away from the Purana Bazaar. It also serves some of the best Mughlai dishes of the best quality and taste. Their Mughlai menu includes Murg Kashmiri, Noorani Murg, Murg Shahi Korma, Haryali Murg, Murg Masala, Murg do Pyaza, Murg curry, etc.

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12.Haji Biryani

This restaurant is known for serving one of the best biryanis with an authentic taste of Mughals. This restaurant is also situated a bit away from Purana Bazaar. Their menu mainly includes biryani of different types, such as Mughal biryani, mutton biryani, tandoor biryani, etc. Apart from that, they also serve seekh kebab and chicken side dishes.

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13.Bits And Bites

A small roadside restaurant in Dhanbad serving biryani as a main dish in Mughal cuisine. Other food items to try at this restaurant include chicken starters, which they prepare in Mughal style.

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14.Minari Restaurant

Minari is a multicuisine restaurant with a good ambience. Services are also good here. It is a fully family restaurant, and they specialize in serving Mughal Biryani, in which they have the option of chicken and mutton biryani.

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15.Barbeque Restaurant

As the name suggests, this restaurant specialized in serving different barbeque dishes chicken, including kebab, malai kebab, karmic kebab, etc., to their customers. It mainly serves starters to its customers. They have less variety in the main course.

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It is a multi-cuisine restaurant situated nearby Purana Bazaar. They serve tasty foods, including chicken lababdar, different types of chicken tikka, and other food items mainly prepared in Mughal style and with Mughal spices.

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17.Dhanbad Biryani Company

A cosy biryani outlet serving authentic Mughal biryani that lifts your mood and taste buds. They have a nice ambience, and people enjoy it a lot here. They serve biryani in clay pots to maintain authenticity.

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18.Lall’s Food Plaza

A small roadside restaurant that serves chicken tikka, chicken kebabs, chicken kasha, and other Mughlai dishes. Lall’s is not a big restaurant but has enough space for the customers.

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This restaurant has an outstanding and mesmerizing ambience with the best service. They serve different types of cuisine, and in Mughal cuisine, they serve Murg dum biryani, dum ka methi Murg, Machi begum bahar, rara ghost, Mutton Rogan Josh, Bhatti ka Murg, and many more. They serve the best and most authentic Mughlai dishes, which are very tasty and worth the price.

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20.Khalsa Restaurant

It is a vintage restaurant, and they have been serving for decades. It is famous among the people. They also have a massive menu, and in Mughlai dishes, they serve chicken tandoor, chicken khasa, chicken boti kebabs, chicken Reshmi kebab, mutton taka tak, Murg Musallam, and many more. It has a little old-type vibe, but the taste here is good. These are the Top 20 restaurants that serve Mughlai dishes. All of them are very famous. Locals love to eat at these places; some restaurants are costly, but the taste is worththeprice.

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