Top 20 Places In Kolkata That Serve The Best Jalebis

Top 20 Places In Kolkata That Serve The Best Jalebis

The food capital of India simply excels in serving the best jalebis in the east. Jalebis also known as ‘Zulbia’, are desserts made of deep-fried maida, pretzel, or circular flour dough, which then dipped in sugar syrup turns orange-yellow and when served hot, tastes like heaven! What makes Jalebi so special? The crunch of the juices, the hot serving, the drizzle of the syrup, or the sweetness that surprises you with this dessert? When it comes to Kolkata, it is way better. Known locally as Jilipi, they are a destination evening attraction in Kolkata. We got you the list of the finest Jalebi places in Kolkata and we promise you that it’s finger-licking good!


In the morning, if you happen to be on Park Street, don’t miss the jalebis which are freshly fried and served at Gangaur. Though this place is a casual restaurant, it serves jalebis with breakfast for all. Their main must-try is the Kesaria Jalebi from the world which happens to have a perfect sweet saffron essence. Their kachoris are also delicious.

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2.Arun Tea stall

When it comes to making the best tea in town or serving spiral-flavored jalebis, the Arun Chai Stall stands next to none. The crowd is attracted not only by their teas but also by the delicious jalebis they serve. Their spread is lighter, crispier, and juicier enough to make any foodie crave dessert. Not only Jalebi but Arun Chai stall has all the ingredients for evening bungalow hangouts and Bharer Cha, Kachori, Samosa, and Pakode. Area: Shakespeare Sarani. Cost:Rs 15/ piece.

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3.Tewari Confectioners

If you are a jalebi lover and have been craving it for weeks, Tewari Sweets is just the place to go in Kolkata. This legendary shop is a popular destination for students and workers, especially to grab delicious snacks in the evening when one section of the gourmets are the makers of the dried fried jalebis especially for those who want to skip the sweet part. With sweets made from desi ghee, this place is a must-see for all Kolkatais. Area: Minto Park Cost: Rs 12 per piece

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For the people of South Kolkata, Maharaj Jalebiwala is the favorite. The best thing about their deceptively sweet juices is that they don’t make them sweet and easy. But the frying is quite perfect and the sugar syrup is densely sweet. Along with delicious samosas and kachoris, Maharaj’s Jalebi can be found everywhere. It’s hard to find a place to stand in the evening when it’s time to warm it up. Area:195A, Sarat Bose Road Cost:Rs 7 per piece

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5.Kanhaiya Kachori Jalebi Shop

Recently, the seemingly small shop in Ravindra Sarani registered for the sheer taste of their jalebis. Kanhaiya specializes in fried crispy little jalebis with a heavy sweetness of sugar. So, if you have a sweet tooth, fresh Kanchia jalebis is your food staple in Kolkata. Apart from that, their kachori masaladars are also just outstanding. The destination is perfect for evening tea, a place to sit, and a quick bite of those extra tasty little jalebis. Area:224, Rabindra Sarani Cost:Rs 10 per piece

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6.Sharma Tea House

It is a small tea shop located in Bhawanipur. The shop is famous for its teas, kachoris, and jalebis. It is always surrounded by people and has a ‘like a place to live’. Jalebis are served for breakfast and snacks for the morning and evening. Jalebi is fresh and soft. We tell you, people swear by their jalebis. Area-5C, Shambhunath Pandit Street,Bhawanipur, Kolkata Cost- INR 30( 2 pieces)

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7.Haryana Sweets

It is this humble shop that serves the best Jalebi in the city. Served hot and crispy jalebis, the good thing about jalebis here is that it is not too sweet and has perfect flavor. People shine with their various khakhras and jalebis and lassi as top priorities. Area-P54, C.I.T. Road, Scheme 6 M, Kankurgachi, Kolkata Cost- INR 7 ( per piece)

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8.Bhikharam Chandmal

This quaint shop is famous for its kachoris and jalebis. Jalebi’s size is generous and freshly prepared. The shop opens at 7:30 am and is packed with people who go there mainly for jalebis. Area-Plot 2, Cit Scheme 6, Beliaghata, Kolkata

