Top 20 Multi Cuisine Restaurant In Ranjhi, Jabalpur

Jabalpur city, also known as Sanskar Dhani, is a city rich in culture. One can find numerous multi-cuisine restaurants in Jabalpur, helping to ensure you do not get bored of eating the same type of food at each meal. Following are the names of the top 20 multi-cuisine restaurants in Jabalpur, which will help you to find great and comfortable dining out.

1. Wok N More Restaurant

Wok N more is one of the finest cafés in Jabalpur city. You can try this delicious “chicken Khao suey” in this cafe. Chicken Khao suey is the Burmese version of a very famous Thai dish, “khao soi”. The ambiance is very calm, and the food is fresh here.

Location: Civil lines near 2nd bridge, Jabalpur.

Wok N More Restaurant

2. Moonlight Family Multicuisine Restaurant

Moonlight family multi-cuisine restaurant serves fresh and delightful dishes to satisfy your cravings. The taste of their famous veg Singapore noodles is excellent. This place is best for spending some quality time with family. The atmosphere is peaceful here. Veg kebab, Hariyali kebab, Gobi 65, and veg manchurian dry are also available which are delicious.

Location: Laxmi Narayan Yadav Market, Ranjhi, Jabalpur.

Moonlight Family Multicuisine Restaurant

3. Nanking Chinese Restaurant

Nanking Chinese restaurant is a beautiful place, well known for its Chinese cuisine. When it comes to eat dishes in Chinese restaurants, people generally get disappointed with the taste and variety of Chinese food. Very few cafés are here like this restaurant who can give you the authentic Chinese taste.

Location: 4th bridge Napier town, near Russel Chowk.

Nanking Chinese Restaurant

4. Badal Kabab

Badal kebab is place famous for non-veg lovers. They serve different types of kebabs. Biryani, marrows, chicken roast are also there. The specialty of the menu is a dish named as item. The taste is just awesome.

Location: Naya Mohalla, Jabalpur.

Badal Kabab

5. Hungry Panda

Hungry Panda is famous for Thai and Chinese dishes. Some dishes which are always on demand in this place are chicken green Thai curry, Sriracha flat noodle, Dragon chicken, chicken Thai chili flat noodles, etc. The chefs are so determined here to satisfy your hunger for multi cuisines.

Location: MIC Colony Katanga Hathital, Jabalpur.

Hungry Panda

6. La Pino’z Pizza

La Pino’z pizza is a distinctive place for people who prefer pizzas at every moment. Pizzas are very delightful here, and you will also get varieties here. This restaurant is best known for its taste and hygiene. Pizza is the solution to all problems. Hungry? Have a pizza. Sad? Have a pizza. Want to chill with your friends? Have a pizza. See pizza is the ultimate solution to all the issues. So, pizza lovers if you are in this city don’t forget to try this pizzeria.

Location: Napier town Chandra Ganga complex Jabalpur.

La Pinoz Pizza

7. The Grill

Oriental, Chinese, Thai, and grilled food are some of the items you will get at this place. Pasta carbonara is most loved. Carbonara is a dish made up of bacon (thin pieces of salted pork) and eggs, with a little olive oil for flavor and salt and pepper. This Italian pasta dish is what this café is famous for in this city.

Location: Narmada Road Rampur, Jabalpur.

The Grill

8. Clock Tower Chinese Restaurant

Clock tower Chinese restaurant is a small, cozy, comfy place with attractive menu. The mouthwatering pan Asian and Chinese cuisines are available at very affordable prices. They have hired chefs who originally belong to China so that customer can enjoy the authentic Chinese flavors. You will also get seafood here.

Location:  Clock Tower, Ghantaghar, Near Omti Thana, Ganjipura, Jabalpur.

Clock Tower Chinese Restaurant

9. Dal Chini Restaurant

Dal Chini restaurant is a famous restaurant offering North Indian cuisine. One of the most popular dishes is chicken Lahore kebab, hot garlic paneer, chicken 65, etc. If you are a person who loves to eat different non – vegetarian food, then this place is for you.

Location: Napier town, Jabalpur.

Dal Chini Restaurant

10. Rice Bowl Chinese Restaurant

Rice bowl Chinese restaurant is an excellent option for trying Thai and Chinese dishes. You can order teriyaki chicken, chicken lollipop, lemon fish, chili prawn gravy, and prawns Manchurian gravy. The prices are affordable, and the ambiance is calm. People who love to eat different cuisines must visit here.