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9.Balaram Mullick Radharaman Mullick Sweets

Enjoy Bengal’s famous syrupy dessert here, “Chanar Jalebi” with Balram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick. Go here for more deliciousness. Area: 5/2, Ground Floor, Anandilal Poddar Sarani, Theatre Road, Kolkata Cost: INR 8 per Pc

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10.Gangotri Sweets Snacks

This place serves hot, fresh, and fluffy jalebis. This mall is known as Array, and you should visit it. Area: P17A, Ashutosh Choudhury Avenue, Near Birla Mandir, Ballygunge, Kolkata

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Enjoy the ultimate Gujarati experience with delicious fafadas, dhoklas, and mini samosas at Annaras! Located at 28/2, Shakespeare Sarani Road, Elgin, Kolkata, Annarasam is the perfect place for Gujarati food lovers. The phafadas and dhoklas are especially noteworthy and worth a try. Jalebis are also a must but cost a bit on the higher side 25. But the taste and quality are worth the price. So if you are looking for a place to enjoy some mouthwatering Gujarati food, Anna Rasa is the place to go. You won’t be disappointed!

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12.Tasty Corner

Delicious Corner, located at 18, Anil Maitra Rd, to try their mouthwatering Kachori and Jalebis. It’s a must-stop destination for hot kachoris and crisp jalebis. But the jalebis are the star magnet then! If you visit beforehand in the morning, make sure to request them to prepare it fresh for you. You’ll be delighted by the pipeline of hot jalebis trickling with chashni straight out of the jug. Brace it with a samosa or kachori and you’ll have a drool- a good combination. The prices are also veritably fund-friendly, making it a great destination for a jalebi- samosa feast! Area: 18, Anil Maitra Rd, Ekdalia, Ballygunge.

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13.Balwant Singh Dhaba

For a true culinary experience, try Balwant Singh Dhaba for some of the dainty dishes in the city. Located near the Gurudwara, PG Sanitarium, and Harish Mukherjee Road, this spot is the perfect place to go for a late-night snack. They serve up succulent veg food at veritably reasonable prices, and their jalebis are especially noteworthy. Their special chai, lassi, and jalebi are the perfect combination for a truly indelible experience. The constituents are fresh and of the loftiest quality, so you know you’re getting the stylish of the stylish.

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14.Adi Haridas Modak

In Manicktala, near the Maa Joy Kali tabernacle, lies the two- and-a-half-century old sweet shop Adi Haridas Modak that sells channa jilipis — a blend of deep-fried chhana( paneer) and sugar with the sense of a pantua and shape of a jilipi.

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15.K.C Das

K.C. Das is best known for introducing the iconic rasgulla to Kolkata, but their jalebis are inversely emotional. sponged and soaked in sugar saccharinity, K.C. Das Jalebi is a treat for your taste buds.

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Located in Hatibagan, Banchrams is a popular sweet shop that is loved for its wide variety of traditional Bengali sweets. Their jalebi is soft and juicy and offers lingering flavors of saffron and cardamom.

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17.Nalin Chandra Das Sons

Nalin Chandra Das Sons in North Kolkata is another popular destination for Jalebi lovers. Their jalebis are golden in color with a perfect balance of sweetness.

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18.Jadav Chandra Das

Jadav Chandra Das of Shobha Bazar has been serving succulent sweets since 1902. Their jalebis are made with age-old recipes, and the shop maintains the legacy of quality and taste.

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19.Gupta Brothers

Gupta Brother in Burrabazar is famous for its mouthwatering jalebis. Their jalebis are crispy on the outside and syrupy on the inside, a true treat for sweet lovers.

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20.Makhan Lal Son’s

Established in 1920, Makhan Lal Das and Sons is one of the oldest sweet shops in Kolkata. Their jalebis are prepared with care and skill, creating a delicacy that keeps patrons coming back for more.

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