Location: 4th bridge, Napier town, Jabalpur.

Rice Bowl Chinese Restaurant

11. Kamling Chinese Restaurant

Kamling Chinese restaurant is well known for its Asian food. This restaurant serves various Chinese food. Thread chicken and chili chicken boneless are some dishes that people love to eat. Other than these two, Hunan chicken is the most popular one here. This place can be easy to find. The taste is good and people love to visit here again and again.

Kamling Chinese Restaurant

12. Asanzo

Asanzo is a unique place for Indian cuisine. No other food can beat the awesomeness of Indian food. Asanzo is the best place in the city where you can get all kinds of different cuisines. We live in a country that is diverse in its way. That is why we have varieties of foods in all the other regions. What could be said,” perks of being Indian.” This place is best for north and south Indian food like chhole kulche, chhole Batture, rava idli, masala dosa, plain dosa, pani puri, and paneer kebab. These are some dishes which people love the most here.

Location: Govind Bhawan colony, south civil lines, Jabalpur.


13. Al Razzaq

Al Razzaq restaurant is a perfect place to have Mughlai food. They have a lot of varieties. Chicken masala biryani and chicken masala kebab are some special dishes. The ambiance is good, and the taste is also nice here. They get many customers from outside so you can find that the crowd is quite big here. But, at the end of the day, everyone finds the place neat, even after getting so much crowded.

Location: Badi Omti chowk, opposite Mohammadi Gate, Napier town, Jabalpur.

Al Razzaq

14. Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation is a perfect place to be with your friends. This place comes out with delicious food. The ambiance is good. It’s been serving spicy, crisp, hot, and salty food, beverages, treats, and desserts. The Barbeque Nations Restaurant aims to provide delicious and healthy food to its customers at an affordable price.

Location: 3rd-floor Jagat mahal, Gorakhpur Road, Jabalpur.

Barbeque Nation

15. Sheesha Sky Lounge

Sheesha Sky Lounge is a state-of-the-art modern terrace-style lounge nestled in the city’s central area at the civic center. It has a menu offering Mughlai and north Indian cuisine. There is a rooftop dining area that offers stunning views of the city. You can’t say no to the grilled corn and cheese stuffed with an oriental sheet.

Location: Civic center, Marhatal, Jabalpur.

Sheesha Sky Lounge

16. The Chocolate Story

The chocolate story offers a variety of Italian and Mexican cuisine and is well known for its unique way of serving food. This place is perfect for spending some quality time with your kids. Here, you can always find something new to eat. The kitchen offers some of the most delicious Panini and Pasta in town. Veggie supreme Panini, spicy paneer Panini, and peri patty Panini are some dishes that are always on the favorite list of customers.

Location: Shastri bridge near Napier town.

The Chocolate Story

17. The Melting Pot Bistro

The melting pot bistro is the ideal place to have a delectable meal in the beautiful ambiance of the restaurant. This cafe serves a range of popular dishes, including risottos, pizzas, sandwiches, etc. Risotto is a type of Italian rice dish. It is cooked by constantly stirring and adding broth or wine to make it creamy. Must try veg garlic tikka spaghetti.

Location: Wright town opposite Manas Bhawan, Jabalpur.

The Melting Pot Bistro

18. New Yorker Café

New Yorker Cafe will be the first choice if you wish to go for a light snack. It is a curbside business restaurant and is best known for its fusion of Indian food with other continental dishes. A grilled vegetable Cubano sandwich and chicken stroganoff rice bowl is the best one on the menu. The interior of this place is satisfying.

Location: Wright town opposite Manas Bhawan, Jabalpur.

New Yorker Cafe

19. Hotel Bagga Inn

Hotel Bagga inn is one of the best restaurants in the city. This hotel can be a good option for Mughlai and other Indian cuisines. Dal Makhani is fabulous here. It is a grand hotel with parking facilities and also has free Wi-Fi.

Location: Madan Mahal near LIC building. Nagpur road, Jabalpur.

Hotel Bagga Inn

20. Express Thali By Rajwada

Rajwada Restaurant serves the finest and most authentic Rajasthani cuisine. The food served here is a mix of Rajasthani and North Indian foods. The restaurant serves Rajasthani cuisines in a thali (a round platter or bowl). The food is rich in flavors and aromas. The menu promises to offer great food from its menu of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and desserts.

Location: Muthye Udyog Bhawan first floor, Jabalpur.

Express Thali By Rajwada